Places, Lights, Chris!

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Chris' shocked face and rarely used profanity worries me. I come up behind him, hugging him close to me.

"What's wrong, my love?"

Chris tears away from me and bursts into tears, crumpling into a ball on the floor. Chloe immediately kneels and strokes his arm affectionately. I snatch the phone from him, and look down, horrified at what I see on the screen.


Chris' nudes.

And a whole fucking lot of them.

Furiously, I scroll down, to find that the page on Facebook is littered with them.

"They're on all the social media I can think of. There's even a website and a Wikipedia page." Chloe sighs. "Brendon did it all."

I move on to Chloe's Instagram, where I find captions like 'This used to be mine' and 'Such a dirty boy'. I feel myself getting sick as I scroll through all the photos. Hearing Chris sob, I curl down onto the floor with him.

"Why did you let him take these photos?"

"I didn't," He grabs my shirt and pulls himself up to nestle himself in my arms. "I swear."

"I believe you," I sigh. "I'm so sorry this happened..." I kiss his head and wipe his tears away, and he stuffs his face into my chest.

"No one deserved to be treated like this..." Chloe pipes up.

"You're right." I hold my lover tighter.

"But that's not all he did." Chloe reaches for her phone, then pulls up the theater's website, and shows us some of the review. She hands her phone back to me. I read some of them aloud.

"The owner is a slut. What a whore. Awful place. The owner is a child molester. The owner sells drugs and does gay shit to poor young boys. Why isn't there a 0 stars button? The owner is a sadist. Don't allow kids, they will get raped." I get more furious with each comment. I look down, and my small lover looks absolutely destroyed.

"Chrissie baby..." He looks up at me, his eyes filled to the brim with unshed tears.

"I'm-I'm fine."

"No...come here." I kiss his full lips, feeling his small hands knead my chest. I snuggle my face into the crook of his neck, pulling him to my stomach. I feel his irregular breathing, and know that he is about to cry again, so I start to stroke his lower back. "It's ok, my love."

"Um, hi." Chloe waves. "I'm going to leave you alone." I hear her leave, but don't say goodbye. I am too busy making sure the love of my life is ok.

"Jay," He mutters. "Do you think less of me?"

"No," I say. "This is not your fault. You are not to blame." I touch his cheek and rub it with my thumb. He closes his eyes and sighs.

"Thank you, my love." He cuddles even closer to me. "Jay Jay?"

"Yes, Chrissie?" I look down at him.

"Will you touch my lower back again? It felt so nice..."

I grin and comply with my lover's every demand following suit.

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