First love

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Chapter 4


I woke up to see the bright gleaming sun from the window. I slowly begin to rub my eyes and look around to see that I was in the plane. I checked the time and it was 6:30 am. '' Rye you awake sweetie? '' my mom spoke softly. '' yeah '' I replied. '' come on its time to go '' she added. '' okay let's go '' I replied and nodded as well. We got up from our seats and got out of the plane with my parents and the rest of the people in the plane.

We all got our luggage and checked out and got a taxi. It was around a 45 minute drive. The driver pulled up in front of a great mansion. I get out out of the car to see the magnificent building standing tall in front of me. It's been a while since I came back here, to my hometown. I wonder when will I see her? I thought to myself and smiled. I snapped back to reality and I quickly went to help unload the luggage and bring them inside the mansion. I glanced at my watch to see that it was about to strike 7. I quickly got ot get ready, school was about to start in an hour! I remembered and I quickly grabbed my suitcase and ran upstairs to get ready.

I quickly showered and got dressed in my white shirt, blue jeans and denim jacket. I blow dried my damp hair and styled it. After I finished I quickly grabbed my bag and jogged downstairs.

'' Rye come to eat, breakfast is ready! '' I heard my mom call as I went downstairs.

'' I'm here '' I said as I started walking towards the dining table. I sat down and quickly finished my food and headed out for school.

It was only a twenty minute drive to get to my final destination. The one and only Evergreen High school. I'm back, finally. I missed this school so much, I missed her as well..when will I get to see her again...maybe I won't even know if I see her but it doesn't matter...just seeing her is enough for me as I thought of her I smiled. I heard the bell ring and realized that I'm gonna be late. So I quickly rushed inside the school building.


I get out of the Teacher's office carrying a pile of textbooks that reach up to almost my head. I couldn't see quite clearly but I confidently started walking towards my school classroom. I tried my best to maintain my balance until I ran into something similar to a wall. I lost balance and all the textbooks fell from my hands onto the floor. I looked up to see two forest green eyes that I haven't seen before, it was someone I haven't seen before.

'' Do you have your eyes at the back of my head? '' I shouted in rage.

" Excuse me? You should've been more careful why are you blaming me? " He yelled back at my words.

" Don't you see that I had a big pile of books? and still you are blaming me? " I argued.

" Then are you saying that it was my fault that all the books fell? I didn't even do anything! " He fought back.

" Oh yeah? You really think that you didn't do anything? You bumped into me that's why all the books fell! " I screeched.

" It was your own fault! You bumped into me! You should've looked before you leap! Don't you know that? Don't show me your attitude princess " he yelled.

" How dare you call me princess? Just shut up and get lost I never wanna see your face again! " I yelled back raging in anger.

" Oh yeah? I don't wanna see your face either " he yelled and stormed out.

Ugh so rude, what type of person even does that? Now my whole day is ruined!! All because of that shameless Asshole. My thoughts kept spinning around as I continued to pick up the books. I piled all of them up and I quickly glanced at my watch to check the time. Oh no! Half of my class is gone!! I better head back before I get detention. I thought as I quickly hurried off to my class with the books.

In 10 minutes or so I got to my class. As I entered Leah came to give me a hand.

" What took you so long Rosie? What happened? " Leah whispered after grabbing half of the books from my hands.

" I'll tell you and the girls later " I whispered back and she nodded in agreement.We both kept the books on a table and went back to our seats and continued with our classes.

After a few hours the bell rang and we all started packing our bags to return home. I and Leah left the class after texting Skylar and Emma to meet us at the park around the corner of the school.


I packed my bag and headed out of the class. I was quite excited to meet my long-time best friends after such a long time. I exited the school building and I looked on my left to see two of my friends wave and I waved back at them and started to walk towards them.

" It's been a long time hasn't it? " Ace started and shake my hand later pulling in for a side hug.

" Are you guys just gonna ignore me like that or what? " Daniel asked in a teasing manner.

" C'mon what are you saying Danny? You both mean a lot to me and don't you dare tease me like that again " I said throwing my hand on his shoulder.

" So How's everything goin'? " How's school Rye?" Ace asked.

" Everything is going quite good. Yeah school was good too. I replied.

" But today when I was getting to class I met a very rude and impolite girl in the hallway " I added.

" Well that's new Rye who's the girl? " Danny teased.

" I don't know, why don't you go asked her? " I snapped annoyed by his teasing.

" C'mon u both stop it already we can talk about this matter later " Ace started.

" Yeah I was thinking that we should celebrate now that Rye is here. What do you think? " Ace added.

" Yeah we should how about today Rye? " Danny agreed.

" Yeah I'm- " I started but my phone started ringing so I excused myself to pick it up.

" Rye it's me. Sorry if you got confused because of the phone number " My mom spoke in a sad tone.

" No mom it's okay don't be sorry. Why'd you call so suddenly? " I asked.

" I called to tell you that we got invited for tea at a very close friend's house. Come home quickly okay? She spoke excitedly.

" Okay I'll come early " I replied.

I cut the call after saying bye to my mom and I went back to talk to Ace and Danny.

" So, you're coming right Rye? " Ace asked.

" I can't come this time. We should celebrate another time I gotta run " I said sadly.

" That's okay bro we'll meet up later for celebration " Daniel added and patted my shoulder.

" So I'll see you around " I say as I start heading back towards my car. I got inside and drove off to my house.

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