Places, Lights, Chris!

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Chris paces in front of me, his phone glued to his face, mumbling words to the person on the other end. I look up at him from my seat on the floor. Chris sighs, says goodbye, and ends the call. Then he leans up against the wall, sliding down to rest his head on my shoulder.

"Oy-vey." He groans.

"What is it?" I ask, rubbing his shoulders.

"My brother saw the photos."

"Brother?" I glance at him.

"Yeah....His name is David. We're identical twins."

"Interesting..." I smile absently, playing with his braided hair. He closes his eyes, leaning his head against the wall of the theater. I kiss his temple, then get up, finishing Chloe's work.

"It sure is."

I look at him with a questioning glance.

"You said it's interesting, and it is. It's going to be especially interesting since he has hated Brendon from the start."

"I think I will like him." I chuckle, going back to my work. Chris joins me, and no more than an hour later, the theater is back to its original condition and then some.

"Where is David staying?" I ask, and Chris just shrugs.

"He didn't say," The small man frowns. "He's always so spontaneous." He shakes his head. "I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to spend the night with us."

"When is he coming?"


"Oh," I say. "Then he can't stay with us."

"And why not?" Chris questions, his left eyebrow raising slightly.

I move behind him, taking hold of his wide hips and pulling him toward me. "I'll be too busy to entertain a guest." I lick my lips.

"And why will you be too busy?" He whispers, stroking my shoulders. I can feel the need radiating off his small lithe figure.

"Because," I match his sensual tone, bending over and putting my mouth to his ear. "I'll be too busy filling you with so much pleasure that you'll scream my name."

Something Chris' behind eyes snap and fill him up with need. I've never felt the urge to make someone scream my name in bed, but with Chris...oh boy.

He runs his hands up my arms and then back down again. "Are you sure, Jay Jay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

He smiles a cheeky little grin.

"I've already forgotten my own name with just your words. What makes you think I can last long enough to scream anything coherent, much less a name?"

I grin, running my hands along his smooth waist. He closes his eyes, and gives me a cute little groan. I feel the empty space in my pants start to fill up.

"Please...I'm not going to last if you keep that up." I grin at him. He pouts.

"Then don't touch me there if you don't want me to react like that." He crosses his arms over his chest, putting on a mad face. I can't help but laugh. "What?"

"You are too cute." I kiss his button nose, and he smiles going up on tiptoes to wrapping his arms around my neck.

"You are too." He notices the bulge in my jeans, and looks lovingly at it.

"Shall we start home?" I ask, offering my hand, which he takes, and we walk back to the apartment, horny as hell.

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