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A Billionaires Twin

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Amethyst is a regular college student who passed the scholarship examination in RH University. She grows up in an orphanage but like everyone else when she reaches the age of eighteen she has to leave the only place she can call home.Luckily Sister Mila the director of the orphanage found a place for her to stay. Amethyst didn't know everything would change when she entered the university. A rich bad boy Senior who’s name is Skylar Alois took a fancy of her. Amethyst life was turned upside down when some rich girl named Stella Adams set her up to ruin her reputation and her scholarship just to get even to her for thinking she seduced the man of her dream. Things got complicated when the guy Stella hired to rape Amethyst was replace to unknown person and now she's pregnant without knowing who the father is. Ten years later everything has changed. The bad boy senior became the youngest multi-billionaire and a CEO of a very big company and Amethyst is now a mother of twins. She manages to take online studying and now she's in a hunt for a job to provide necessary things for her growing twin. What will happen if both cross paths again and something feels so familiar but unexplainable whenever they meet each other's eyes or accidentally had some kinship. Follow Amethyst's life struggle together with her mischievous twins.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Chapter-1 RH University Clash!

“ Amethyst get your ass here! I made some sandwiches for you don’t forget anything” Lauren shouted down the attic.

“ I’m almost done Ren,” I shouted back knowing Lauren is quite a nagger if you don’t do what she says. Looking around the small room at the attic I smiled cheerfully. Today is my first day of entering college. I can’t wait to see the RH University. Everyone knows that it's the best college in Swyndell city. But the only problem is can she survive there? RHU is also known as the elite school for richy rich teens and she’s just a nobody.

“Amethyst!” I snap out of my reverie when I hear those shrilling sounds of my friend who acts like a mother hen. I Quickly grab my ready to go backpack and head down the stairs. The coffee and pastry shop is on the ground floor while the second floor is occupied by the two siblings and I took over the attic. It has been a year when Mother Mila from the orphanage introduced me to them. The Green siblings are just too nice for her own good. They didn’t hesitate to accept me when I needed a place to stay. So In return I helped them out with their family business that was passed on to Liam. Seeing the table is already prepared and both siblings are there already I apologize for keeping them waiting. It has always been like this, all of us will wake up early just to share a breakfast then everyone will go to whatever they usually do after. Lauren is nineteen years old the same age as me while Liam is five years older than us.

“ Here take this Ame,” Liam handed me a small envelope, instantly I knew what's inside of it and I pushed it back to him.

“ Li, you know I cannot accept that. We had a deal. I already owe you guys for giving me a shelter and for hiring me as a server in the shop. Don’t worry i save up enough money to provide for my studies. I’m good Li.” I tried my best to ease Liam's blushing cheeks. I know he was embarrassed that I declined his offer.

“ See? I told you she won't take it, the best way to a woman’s heart is through food so here i pack three different sandwiches for you in case the price in the canteen is too much to afford.” Lauren sneered to her brother before handing me a lunch box. I smiled at both of them, ever since I stepped in this house the two are always competing for me. Weird family but I love them.

“ You're just using the fact that Ame is a glutton and what do you mean by the food is the best way to a woman’s heart? Isn’t that a reverse word for a man?”

“ Hmp! What do you know? Your EQ is really low to understand anything about women. I’m a writer. I know them more than you.” Lauren spoke with her chin high in the air.

“ Ok, that’s enough you two, We still need to open the shop and head to school. Let's finish our breakfast and start the day ok? No more bantering please.” I mentally sigh when the two start to focus on eating their breakfast just like her.

One hour later after I helped in opening the shop and wiping the tables again even if I cleaned it already last night. I wave goodbye to Liam who was left behind to take care of the shop and to Lauren who went crossing the street going to her vocational school for writing. It's already seven oclock in the morning i waited at the bus stop one block away from where I live. Thirty minutes later the bus went to a stop just a few meters away from the campus entrance. I checked my clothes and bag when I noticed that every student that went out of all different expensive cars was giving me a weird look. If I remembered correctly before I left the house I made sure my glasses were clean, my black backpack was washed, I showered and lastly my get up is quite plausible. My long blonde hair is tied up high and I consciously wear a balck polo shirt to evade any unwanted attention. As always I used my comfy sneakers partnered with my faded blue jogger jeans. I hate makeup so I only apply sunscreens and a colorless mint lipbalm. I told myself to act like I am not affected by their obvious whispering and blatant stare. I walk as fast as I can when I hear the ladies scream, curious I turn to have a quick look but i bump my head to a rock.

“ Ouch!” I hissed rubbing my forehead.

“ Are you blind? or are you intentionally doing this to get my attention?” say the taunting voice at me. I looked up and was astounded to see a tall guy with prominent deep blue eyes standing in close proximity to me. His aura gave off a deadly vibe that I can feel the hair at my back is standing up. My gut feeling is telling me I should be submissive and apologise since it's my first day at school and I don't want those screaming girls butchering me with their deadly glares.

