Places, Lights, Chris!

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I place my hand on Chris' shoulder.

"It'll be fine. I'll call Chloe to come pick this place up." I lift him up and gently pull him towards the exit.

"But what about us?" He digs his heels into the floor. "Where are we going?"

"We are going to the coffee shop. You need a break."

His eyes light up at the mention of coffee.

"Shall we?" He opens the door for me, and we walk across the street to the Coffee Shoppe, a quiet little place.

A soft ringing fills my ears as we walk in, and a small girl bounces over to us.

"Hi there!" She chirps. "I'm Gwen. What can I get for you folks today?"

"Just a mocha coffee for me." Chris grins. I nod.

"Make that two."

Gwen nods and floats off.

"Is it me," I say. "Or is she high as a kite?"

Chris slaps my wrist. "Jay!" I giggle, caressing the small hand with my larger one.

"Sorry, love," I murmur. "Can i make it up to you tonight?"

He looks me over hungrily.

"You sure can."

While I am fixated on my beautiful lover, a tall young man with glasses wearing a hoodie casually strolls over. Somehow, he trips, and his coffee spills all over my Chris.

"OH MY GOD! I am so sorry! Here," The man picks up some napkins and hands them to Chris, then furiously scrubs at the quickly forming stain on my lover's sweater.

"No, no, no, it's ok." Chris grins.

The man steps back.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm Chris, and this is my boyfriend, Jay." Chrissie extends his hand to the man. He smiles and takes it.

"I'm Kevin, and I'm sorry again." Kevin shakes my hand as well, then bends over, picking up his empty cup. Gwen rushes over with our drinks, and begins to clean up.

"Please let me help." Kevin pleads with the waitress, but she shakes her head and continues to clean."

"Well...ok." He turns back to us. "I better get going so I don't miss my flight, but here;'s m number in case you want to contact me and send me the dry cleaning bill." He jots down his number on a napkin and hands it to me, then gives us a small wave. "Bye! Oh, and I wish I had a boyfriend. You two are a beautiful couple." He then runs out of the door, and down the street, disappearing into the hustle and bustle

"What a nice young man..." Chris smiles as he sips his coffee.

"Aren't you hurt?" I ask, knowing full well he could've been seriously burned.

"Nope," He replies. "It was iced coffee."

I smile and take his hand, looking into his eyes.

What an eventful day.

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