The Tale OF Endearment

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“THE ROPE OF LOVE IS LIKE A PENDANT IF YOU STAY CLOSE BUT IT BECOMES THE HAWSER OF DEATH AS YOU MOVE FURTHER.” ASFM. Love is the most powerful weapon in the world. If water, falls continuously on a stone a time will come when it will make its way through the stone. No matter how hard the stone was but it melted. Same is the case for love; it can change even the most stubborn people and can melt the most rock hearted people. This is the story of a girl Saher whose life was changed forever because of love. But what sort of love? True love! Love came to Saher’s life as suddenly and brusquely as if a stone had been hurled from out of nowhere into the tranquil pond of her life. This novel is full of fiction, love, hatred, betrayal and much more. This novel tells us the power of love that how it can make or destroy someone. This novel is about the story of Saher, a girl who had to choose between temporary love, friendship and true love. But will the temporary love will be able to overcome true love and friendship.

Romance / Adventure
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“Nothing looks good out of its limits, not even love. Love is to accept one and be with the one. In love there is mercy and affection. But when love crosses the limits it becomes the passion. And in passion there is fire which destroys both the lovers……”

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