“ Excuse? Who the hell are you that I have to purposely bump my head which is freakin painful? Here you can have the pathway for yourself.” I almost slapped my forehead when I realised what I just said. Before I could even have a chance to move away from the presumptuous guy, I was snacth by the hand and the next thing I knew I was already in a strangers car. Panic struck me and I tried to open the door but it was locked. I looked to the driver's seat to shout at my abductor but he was maneuvering his car so fast with ease. I was so frightened that I grabbed the seatbelt and buckled up. He drove inside the campus and parked his car in a private parking lot that has no other car than him. When my adrenaline rushed to its limits I unbuckled my seatbelt and I hit him in the arms.

“ Are you mad? What if you run over some student while driving like you're doing drag racing? Let me out you creep!” I continue to punch him like a mad woman but he manages to grab both of my hands and pulls me over to him like I weigh nothing. My eyes turn into soucer when our eyes meet. My heart began to thump faster and I felt like my cheeks were burning.

“ Not bad, no make up, you look neat and clean you’ve probably done an extensive research on me that I hate dirt. You're like a firecracker when you get mad,Your acting abilities are worthy of a novel price. Now tell me what do you want from me?” He asked while staring intently in my eyes. I wanted to punch him again if only my hands are free. Is this guy for real? I haven't done anything wrong and here he is thinking I have ulterior motives.

“ You should check your head to a psychologist mister, I don't know you, I'm new in this school and if it's wrong to block your way, then next time I see you again I will make sure that I'm out of your sight! Now, You should fucking let me go or I will hit you in the head dumbass!” Hmp! such a narcissist person. What does he think of himself? A god? if his Mariano Antanon maybe i will change my mind and even hug him.

“ Ohh really? I'm surprised that you don't know me,” His grip in my hand is getting tighter and I could feel my hand is about to go numb.

“ This is madness! can't you see that i’m telling the truth? I.Don't.Know.You. do you understand?!” Thereupon saying that I knocked my head to him that made him release his tight grip on my hands, I took the chance and hover over him to press the unlock button and I hastily scoot away from his car.I trotted to the path I remembered we passed by going to that parking lot. I didn't dare to look back even if I heard him shouted hey! to me. Damn day, now I wonder if I can actually endure four years of studying in this University. When I reach the familiar sight I sigh in relief while gasping for air. My knees are almost giving in. I bend down and use my hands to support it.

“ Hey, are you ok?” A feminine’s voice evaded my ears when I slowly looked up. I saw a beautiful lady wearing indented boots,tight leather jeans and a black leather jacket with spikes all over it. She has the blackest shiny hair that reaches only her shoulder and a pearly white skin that is accentuated by her outfit.

“ Yes, I'm fine. You are?” I studied her face for any malicious intent but I sensed none so I lowered my guards a little bit.

“ My name is Peggy Gibs,are you looking for your first subject?” Peggy walked near to me and held out her hand. I took it and stood upright again.

“ Thanks, I’m Amethyst Gibson,I need to be in the management class do you somehow know it?”

“ Actually i'm also heading there. Let's go together then.” Peggy grabbed my arms and encircled it to hers. I had no choice but to follow her.

“ You better arrange your hair first before we go to the classroom we still have fifteen minutes before the class starts”

“ Really? Do I look like a mess?”

“ Your hair is unruly and your face is full of sweat. Here, have a looked.” Peggy gave me a small mirror and she was right. I looked like a mess!

“ Come i’ll show you the nearest restroom.” After washing my face and combing my hair I decided to bind it down, just enough that it won't scatter when the wind blows. I reapplied my lip gloss, wiped my eye glasses, and tried to smoothen out the cringe of my polo shirt and jeans. When I went outside I was surprised that Peggy actually waited for me. Her body's resting on the wall while her left hand is inside her jacket and her right hand is holding a lollipop. She throws something on me and in reflex I catch it. When I opened my hand I saw a strawberry lollipop.

“ Thanks.” I mumbled out.

“ Stick with me Amethyst when we head inside so no one will dare to nit pick on you.” My brows furrowed not realizing what Peggy meant to say.

“ What happened early this morning is a talk of the campus, I name it The bad boy senior and the nerd. All I mean to say is that you just earn a bunch of enemies and the one you mocked back then is actually the son of the owner of this University.”

“ Say what?! He- he's the—? Ohh my gosh!? I'm doomed.” Peggy seems having fun seeing my miserable state that she pat my shoulder in a way of conveying Fighting!

“ Eat the candy, it will lessen your stress, Don’t worry no one will mess with you while I'm around. Just be careful when you're alone because that guy is like wind he will pop out the least you expected so guarded all the time.”

“ What's his name? I'm not afraid of him. I even gave him a lesson for kidnapping me.” I pouted my lips while opening the candy, indeed i needed one today seems like a bad day for me. I heard a peggy hearty laugh.

“ You're really something, I guess he finally has his right match and me, I found a good buddy to ease my boredom.”

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