Places, Lights, Chris!

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Jay Mirati is not in anyway young; in fact, he’s close to retirement, and completely happy with his life as a bachelor. But that all changes with the arrival of Christopher Stearn.

Romance / Humor
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I rush around the corner. My first day on this damn job and I'm already late. It's not my fault my neighbors kept me up until 2 a.m. with their obnoxiously loud lovemaking, making me oversleep, and the fact that the theater is 5 damn miles away.

Ok, maybe not 5, but pretty close.

I finally bust through the doors.

"Hi!" I say to the young lady leaning against the wall.

"What?" She asks, blowing a small bubble with her gum, her eyes glued to her phone.

"I'm Jay Mirati. I'm here to assist with the play?"

"Down the hall, first door on your left." She waved a dismissing hand.

"Thanks." I head off in the direction she said, and soon come face to face with a door that reads. 'Rehearsal for 'The Merchant Of Venice. Cast and crew only.' At least I made it.

Carefully, I inch the door open. Inside there are a few people, none of them in the director's chair. A few cast members stand in front of one of the crew, doing warmups. I creep up behind one of the crew.

"Hi! I'm Jay Mirati, assistant director. Sorry, I'm a bit late."

The woman turns to face me. She's got silvery blonde hair and green eyes. She's got a full face of makeup as well and clutches a coffee cup in her pale hands. Her blue jeans, a purple sweater, and a black scarf give her a librarian look.

"Don't be sorry, Jay! I'm Chloe Puckett, costumer for this show." Chloe extends her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Chloe." I firmly shake it twice, then peer behind her shoulder. "Where's the director?"

"Oh, he'll be here any minute. What kind of experience in plays do you have?"

Just then, the doors swing open, revealing a short man with long white hair in a messy bun, tan skin, and glasses. He has a long jacket and dark-colored knee high boots on. He looks so perfect.

He runs down the aisle.

"I'm here!" When he reaches Chloe, he drops his small bag on the director's chair and gasps for air. "Rocky Horror ran a bit over." Then rifling through his bag, he pulls out a pair of black denim jeans and a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" hoodie. Then he drops his jacket and with it my jaw.

This small man, in his fifties, around my age, is wearing fishnet tights, black booty shorts, a red crop top, and a full face of drag makeup. I feel a tingle down below.

He notices me and flounces over.

"Like it?" He strikes several model poses. He laughs. "I don't normally dress like this, I was just in a show-"

"Let me guess. You're Frank N Furter in Rocky Horror?"

"Yep." He chuckles. "I'm Christopher Stearn, the Director. You can call me Chris, or Chrissie, or literally anything. Except redskin."

"Jay Mirati, or just Jay, your assistant. You're Native too?"

"Oh yay! I've never had an assistant director before, especially a Native one."

I beamed.

"Well, Jay. I'm going to go change, and take all this off." He points to his face. "See ya!" He skips off. I can't help but watch his perfectly round bottom sway back and forth as he leaves. It's so enticing.

He's so enticing.


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