Places, Lights, Chris!

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I lounge around on my couch, waiting for the text from Chris that's he's here. I hope that everything went well with Brendon, and that Chris isn't hurt. My phone pings.

Chris: Hi Jay! I'm here!

My heart skips a beat. I quickly reply.

Jay: Yay!

Chris: 😜

I clutch the phone to my chest as i hear a knock on the door.

"Coming!" I yell, skipping over to the door and unlocking it, yanking it open to reveal Chris, in a green shirt that hovered just above his hips, with tight blue jeans. He has a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, and a suitcase he holds in his left hand. I feel the urge to pull him inside, push him against the wall, and taste those strawberry lips. Even now, I feel the empty place in my pants start to fill up. I settle for hugging him tight to my chest, feeling his soft breathing and matching mine to it. I hope he doesn't notice my arousal.

"Chris!" I whisper into his ear. I have to bend over to do so, as i am 6 ft.8 and he is 5 ft.4. He wraps his small arms around me, but can't reach all the way.

"Jay," He whispers back. "Thank you." He presses his face into my lower stomach. Is that me, or did i feel him kiss my stomach?

"Y-you're welcome." I stutter. "Come in. Let's get you set up." I lead him to the bedroom after the locking the door. I have already cleared my stuff out of the bedroom so he can have it.

"Wow," Chris says. "This is a big guest bedroom."

"actually," I reply. "This is the master."

He turns to me.

"Then where are you going to sleep?"

"The couch. It's comfortable." I shrug.

"Nonsense. you'll sleep with me." He waves a dismissing hand.

I smile.

"If you insist."

He smiles back.

"Now where shall I put my things?"

I look at his things.

"Is this all?"

"Yes," He says sadly. "Brendon burned and tore the most of it." My fists clench.

"How dare he..."

Chris laughs. "Thanks." He starts to unpack, and i bring a few of my things back in.

Currently, I'm sitting on the couch with Chris. We'll probably turn in soon, which makes me excited. I am going to share a bed with the man who made me gay...

If only I could touch him the way I want to...

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