Is This Love Book 2: Losing Yourself

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Chapter 12: The Clamps

I’m laying on the bed welcoming Samantha’s eyes wandering over me as the excitement starts to build deep within her. She is standing next to the bed and studying me. I have not felt such intensity and passion from Samantha before. It’s like a new desire has crazed her. This is exciting. I love how she’s looking at me. Please do something. Your eyes are burrowing into my body. I need to be touched.

Samantha motions to the edge of the bed, “Sit!” She commands.

I sit and slide to the edge of the bed. I reach out to touch Samantha. Ugh. I just want to feel her. I reach for her breasts which are popping out of her bra under her unbuttoned shirt.

“Sit still, My Pet.” She blocks my advances.

I love it when she calls me that. I’ll never get enough of it! I wonder what she has planned for me? I can’t wait!

“This evening will be a little different than we have had together before. I would like you to listen and follow the commands I give, do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, My Queen.” I respond quickly and am genuinely intrigued. “However, we will have to be quiet, these walls let a lot through, and we don’t want my parents to hear us.”

Samantha stands up and places herself in front of me. “I think we will be able to handle it…don’t you?” Samantha’s breasts were right at eye level. I nod slowly and move forward to touch them with my face. Samantha takes a step back and shakes her head slowly while smiling. “I didn’t say you could move, did I?”

“No, you did not.”

“No moving on your own for now. You will watch and assist when asked to.”

Samantha slowly comes close with a desire in her eyes that I know is the desire for me. Sam put her hand on my shoulder and runs her fingers down to the end of my sleeves. “You don’t need this.” Sam slowly pulls the shirt off of me to find that I had a tank top on. She grabs the neckline and rips it off of me, “Much better.” She grins, “I hate it when you wear more than one shirt.”

She really just ripped my shirt off. With no struggle at all. She’s so fucking hot tonight!

Samantha stood back again and admired me. “I do love looking at you.”

Samantha pulls me into a hug and releases my bra clasp like a professional. In one second my boobs were free from their restraints and awaiting pleasure.

Samantha takes a step back again, this time she walks over to the bag. She slowly strips and has nothing but black underwear on. Her ass looks so nice in them!

When she turns around, a silicone dildo is attached to her. Wow. This is new.

“Lay.” Samantha orders.

I watch Samantha walk back over and bind my arms together with rope.

“We’re going to play a little game, are you up for that?” Samantha whispers in my ear seductively.

I nod in approval.

“I said, are you up for that, My Pet? Use your words.”

“Yes, My Queen. Gods, we’re going to hell” I whimper in anticipation.

“May as well have fun.” Wait, that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Samantha then grabs nipple clamps that have bells attached. She places one on my left nipple and whispers in my ear, “Each time you move enough to make a bell ring, I will give you a tough pinch wherever I choose. The point of the game is for you to be as still as possible. Do you understand the game?” She asks as she places the other clamp on the waiting nipple.

“Yes, My Queen.”

“Good.” Samantha looks at me with intense desire and puts her hand on my neck. She slightly presses down and runs her hand over my chest, in between my boobs, and down to my navel and stops at the rim of my pants.

I let out a shiver of excitement and the bells ring. The instant I hear the sound, I also feel a pain in my buttocks…that must have been the pinch. “Ouch, that was harder than I thought it would be.” I say a little louder than I meant to.

“I didn’t say it wouldn’t hurt.” She says with a wink. “And you should be a little more cautious of volume.”

Samantha leans in next to my ear and lets out a small moan. The sound makes my body shake in response causing the bells to ring again. Holy shit, that was hot. This time, my inner thigh feels the slight pain.

“I think it’s time to get these off.” Samantha says, motioning to my pants. “Don’t worry about the bells for this part since I will be moving you and probably making them ring because of that.”

Samantha feels up my outer thighs and down the front of my pants. She then slowly unfastens and quickly pulls them off.

I didn’t anticipate my undies to come off with my pants, but yet again, Samantha surprises me.

I’m laying on the bed, naked, with my arms bound, and at the mercy of my lover. I bet she fucks so good with that. I can’t wait to see how it feels.

My body shudders and I’m brought back to reality with a pinch on my hip when the bell rang.

