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First love

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Chapter 2


The bell rang a second time as I entered the hallway with the girls and we chatted along the way.

" So what's the plan guys? " Leah whispered.

"So here's what we're gonna do, we all know that Ash's class ends at 12 pm so everyone will meet in front of her class in the corridor" Emma explained.

" So everyone remember, at 12 in front of 11 B class " I added

" okay see you guys gotta get to class " Skylar said as she and Emma started going towards their class.

" Leah we should also get going or we'll be late " I murmured as she nodded to my words and we started our way towards the classroom.

I stared at the clock as it kept ticking. As it striked 12 pm the bell rang. I quickly grabbed Leah and we both slowly jogged towards 11 B classroom. We were standing in front of the class, as Skylar and Emma we're not in front of the class with us I leaned on the wall and crossed my arms as I waited for them to arrive.

" Rose they're here now" Leah whispered into my ear and I snapped out from my thoughts to find Skylar and Emma standing in front of me with a playful smirk on their faces. " Girls let's go" I grinned wickedly.

" Look who's come here? Is being cheated on not enough for you? What do you want from me now? Anyway even if you beg me to give you my garbage, I wouldn't, because you already are one!"Ashley snapped in my face as she saw me.

" You thought I'd be afraid of your stupid lies Ashley? I'm warning you, keep your things to yourself don't throw it everywhere " i snapped back.

" Oh, and would you mind telling me what exactly is the thing that I'm throwing everywhere? " She yelled.

" You idiot why don't you use that brain of yours? Why, is it too small? " Leah barked at her words.

" Why don't you shut your pretty mouth slut " Ashley ordered.

" How dare you call her a slut you spoilt brat! " Skylar yelled back.

" Shut your mouth blondie" She roared at Skylar.

" Hey why don't you shut up you Asshole " I warned her.

" Excuse me? Are you calling me an idiotic thing? " Ashley yelled.

" Who else is here more idiotic than you " I yelled back.

" Just get to the point Rose what do you want? " Ashley barked.

" Rose leave her out of this she has nothing to do with this matter " I turned around to see Dustin standing in front of the classroom door.

" What do you mean? She was the start of all this and you're saying that it has nothing to do with her? I yelled at his meaningless words.

" Rose this is a matter between you and me, don't bring her into this she's innocent " Dustin yelled back.

" Innocent? Don't you see that she started all this Dustin? " I shouted at him with anger and confusion.

" She didn't Rose I-" Dustin started but I stopped him in mid- sentence.

" Stop, I already had enough of this drama Dustbin. I've heard enough. Let's go girls " I turned and walked away with the girls.

I got home with Skylar in the evening after going to the theater with my friends. I tried to control my emotions, well for a while. After I got inside my house I rushed upstairs to get to my room. When I got to my room I slammed the door and I slowly sat on the floor with a broken heart full of pain. Before I knew it I started crying silently.

When are they going to stop mocking me? Am I that hateful? I was her best friend but that doesn't even matter to her anymore.. I always put her first before me and I thought of her before myself but how could she even? She stole my boyfriend but it hurts more to think about the fact that she was the one.. That girl who my boyfriend cheated on with me... Why did it have to be her? Did she hate me in the first place? Ughh my life is such a mess.. My thoughts kept eating me as I cried myself to sleep.

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