Is This Love Book 2: Losing Yourself

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Chapter 19: The Punishment

Samantha wasted no time ushering me into her sex room when we got home. I’m now standing in the middle of the room, naked and blindfolded. My arms are suspended above me in chains attached to the ceiling and my legs are held apart with a spreader bar.

I wonder what Samantha addresses this room as. Maybe she calls it her dungeon. Ooh, I bet it’s her playroom or fun room. I like sex room, a lot of things have happened here, but it usually all ends in sex.

Samantha’s high heels clicking on the floor grab my attention. The sounds are getting closer and the anxiety and anticipation builds within me. How will she punish me today?

Samantha stands close to me. Even though I cannot see, I feel her gaze burrowing into my skin. My body’s senses are heightened as I wait for my sanction to begin.

At first I feel a light poke on my right arm. Then the sensation continues every couple millimeters as she moves it all over my arm. The light pain brings a warmth to my skin and my cheeks flush. “What is that?” I ask.

“This is a pinwheel. It can feel soft and almost tickle, or I can press a little making it hurt. Let me show you the different levels.” Samantha moves the pinwheel and adjusts the pressure every so often. The hard impressions almost feel like I’m being cut, but the pain subsides immediately after the pin moves.

“I like that.” I reply.

She presses the pinwheel lightly down my side and I giggle as it crosses over each rib slowly.

“Your punishment today will be tickling, My Pet.” Samantha says and blows a cool breath on my neck which gives me the goosebumps.

“How can tickling be a punishment?”

“Oh, you will soon find that out.” Samantha says sadistically and another chill runs through me.

I shake my arms and the metal chains clank together. I’m really stuck here. I can’t even take a step, and she’s going to tickle me? How is that going to work?

I feel a wispy touch in my armpit and I laugh. What is that? It’s soft; definitely not the pinwheel. The sensation continues on and I can’t help but giggle some more. It’s feathers. She can’t do that! I’m going to end up falling and breaking her ceiling...this is definitely not a good idea.

“You have been very naughty, My Pet.” Samantha’s words create a desire within me. Yes, I have. I need you. “Do you know what you’ve done wrong?” She questions strictly.

“No, My Queen.” I answer immediately with a lie. I probably shouldn’t have done that. I may get more than I bargained for.

“I highly doubt that, My Pet. Are you lying to me?”

Now how am I supposed to respond? Do I lie again, or agree to lying? I smirk and dramatically reply, “Nooooo, I would never do that.”

“My Pet, you are something else.” She chuckles and goes silent.

I stand in the quiet for a minute without feeling or hearing anything. What is she doing? Is this her pause for effect?

Snap! I feel a burning sensation as the sound of the crop reaches my ears. “Mmmm,” I can’t contain my moan. Oh man, I’m in trouble tonight. Tickling and pain...I can already tell this will be intense.

“You are receiving punishment tonight for talking back to me and lying. Do you understand that, My Pet?” Samantha’s stern voice echoes through the room.

“Yes, My Queen.” I smile.

“Very well then, we will begin. Since your mouth may be occupied by uncontrollable laughter, your safety sign will be making a fist with both of your hands without grasping the chains. Do you understand?”

“Yes, My Queen.”

“Show me.”

I release the cold chains and form a fist with both hands.

“Good.” She says as the room returns to an eerie silence.

The wait creates more yearning for Samantha’s touch and games. She’s always been the best at knowing how to draw out the biggest reactions.

Samantha dances the feather around my body to “I Walk the Line” a Johnny Cash cover by Halsey in the background. She starts on the fingertips of my right arm and I try my hardest to hold back the laughter while she makes her way down my arm and to my neck. A small giggle escapes as she crosses my body and goes up my other arm.

The feather makes it up and down each leg and stops right before my stomach. “Try not to laugh, My Pet.” Samantha seductively says as she trails the feathers up and down my stomach and sides.

I try so hard not to laugh at the sensations that my abdominal muscles convulse involuntarily a few times.

Samantha continues to my backside and I gasp and giggle when she reaches the small of my back. I try to contain it again but it leads to more body shakes and chains rattling around me. Fuck, I wish I could move.

She goes up my side causing my body to divert and bends itself over then she retracts the feather. When my body relaxes, she goes to my other side where I laugh and jolt again.

My body is tingling and all of my senses are heightened from the tickling. The endorphins have traveled throughout my body giving me a natural high.

I feel Samantha’s hand massaging my ass. That feels so nice. I push into her hand, grasping the chains to hold myself up better. She removes it and smacks my butt cheek and the stinging sends a wave of pleasure to my core.

She continues to slap my ass and rub it out for a couple minutes. I moan with each contact she makes with me. “Please, My Queen. Fuck me.” I say in despair, feeling the exciting torment waiting to be released.

“Oh, not yet, My Pet. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson.” She responds with amusement in her voice.

Samantha uses the pinwheel across my buttocks and I wiggle against my restraints in the painful pleasure.

I watch her start tickling me with her fingertips all over my body. I shudder when she reaches my abdomen and sides. She tickles harder and I can’t help but laugh. As she reaches my armpits, I yell, “Stahahahp, pleahahase.”

“I can’t hear you over the laughter.” She moves onto my back allowing me to catch my breath.

“Whoooooo.” I loudly exhale a big breath and calm myself.

While my body is calming down, Samantha squares herself in front of me and smirks. In one smooth motion, her tongue is on my clit. “Ohhhh, fuck!” I say as I lean back and hang against the chains. She licks faster, bringing me almost to a climax and stops.

