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Everytime I see you, I fall in love over again.. -Rose You’re the reason of my happiness.. -Skylar Rose,Skylar and Ryan have been best friends since their childhood but despite being very close, both Rose and Skylar fall in love with him. But who does Ryan love? Rose or Skylar? Or perhaps, he doesn't love either of them..

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Chapter 1


I open my eyes when my alarm clock started to beep. I groaned as I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. In ten minutes I got ready in my jogging outfit and I got out of my room to find Skylar waiting for me outside with her jogging shoes so I quickly grabbed my shoes and went outside.

" What took you so long Rosie? I've been waiting for hours now "

Skylar asked as she tied her shoelaces.

" It's not been that long Skye, come on let's get going "

I say as I tie my laces and start jogging.

After forty-five minutes of jogging we finally reached our usual place where we come for a run every day. The sound of the crashing waves and cool breeze that keeps kissing my soft skin makes me relaxed as I continue to jog. The sunrise marks the journey of the sun in the sky. I slowed down to enjoy the view in a few minutes I found myself stopping and continue to gaze at the beautiful view.

" Breathtaking isn't it?"

Skylar asked as her deep blue eyes beamed into mine.

" Yeah, we better get going now or else we'll be late"

I say as I glance at my wrist watch. I started to jog back to the path we came from as Skylar joined me on the way there.

Huffing I finally reach back and hurry inside. School was about to start in 1 hour. I take a quick shower and change my clothes and hurry off to the dining room to eat breakfast. In a few minutes I finish my favourite breakfast of all time, blueberry pancakes and my usual coffee.

" Girls! Are you both ready? We are leaving in 10 minutes! And Rosie can you get the keys for me? "

My mom says as she rushes outside.

" yes mom"

I reply and quickly as I grab the car keys and handed it to my mom. Skylar rushes out locking the house door as I got into the car. Skylar also rushed inside the car as it was getting late for school.

The car ride as usual was filled with the sound of our normal daily conversation about what we're planning for the day and our classes and about our mom's busy job. In fifteen minutes we reached our destination, the Evergreen high school.This school is, however no normal school like others. All the competitions held at the end of year in California about choosing the best school in state were won by our school. In each round of the competition, a bunch of schools get eliminated and a selected number moves forward. In the final round, it is a competition between 3 schools in which there is a prom night dance. And the winner is selected after the dance.

" Rose are you just gonna stand there and stare at the gate? or are we gonna go inside? Rose!"

I shook my head as all of my thoughts disappeared.

" Let's go"

I say as I grabbed Skylar's hand and started to run to the gate. As we entered I slowed down so I and Skylar were walking at a normal speed.

Skylar and I went our separate ways as we entered the hallway. I happened to see my English teacher Mrs Blossoms and I greeted her with a dashing smile. " Rose! Sweetie can you please take the English textbooks to 11 B class?" She asked as I approached her " sure Mrs Blossoms" I say as I start my way towards the office. I walked inside the office and fetched the English books. I exited the office and I walked to 11 B class.

As I was about to enter the class someone bumps into me. I look up to see Dustin, my ex boyfriend and the school's bad boy standing in front of the door of the class.

" What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you see me?"

Dustin said to my face with his usual smirk. In return I glared at him and pushed him out of the way and entered the class to keep the books on the teacher's table. As I was about to exit the class, a strong arm grabbed me and pushed me into the wall.

" What the hell are you doing Dustin? "

I say as I try to free myself from his grasp.

" I just wanted to see your face nicely babe"

He said with his deep blue eyes beaming into mine.

" Don't call me that"

I pushed him and walked away in anger and frustration.This is gonna be a long day. I thought to myself as I seated myself next to my best friend Leah.

" Ro, what took you so long?"

" I went to fetch the English textbooks and drop them to 11 B class "

Leah nodded and we both started to take the notes. The lunch Bell rang after fifteen minutes and Leah and I got up and left for the cafeteria.

" Hey guys"

Leah said as we sat down next to Skylar and Emma.

" hey"

Skylar said munching on her fries.

" So how was the day so far?"

Emma said as she sipped on her coffee.

" Very bad"

I said as I started telling them what had happened with Dustin today.

" Why didn't you tell me earlier Rosie?"

Leah asked me with both worry and anger.

" Come on it's okay it's..."

I stopped in the middle of a solid sentence and let my head drop.

" Look we know it's not okay Rose. How about we teach Ashley to how keep her man in control. Are you in?"

Emma said with blue eyes twinkling in the lights.

" Yeah. I'm in let's do it!"

I say and just then the bell rings.

" So what's the plan?"

I said with a smirk.

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