Samantha roughly massages my thighs with intense desire in her eyes. She continues to roughly massage all over my body with occasional pinches. She tickles me and I try as hard as I can to stay still, but I can’t.

She tickles and pinches me for a few minutes, driving me crazy.

“I think we can be done with these now.” She says as she takes the nipple clamps off, replacing them with her mouth and massaging them with her tongue.

My body wiggles underneath her as I enjoy the sensations. I feel the cold, hard, silicone dong rub against my leg. Fuck. I need her.

“What did you think of that game, My Pet?” Samantha asks endearingly.

“Well, I think we may have to play it another time when we aren’t restricted by how loud we can be.” I say

“That sounds brilliant. I think it’s time for another game, this time the goal will be to be as quiet as possible. I have just the thing that will help in this situation.”Sarmantha grabs a ball gag and maneuvers it into place in my mouth. “How does that fit?” Sam asks knowing quite well that I am unable to talk. I just stared at her, knowing she asked on purpose.

She pinches my sore and aching nipple and says’ “What was that?”

“Ggoo mm ee.” I fail to say anything that resembles a word.

“That’s more like it. It would be good for you to remember that I like answers when I ask questions. Even if the answers may seem obvious. Do you understand?”

“Mmhmm,” I mumbled through the mouth restraint.

“Oh...I can’t wait to fuck you.” Samantha says as her eyes wander over me again. She lays next to me and lightly drags her hand up and down my body and watches me squirm from her touch. Her hands wandered everywhere but never got within 4 inches of my sex. The light teases went to scratches and grabs but never where I really long for them.

Please touch me. I need you. I need to feel you in me! I can’t take much more teasing. I can feel you right next to me.

“Ehhhh.” I plead through the Gag.

Samantha moves a hand over my soft mound and follows the trail of hairs that lead to her destination. My body raises as I finally feel the touches I want. My clit is already so sensitized from enduring the last game. I let out a muffled moan as I felt Samantha’s fingers go lower and dip into my sopping pussy.

Pleased with the complete and utter wetness Sarmantha feels in my sex, she removes her fingers and straddles me.

Samantha starts sucking and biting my neck with encouragement by my continual muffled moans.

Sam’s hands squeeze my boobs and occasionally pleasures my clit with light circle motions. I’m so close to the edge even though nothing has really happened to my pussy yet.

I can feel the strap-on so close to my desperate, pulsing vagina. I try raising myself up into it.

Without fail, Sam realizes what I was trying to do and she climbs off of me.

I grunt in frustration.

“Is this what you want?” Sam asks as she grabs the strap-on.

“Yhhhhh, yhhh, yhhhh.” I plead again watching the look of evil desire in Sam’s wild, grey eyes.

In one quick motion, Samantha pulls me to the edge of the bed and raises my legs, placing them on her shoulders.

Samantha plunges inside of me and I scream out in pleasure. Yes, finally! Fuck me. I’m so close. But I don’t want it to be over too fast.

Samantha pumps into me, slowly at first and humps me at an ever-increasing pace. I can’t help but continuously moan into the gag. I feel my orgasm building up. Thank god this gag is on.

Sam was watching me intently. For a second I feared she was going to pull out. I need this release!

“You’ve been so good today. I will allow you to orgasm. You better cum hard for me.”

Samantha rode me hard and fast. I couldn’t control the muffles escaping my mouth as she began rubbing my clit. Oh fuck...shit...yeeesss!

That was the most incredible orgasm I’ve had so far. That dildo felt so good. She really knows how to move.

Samantha unbound my arms, and took the gag off. She pulls me close and holds me tight. “I’m so proud of you, My Pet. I think you’re definitely ready for a relationship. Will you date me again?”

What did she say? Did she ask me out? Really? I can’t believe this! Yes! Yes! Yes! Should I answer her now? Am I going to make it that easy for her?

“Do you have an answer for me?” Samantha asks in a quiet wavering voice.

“My answer is yes, only if you let me fuck you like you just did to me, My Queen.”

“I’ll allow it. I love you Ileana.” She whispers.

“I love you too, Samantha. Now lay back!” I demand.

She smirks at me and complies.

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