First love

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Chapter 3


I slowly opened my eyes and started rubbing them. I slept longer than I thought I would sleep. I thought to myself as I slowly got off my bed and went closer to my wall sized bedroom window to look out to see the bright and colourful city lights and the twinkling stars that kept dancing in a melodious tune.
How would it feel like to go to that place again? To that place I grew up to be, where I met her. How would it be like? Would it still be the same as before ? Or would it be a whole new different world? Would I get a chance to meet her again? I drowned in my thoughts as I kept staring into the beautiful scenery.

I woke up from my thoughts as I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I rushed to open the door to see my mom standing in front of me with a sweet smile.

" Rye, it's time for dinner sweetie, come downstairs." My mom spoke in a melodious tone.

" Yeah. I'm coming in five minutes, after freshening up. " I replied as she nodded to my words and headed downstairs. I quickly went to the washroom to freshen up to join my parents for dinner downstairs.

I slowly went downstairs to see my parents waiting for me to start dinner. I walked near the dining table and sat down.

" Ryan so how do you feel like to go back to LA again sweetie? " My mom spoke softly.

" It feels amazing but I can't really express how I feel. I'm very excited and pretty nervous " I replied.

" I'm also super excited to go back to LA as well. I haven't seen your sister in a long time " my mom chirped excitedly.

" I'm glad to meet sis again too " I smiled.

" So did you finish packing yet, Ryan? " My dad asked.

" Yes dad. I finished packing " I answered.

" Come on now, eat quickly Ryan. Check-in starts at 9 " My mom added as I nodded and quickly finished my food.

" Sweetie come downstairs with your suitcase. Come fast Ryan! " I heard my mom call for me from downstairs.

" Coming" I replied as I grabbed my suitcase and swinged my bag on my shoulder and rushed downstairs.

I helped my dad load the luggage into the car's trunk as I later joined my parents in the car. I got in the back seat and plugged in my headphones as my dad drove to the Airport. The car pulled up near the Airport. I and my parents exited the car. I opened the trunk and got our luggage out. I entered the Airport with my parents and we got checked - in.

" The passengers of flight 379 please get on the plane. I repeat. The passengers of flight 379 please get on the plane. The announcer called.

" That's our flight, let's go " My mom mummerd.

Minutes later we got on the runway and walked towards the plane. Soon after we got inside the plane and got to our seats. I sat in the window seat and gazed outside. 'It's was a dark and quiet but the stars made the sky a bit brighter and more magical..'

I don't know what tomorrow will bring but all I can do is hope that we meet again and soon. I wish that I could go back to that day. If only I couldn't have done that, we'd be together today. I'm sorry. Forgive me. My thoughts ruffled in my head as I drifted off to sleep.
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