Is This Love Book 2: Losing Yourself

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Chapter 20: The Studio

“I’m not sure about this anymore.” I say from the red velvet waiting chair of the photo studio. Along all of the walls are sexy pictures of women of all sizes. Each picture had a dim light shining down on it which added to the ambiance.

“This will be good for you, trust me!” Samantha looks into my eyes to give me reassurance and smiles.

“I’m not like them.” I say starting to feel emotional and bad about myself.

“Like who?”

“The people in the photos. They’re all so beautiful and confident.”

“Oh, Ileana, you are more beautiful than anyone I’ve met. You’re perfect inside and out. Confidence is something that waivers, sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. I know your self-image has been tough lately, and I believe this will help. The photographer is amazing and you will definitely feel better as soon as you see a picture or two.” Samantha explains.

I blush at her compliments. She really knows how to make me feel better. I hope she’s right. I could use the confidence boost.

“Alright, Samantha, you’re up next. It’s nice to see you again!” A tall purple haired woman in her forties says as she opens the door to her studio.

“Actually, it’s for my girlfriend, Ileana.”

“Ooh, isn’t that a surprise! Someone actually tied you down.” She jokes.

“It seems to be that way. I hope business has been good for you, Pam.”

“Yeah, it’s been great! Let’s get started, shall we?”

She ushers me in the studio. Once my eyes adjust to the brighter room, I see that we’re going towards a closet filled to the brim with a variety of clothing of all sorts of styles and from different decades.

“So, what type of thing would you like to wear? Samantha set up the nightlife shoot, so I would suggest something sexy.” Pam advises.

I browse the clothes and find a section of leather clothes and garments. Those could be nice. I continue my search and see a section of lace teddies. I grab a turquoise one with black lace.

This is something I’d wear. It’s sexy and revealing. I’m sure it’s something that would drive Sam wild. I wonder if she’d ever want me to get something like this and dress up for her.

“Can I try this one?”

“Of course, there’s a bathroom right through that door.” Pam points to a wooden door adjacent to the one we entered from.

Once I was changed and ready, I re-emerge into the studio with more confidence than I’ve had in a long time. I search for Sam and see her fifteen feet away, gawking at me.

I spin in a circle to show off my body. “Like what you see?” I question, already knowing the answer.

“You are stunning.” She compliments me.

I grin with giddiness and saunter over to her side. She loops her arm around my waist, pulls me against her, and kisses me.

I hear a few clicks come from the side of us. When our lips finally end up parting, Pam has her camera pointed straight at us.

“I needed to capture that moment. I’m sure you’ll love what I caught.” She explains and motions for me to come closer. “Ileana, I want you to sit on this chair.”

I walk and sit on a vintage looking wooden dinner chair. As soon as I sit, she rolls over a cart filled with make-up and beauty products.

She gets to work shaping my eyebrows, cleansing my face, and brushing my hair. She does all of the pampering quickly and efficiently.

She starts applying make-up at the base of my chin and neck, she blends it up and works on mastering the coloring and shades on my face for an hour.

Once she perfects my appearance, she changes the lighting in the room to a few different colors including red, blue, purple, orange and ends on a dull white light.

“Alright, put your left leg over your right, and lean back in the chair with your left arm over the back, with your fingers pointing at the floor.” I follow what she instructs and she turns the blue light on. “Now, look at me with a vengeance in your eyes.”

How do I do that? That seems like a weird face to make.”

I scrunch my face and try to look angry.

“No, dear. Just your eyes. Try and keep the rest of your face relaxed.” She explains.

I relax my face and try to think of something that makes me angry. Who makes me angry? Well, Victoria for sure! And Alexandra….gods, she can go fuck herself! I don’t believe the nerve she has.

“Great, now tilt your head this way.” Pam’s instruction pulled me from my thoughts. I looked in her direction without losing the hatred I felt towards them.

“Great.” She snaps photos, “Now, look towards Samantha.”

I look at her and I instantly start to smile. Well, there goes that anger. Sam’s looking so professional. She always looks great. She doesn’t even have bad hair days.

I look into her eyes and see a flame for me behind them. I quiver a little and return the gaze of lust with a smirk.

“Excellent! Now, uncross your legs, lean forward with your right elbow on your right leg, and place your head in your palm.”

I obey without breaking eye contact with Samantha. I try to look as seductive as I can for her. I instinctually bite my bottom lip and watch Samantha’s reaction of desire before she retreats and goes towards the bathroom.

“Okay, we’ll move onto the love seat. I want you to sit in the middle with both arms outstretched on the back of it.”

Pam switches the lighting to red and snaps some photos and directs me to a bunch of different positions including kneeling, laying, and standing on the love seat.

Samantha returns in a black leather dominatrix outfit equipped with a crop and I have to consciously refrain from kneeling in wait upon seeing her. I can’t believe she’s wearing that… front of someone else. She isn’t even hiding her domme side from Pam.

Pam notices the change in my stature and widens her angle to capture Samantha walking towards me. When she reaches me, she points to the floor and I automatically kneel at her feet.