As I take a deep breath in, Samantha tickles me again forcing me to start laughing uncontrollably. She lingers on my lower back and sides until my breath is labored. “Have you learned your lesson?” She strictly asks.

“Yehahahahahss.” My strength is starting to waiver as my arms slouch down being held by the shackles on my wrist.

“And what exactly have you learned?”

I laugh and try to speak, “To hahaha ha noahaht lie hahah or tahahahalk bahahck.” After a few seconds the tickles cease.

Samantha undoes my feet first and I bend and stretch them. She undoes my arms one at a time and they drop beside my body. I’m so exhausted from the tickling.

She half carries me to the bed and lays me down. She kisses my collar bone. “Are you ready, or do you need a break?” She asks warmly.

“Oh, I’m definitely ready, My Queen.” As soon as the words left my lips, Samantha’s mouth was on mine hungrily. Her hands explore the curves of my body.

I moan into her kisses and rock my body against hers. I raise my arms and run my fingers through Samantha’s long silky hair. “I love you, Samantha.” I say between kisses.

She stops, looks down at me, and smiles. “I love you too, Ileana.” My heart leaps for joy, like it always does when she says it.

She kisses me once more on the lips before she continues down my body. I breathe deep when she pauses at my navel. She looks up at me with her cunning eyes before she blows a raspberry on my tummy. “I thouhahat we were hahaha done wihahahth that.” I muster out while she keeps on blowing my belly.

She stops and gives me enough time for one breath before she steals it away as her tongue licks the entrance to my womanhood.

“Mmm” I let out a moan.

She licks to my swollen clit that’s waiting patiently for a release. My moans become almost continuous as she masters the pleasure center of my being.

Samantha moves her tongue away from my clit and immediately submerges it into my dripping pussy. “Oh, fuckkk!” I scream as she enters me.

She skillfully fucks me with her trained tongue until my muscles start tightening into an orgasm around her.

“Shit...fuck...mmmm” I say as the intense climax flows throughout my being.

Samantha lays next to me and pulls me into her. “Good job, My Pet.”

“I like pleasing you.” I say as I inhale her sweet aroma.

We lay cuddling together for at least fifteen minutes while I regain my strength.

“Is it time for me to please you now, My Queen?” I break the silence with my question.

“I have a better idea.” She says mysteriously.

“What’s better than that?”

“You’ll see.” She hops off the bed, glides over to her toy wall, and methodically gathers some items.

She returns and lays out what she’s chosen in front of me.

“I think it’s time that we both be pleased at the same time.”

I look at the selection in front of me, there are a couple vibrators and a couple different styles of double dildos. One was a standard long and straight dildo while the other was a V shape that looked like it would work like a regular strap on, but it would be inside both of us. Fuck yes. Please let this be great. Her moan already gets me so hot. I think I’d explode if I were to hear her and we both came at the same time.

“I will let you choose which one you want to use.” Samantha kindly offers.

“That is a tough choice. I don’t know what either feels like. But I love the concept of us both feeling it together.”

“I can help with that. Let me know which one feels better, My Pet.”

She grabs the straight one and some lube while she massages and gets my pussy ready again. She slowly starts inserting it and my tight muscles move around to allow it in farther.

“Mmmm…” I moan as she pushes it deeper, causing a little pain to my expanding vagina. She moves it back and forth slowly; the pain subsides and is replaced with pleasure.

“Mmmm. This one!” I say. I don’t need to feel the other one, this feels amazing.

“You can’t get off too soon, My Pet. This is to please me. You will wait until I allow it.”

I fight the urge to continue getting excited so I can last longer for her.

“Since this one is a little more awkward to use, I will position us in an easy way.” She explains as she starts moving me to the top center of the bed. She hands me a small vibrator and commands me to use it only when she says.

She climbs on the bed below me and puts one leg over me, and the other under. I watch her maneuver her pussy closer to mine and insert the other end of the dildo in herself.

I moan as Samantha starts rocking against me. I watch her breasts bounce back and forth as I thrust against her and moan.

Fuck...this is hot.

Samantha’s breath starts becoming labored with mine as we build each other’s orgasm. I hear her let out a small moan and my body quivers and whimpers in response.

Not yet, keep going, you can do this.

We buck against each other, watching and listening to the motions happening between us.

“You can use it now. But don’t cum just yet.” Samantha says as she grabs a vibrator for herself.

We both add the additional stimulation to ourselves and continually moan and gasp for air as our bodies start shaking together.

“Please, My Queen, I have to cum.” I beg her, trying my hardest to last longer as I’m almost sent over the edge with every thrust.

A few seconds go by and Samantha doesn’t respond but she starts moaning louder and faster which drives me crazier.

“Cum for me, My Pet.” She orders.

My mind loses all control as she allows me to orgasm. “Fuck...My Queen!” I scream out.

Samantha moves against me after and we both cry out each other’s names as we orgasm together.

My body’s so exhausted that I fall into the bed and I’m unable to move. I lay there with Samantha as we both just breath and revel in the experience we just shared.

“You did well, My Pet. Thank you.”

Thank me? Why is she thanking me? That was fucking amazing! She’s amazing, she’s wonderful, she’s perfect.

“Thank you, My Queen. You always make me feel amazing.”

“You’re welcome, I aim to please you, my Ileana.”

I grin bigger than ever before. I’m her Ileana. She has never phrased it that way.

“All I want is to please you too.” I respond while giggling.

“What’s so funny?” She asks.

“I just love you so much! I can’t contain my happiness.”

“I love you more than anything. You make me happy. How would you like to have a sexy photo shoot with me?” She asks out of nowhere with a large smile.

“I think I would like that.” I respond with excitement and a little anxiety as I think of the possibilities.

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