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Catching my attention by shoving me into the nearby juniors closet. Zach hungrily and forcefully kisses me. As I twist and turn trying to get out of his hold he slaps me and looks longingly into me eyes whilst saying, "Oh baby, why don't I give you one more chance. Either you go our with me and love or if you want fake love me or..."

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Chapter 1

Avas POV

"Move over nerd." I was pushed to the side. Sighing to myself I realised I had to keep going or they would snif out my fear like a pack of wolfs.

Moving to the side, I neared my locker. Opening it I stuffed all my books inside and hoped that I wouldn't run into the leader of the pack.

"Look what we have here a nerd that needs to be taught a lesson." Looks like today want my lucky day.

Let me introduce you to Zach Lucifer. Just like his name he is the spawn of the devil and does everything to make my life hell, just because of the biggest mistake I have made in my life.


" Hey there Ava!"Zach said. He was a very good friend but I felt like he was hiding something from me.

" Hey Zach! What's up!?" I pronounced. Today was my birthday! I love birthdays! Ever since I moved into Lesinville Town (just made it up) I had had a wonderful time with my new friends and they had all been the best! Zach was even better than the rest! He was there for me and loved joking and messing around with me. Even though he was quite possessive of me, but obviously in a brother way.

"Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!" He joked and then turned very serious whilst saying, "I actually have a important question to ask you!"

"Of course Zach! How can I help?" I asked confused by his seriousness.

"Well I actually was wondering if you wanted to go out with me like as girlfriend and boyfriend?" Zach asked.

I was gobsmacked. I didn't think that Zach thought fo my in that way. I dint know what to say.

"Thats so kind of you Zach but I don't rlly think of you in that way. So I would like to go out with you but just as friends!" I answered nervous of his response.

Zach stood there for a while just staring at me with a stone cold look on his face, his eyes though were another matter.

Fuming he said"As if I would want to go out with a nerd like you. Your as ugly as a blob fish and your stink like a sewer rat." Zach responded walking up to me and pushing me to the ground.

Flashback over

Since then my life had been hell.

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