She places the crop on my shoulder and slowly moves it across, up my neck, and down my back. I get goosebumps and my body responds in it’s own subtle way.

Samantha puts her thumb on my chin and tilts my head upwards. She stares into my eyes and moves in to kiss me. She pauses right before our lips collide and smirks at me before kissing me.

She pulls me off of the ground and onto her lap on the love seat without breaking our lips apart. She places her hand on my cheek and forces my head away from hers and lays me down on the small sofa.

The light switches to purple and Samantha continues her empowering, slow seduction of my body. She proves her power over me time and time again by effortlessly commanding my body to different poses and positions.

She stops abruptly and says, “How were those?”

Oh shit, we’re still in the photo studio.

“They should be amazing. I’ve truly, have never seen such passion and synchronization between two people. It was so amazing to see and be able to get a timeless photo.” Pam says.

“I’m glad they turned out.” Samantha responds.

“I do have some positions I’d like to try out, if you’re okay with staying a little longer?”

“We’d love to.” Samantha replies for us both.

For the next hour, Pam had us positioned on all of the furniture with different looks and directions. She was really efficient and kept us moving around the room.

“Alright. Thank you so much! I already know these will be amazing. Samantha, I’ll have them delivered once I touch them up.”

“Thank you, Pam. I really can’t wait to see how these ones turn out!”

“It’s always a pleasure having you return. I hope to see you and Ileana again soon!”

We take turns changing back into our regular clothes.

“How about we go get some sexy outfits for each other?” I suggest to Samantha.

“You read my mind, My Pet.”

We wave to Pam on our way out the door. I walk next to Samantha and lean my head against her shoulder as we make our way to the car.

“I love you.” I say as the thought pops in my head.

“I love you too, Ileana.” She responds and opens the car door for me. I feel so grateful and confused at the same time. Shouldn’t I open the doors for her? Why did she open it for me? She purposefully went out of her way to serve me. Am I not doing a good enough job? Do I need to do more?

Samantha slides into the driver’s seat and starts the engine. “What’s wrong?” She asks.

“Nothing, I just am overthinking on why you would open the door. I can’t help but feel like I don’t serve you enough in our daily routine.” I explain honestly.

“I see your dilemma. I opened the door because I wanted to do it for you, Ileana. If you feel like you want to serve me with more regular things, we can certainly talk about adding more things into our daily lives. There are a countless amount of things I could watch you do for me.”

“Can we talk about adding things in the next couple days? I really do want to be and feel more useful to you.” I smile and think of the daily chores I could complete to please My Queen.

Sam drives to a shop on the edge of town. The building is made of brown bricks and has very little detail. The only thing that stands out is the baby blue and black sign for the store that reads, ‘Brother’s Boutique- the finest in Las Vegas.’

The display window has a couple mannequins dressed in business casual clothing. We enter the door with our fingers intertwined. The store looks like a clothing store for business women. There is nothing like the type of clothes we were just wearing. Maybe we came to the wrong store. This looks like Sam’s daily clothing. Is that what she meant by sexy?

“Ah, our favourite customer.” A man says in a French accent.

“And my favorite shop owner.” Samantha returns the compliment. “Ileana, this is Pierre, he owns this boutique with his brother.”

“Hello.” I greet him kindly.

“What brings you in today? We have a new line of pantsuits, I think you’ll like them very much, no?” He asks.

“Actually, we are here for more exotic clothing.” She says and winks at me.

I smile in return and follow them through the black curtain behind the register.

Holy shit. I look around at an abundance of intricate lace lingerie and leather body harnesses. The selection is bigger than in the photo studio and there are a lot of full body pieces.

I walk through a couple isles and find an aisle of masks ranging from an eye patch to full head enclosures above the masks are a bunch of straight jackets in different designs and colors. I look at the price on one of them for fun, it’s $750. Wow, these guys must be nuts! But I guess people pay well for what they want.

I see some leather pieces that have arm restraints worked into the hanging leather straps. I look closer at the design and wonder what I would look like in it.

Samantha grabs the one I’m looking at and smiles. “I thought you’re supposed to pick something out for me?”

“I will. I just got distracted. I haven’t seen so many types of outfits, and most of them have a BDSM vibe.”

“Yeah, the brothers are big into fulfilling people’s kink wishes. They will even special make something if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.”

“That’s really cool!”

“Okay, now you go to that wall and pick a couple outfits for me, and I’ll get a couple for you, My Pet.” She orders endearingly.

I walk to the wall she pointed at and find a leather corset short dress with some metal spikes and buckles down the front that I think she’d look amazing in. I also find a red and black teddy for her to wear with black thigh high heels that have a tie up the center of them.

I give my choices to Pierre and wait for Samantha in the business area of the boutique. A few minutes later, she finds me and is carrying four big bags. I grab three of them and bring them to the car.

“Tomorrow, I’ll have some time in the afternoon if you want to talk about more duties. And in the evening, we can test out the new apparel. Does that sound good, My Pet?”

“Yes, My Queen.”

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