Taming Mr. Bad Boy

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Ridgewood Academy (RA) is the modern posh high school for rich & bratty teens of exquisite people. Aisha Avien was a not-so-rich girl from Vancouver whose IQ level was beyond average. Her dream was to get into Ridgewood Academy for the certificate of such a reputed school. Although she was not as rich as the other teens in RA, she was selected by the school for her intelligence with a full scholarship. Leaving her toxic life full of alcoholic parents & their unhealthy relationship, along with her dark past, She moved to her dream school. But what will happen when she meets the "Mr. Bad Boy" of RA? How will she tackle her newfound problems? Will she be able to keep up her defense mechanism or will someone break it down?

Romance / Erotica
Aisha H. Alishba
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A Fresh Start


My mom & dad were fighting again. They did it almost every night. They both would get drunk and lash out at each other. But in the morning, it would be alright. I was 13 at that time. But the only difference in this fight was that, it didn't stop. I was crying in my room all night. It was around 5am when sleep overtook me. I woke up in the morning to the sound of sirens around my house. I panicked and went downstairs to tell my mom and dad, only to find out that they were being carried outside in a stretcher. They were both dead. The last thing I remember before I fainted was the pool of blood in the hall.

5 years later

I woke up in my bed, drenched in sweat. I probably had that nightmare again. The night my parents died. After their death, I was raised up in an orphanage. The kids there also bullied me for my almost red eyes. Yes, I have a reddish eye color. It's actually brown with a slight shade of red. But most kids don't know that. They think I'm a freak. That's why I always wear gray contacts.

Thank god I'm leaving Vancouver for good. Ridgewood Academy classes start from next week. I'm moving to the town of Ridgewood today.

After the flight to Ridgewood

I took a cab from the airport to Ridgewood. I had only ever heard about this posh town and it's people. But seeing it with my own eyes in reality, was even better. The roads of the neighborhood were clean and decorated with trees. I always loved nature. So, seeing so many trees and the earthly atmosphere was quite calming, unsurprisingly.

My foster grandmother was a muslim, named Amina. At first I thought she would be like a terrorist. But when I saw that caring woman looking at me with the kindest eyes, I knew I was wrong. I was blinded by the media and other people. She told me a lot about Islam and it just fascinated me. I love her a lot. She is the only person that I love in my life .

She bought an apartment for me to stay at in Ridgewood. (She's fairly rich but not so much). I took my keys out and entered my apartment. Gosh, It was breathtaking. The apartment gave off an aesthetic and homely vibe. I was already in love with it.

For the next 4 hours, I explored my apartment, unpacked and arranged my luggage and apartment, and ordered a pizza because I was too tired to cook for myself. After eating and binge watching the entire season 3 of Stranger Things, I went to bed, hoping that tonight I won't get any nightmares or panic attacks. After 2 days was going to be my official first day at Ridgewood Academy. I had to be prepared for the best and the worst.

Author's note: This is my first ever story on Inkitt. Don't hate on me, rather give feedbacks and comments so that I can improve myself. Thanks for reading! More chapters will be coming soon!

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