Places, Lights, Chris!

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Chris kisses me with such passion and fire that i am overcome. I struggle a little, then begin to return his affection. our lips mold together, as we both fight for domination over the other. I win, pinning him down against the bed, and nuzzling my face into his neck.

"Jay," The soft British accent fills my ears.


"I'm highly attracted to you." He rubs his hands over my chest.

"I can tell."

It takes all my strength not to take him right here and now. I run my eyes over his body. He's so perfect. i place gentle kisses all over his willing body. I look up to see Chris panting, his eyes closed in ecstasy, and his full mouth open just slightly. I kiss him again, feeling his hands slide up and down my back.

"Jay..." He whimpers. I break the kiss.

"Yes, Chrissie?"

"I'm hungry." I grin and go in for another kiss, but he pulls away. "Not sexual hungry, food hungry!"

He clambers out from under me, and puts on day clothes consisting of black leggings and a blue sweater. He runs towards the kitchen, his sock-covered feet dulling the thumping sound he makes as he dashes down the hall. I laugh, dress, and follow my little lover.

When I enter the kitchen, Chris is zooming around, checking every cabinet. Frustrated, he balls his hands into a fist and places them on his hips.

"Where is the cereal?" He pouts.

"Right here," I pull out a box of Cheerios.

"I checked there!" he cries.

"Not hard enough."

He snatches the box out of my hand, finds the bowls, and gets the milk, pouring us breakfast. He sits my bowl down in front of my chair ad i give him his spoon and dig in with mine. I feel a small hand caress mine, and I take his hand.

"Does this mean we are together?" He asks.

I nod. "If you want, of course."

His eyes fill up.

"Thank you so much, Jay Jay. i feel as of you will be the one that will finally-" His words catch in his chest. I rub his back.


He takes a deep breath, steadying himself.

"The man who will finally love me. All my ex's have either been abusive or just for fun. more of the latter that the former. But you, Jay, are special. I don't think you'll hurt me." He pauses. "Will you?"

"Never! I never want you to be scared of me. I can't even muster the courage to be mad at you for anything. If I ever hurt you, leave me immediately." I look into his brown eyes.

"Thank you, Jay Jay."

I smile as he lays his head on my shoulder. Kissing his head, I rub his hand.

"Shall we finish breakfast, my sweet Chris?"

"Yes, of course, Jay Jay."

Once finished, I wash the dishes as Chris sits near the counter, playing witha strand of his hair. wiping my hands on my jeans, I touch his back.

"Yes, Jay Jay?"

I bring my mouth close to his ear.

"I wonder what that name sounds like in bed..." I whisper. He turns around.

"Let's go find out."

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