Places, Lights, Chris!

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Chris comes back after about 10 minutes, still looking like an absolute babe, but less of a crossdresser. he bounds up onto the stage, and claps his hands as loud as he can, getting everyone's attention.

"Hi, everyone! I'm Chris, and I'm your director. Today I think we are going to run Act 1, Scene 1. Just freestyle the blocking, do what natural, and we'll go back and do the actual blocking in a minute or so."

As he talks, i watch his beautiful mouth move, then scan his bod. he has the build and grace of a dancer. He's so perfect. I've never felt this way about anyone.

Wait, does this mean I'm gay? 've never really put much thought into my sexuality, only into my retirement. I could be gay. If I'm not gay, why do i feel this way for him? If i am gay, is he gay as well? So many questions and not a single answer.

"you ok?" Chris asks, making me jump in my seat. I suppose he popped off stage in his graceful way while I was zoned out.

"Yes, just, zoned out," I smile sheepishly. "I do that quite a lot."

He laughs, filling me with happiness.

"Me too," He bends down and picks up a coffee cup." This is the only thing keep me in reality."

I laugh as he takes a swig. Eager for conversation, I ask "What's your favorite kind?"

"Mocha," He answers.

"Same here!"

Chris laughs and starts to reply but is drowned out by the sound of angry yelling. His face turns pale. "Oh dear God, please no."

'CHRISTOPHER STEARN!" A tall, very angry man appears. he has greying hair and green eyes that look like slits. "Why the hell aren't you at the house?"

"Im doing my job, Brendon," He pauses. "Are you going to take that from me too?'

He smiles cruelly. "I might." He threatens and steps forward. "I know what will set you straight. A nice, good beating."

Tears fill Chris' eyes.

"Please Brendon, don't do this. I'm still hurting from last time."

"Then you should learn." Brendon points outside. "Get in the damn car."

Chris packs his bags then turns to me. "Take over today?" i nod. he mouths thank you and runs off after Brendon. Before they exit, Brendon crushes his lips to Chris'.

At least I know he's gay.


What do you think of our villain, Brendon? What challenges will Jay have to overcome? Is this beating thing a regular thing for poor Chris?

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