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Being left as a single parent at eighteen Savannah has done everything she can to provide for her daughter. But when she finally feels like things are on the up her world comes crashing down around her when clueless baby daddy shows back up in town and starts demanding answers.

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Isn't it funny how sex can change you so much?

When my best friend Erin had sex for the first time she became a lot more confident in herself. Not just her physical body but mentally and emotionally as well.
When I had sex for the first time though, I ended up pregnant. Yup. Pregnant.
The saying really is true guys, it only takes one time.
But what they don't tell you is that your baby daddy is most likely going to be a complete asshole and avoid you like the plague when you try and tell him he knocked you up.
But that was almost four years ago and we were about to graduate high school. I guess old Tanner didn't want to ruin his reputation and be seen talking to plain old boring Savannah.
And just to rub salt on the wound your church going parents kick you out of their house for not only disgracing them but most importantly God for having sex before marriage and even worse, keeping a bastard child.
I will never be able to put into words the heartbreak I felt when my parents kicked me out. It felt like my heart was ripped out and an eighteen wheeler drove over it, backed up then went straight back over it.
My heart still isn't completely fixed but it's definitely started to heal, with the help of Harry and Malory Edwards, Erins parents, my current boyfriend, Peter, and of course the most beautiful three year in the entire world my daughter, Rosie.
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