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Throughout freshmen up to senior year the social hierarchy of Dupont Academy hasn't been change. Sitting at the very top is no other than Sebastian Dupont, Gabriella Ingorov and their circle of friends. No one dared to move the spot for them as the power couple held most of the power around the school—but things seemed to be changing as the egoistical and vain Queen Bee discovers the things that has been going on between Sebastian and Leina Lopez, the "nobody".

Romance / Drama
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Gabriela Ingorov wakes up from her deep slumber, feeling ecstatic as ever as she looked up from the sliver sunlight that passes through her window.

She knows that if she decided to stay a tad bit longer in her spot, she’ll be running late for school—but despite thinking about this consequence, it didn’t even faze her. The power that her family held in the city is nothing to compare from the admins of her Academy.

She immediately sat up as she heard the blaring sound of her phone ringing, the obnoxious sound that comes from her device signalizesthat someone is calling.

Looking down at her bedside table, a smile immediately spread throughout her face as the familiar caller ID reaches her pale-blue orbs.

The name, Sebastian brings jitters in her tummies.

In a second, the phone was snatched and the accept button is being pressed.

The first thing she noticed was the delicious deep and husky greeting of her boyfriend on the other end of the line.

She fakes annoyance as she speak to her phone, “Interrupting a girl from her sleep is clearly not attractive at all, I so hate you right now.”

Chuckling softly, “Good morning, beautiful. Your sweet greeting tells me that you didn’t have a goodnight sleep.”

Her smirk widens at the ignorance of his voice, “Oh you think? If it isn’t for your constant appearance in my dreams, my mood wouldn’t be this snappy this morning.”

The following laugh from the end of the line raises her mood even more. Sebastian is nothing close to stranger to her, some might consider it embarrassing when you confess that a certain person appears in your dreams but when it comes to her, it’s not.

Her shyness towards him is long gone from the years of their relationship.

“Well, then. I’m truly sorry for that to happen, but honestly is wasn’t my fault if your obsession to me is intensifying as the time flies.” He teased.

Gabriella gasped, “Shut up! Why are you calling anyway?!”

“I came here to fetch you to school, actually I’m right outside, standing below your balcony. I, also brought some breakfast with me, your favorite.”

For a minute, no words left her mouth. Her heart immediately melts for her thoughtful boyfriend. She became speechless as seconds pass.

A worried voice interrupted her thoughts. “Gab, you okay?”

Waking up from her trance, she answers. “Oh? What? Yep, I’m fine!”

“What happened?”

She giggles. “Oh, nothing. I’m just surprise, no one ever done this before to me.

“You better get used to this, there’s a lot for you in store in the future.”

She sighs and get up to walk in towards her balcony, the appealing eyes of Sebastian stares back at her.

“I can see you…” she sighs in phone.

Sebastian chuckles, “Yep, me too. Hustle! Hustle! We don’t want to be late.”

“I’ll be there in thirty.”

He smiled tenderly, “Take your time, I will wait for you.”

Her life is perfect, too perfect. She longed for it to stay the same and if someone destroys it for her, she won’t hesitate but to destroy that person.

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