The Silent Knight

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A story about a daring girl who goes with her instincts and collides with her Knight in the shining armour in her adventures. What would happen when they collide ? Will they fall for each other hard?So let's begin the adventures with Jennifer Alxander Kingston and Alpha...

Romance / Mystery
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Ch-1 Alpha

I asked my father to let me go out for hunt.Firstly he disagreed but then he gave me approval when I flickered my eyes thrice in a second.

My friends and I went out in the deep forest with a batch of guns,daggers and swords.I took out a sword and my friends took guns.Swords are more challenging than guns and I love challenges.

"Hey Jenny!Are you crazy?!"My friends exclaimed.

"Oh come on ,bring on some guts guys." I joked and suddenly I heard some noises coming closer to us second by second.I warned my crew to stand still .But they were going to fire . I warned not to fire or bores will get obsessive. My crew started to panic and flew away with the horses they had.I stood still there with my eyes closed.After few minutes I felt that the noise was gone.

I opened my eyes and saw a mesmerising face in front of me.I was stunned.He had azure eyes and beautiful bronze hair.He had fair skin with a sharp nose and jaws.He was dressed in a brown cloak.He also had a beautiful sword on his back.

It was a new face to me.I had never seen him before in my kingdom .And the most strange thing was that he was staring at me.

"Who are you?I've never seen you before in this place." I enquired.

He continued staring at me.The atmosphere became tensed around us.So,I took out my sword .He narrowed his eyes and took a step back.

What kind of man is he?Why is he behaving like my coward friends?I thought and laughed in my mind.

"Who are you?"I asked again raising my sword to his neck.

He ignored my question and started walking away.He ignored me like I was not the daughter of King Alexander and Queen Lily.

I walked towards him increasing my strides and came between his path.

"WHO.ARE.YOU?"I asked again impatiently ready to rip his head off.


He replied and gave his heart melting side smile.

I was lost into his velvet voice.His voice and eyes were making me dizzy but I had a very good self - control.

"I am not asking what you are.I am asking who are you?"

I really don't want to know if he is an Alpha of a wolf pack?A werewolf pack ?Seriously?

"Ma'am,my name is Alpha"He said while smiling in a mocking way.

I was very much embarrassed on my dumbness. My cheeks were burning in shame.I turned to go back to my palace and saw that my horse was gone.And I was lost now.

I turned and saw his face again.I gave him an innocent and helpless smile and he passed a mocking smile to me.I knew that he knew I wanted his help.

"I think we are in the centre of the forest. It will take a few hours to get out of the forest on foot."

"Yeah you are right." He said with amused eyes.

We started walking.On the way he showed me different kinds of medicinal plants,trees and beautiful flowers.

"So...where do you live?"I asked expecting an answer which I was not sure I was going to get.

"I live in the...forest."He replied hesitantly.

Forest.Yeah,what a sensible answer.

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