Is This Love Book 2: Losing Yourself

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Chapter 21: The Improvement

I grab another book from the archaeology section of Samantha’s library. Thank gods she has all of these books. I would have died from boredom waiting since she doesn’t have a TV. Maybe I can suggest that she gets one so I don’t get too bored. No, I don’t want to be distracted by those. What if I did more around the house to help out?

I’m not working and since school doesn’t start until the middle of January, all I have to do is therapy. I don’t really contribute much in our relationship. She pays for everything and is busy with work most days. I want to feel useful and do more than what I have been. I could clean and learn how to cook. I could if she didn’t have a maid and someone to prepare all of the meals. That’s what I should bring up when she gets home.

I open the fifth book today and I slowly page through and read the picture descriptions and side notes. I skip the main text because I feel like I may fall asleep if I concentrate too hard. I make it almost to the end of the book when I hear Samantha close the door to her apartment.

“Yay, you’re home! I’m in the library.” I holler cheerfully.

Samantha walks into the room holding a couple of protein shakes. “I brought lunch.” She says and hands me a cup. “What have you been up to today?”

“Well, I slept in, then took a nice long bubble bath, and I’ve been reading ever since.”

“No breakfast?” She questions.

“I wasn’t really feeling it today.”

“Start drinking now.” Samantha commands with a somber look in her eyes.

“I’m okay. I’ve just been excited to talk with you and I forgot about it.” I try to reassure her and I take a big gulp of the shake.

“So, what are you so excited to talk about then?” She also sips some of her lunch.

“Umm, well, I would like to do more things for you.”

“I have an idea: you can work on eating all three meals and sending me updates when we are not together. Does that work for you? It would put my mind at ease a little bit.”

“Yes, I can do that for you. I was thinking of other things also.” I sip again from the cold beverage to lessen my nervousness by taking her gaze away from only me.

“Since we may be changing things a little bit, how would you feel if we were to make an updated contract? We went through a lot of things since the last time we tried it out.” Sam asks me.

“Honestly, I would just like to incorporate more things into our relationship. I don’t think a contract would be the best option for us.”

“Okay.” She agrees with a sense of discouragement.

“You are allowed to do anything and everything that would have been in our contract. We can write things down so I can try to remember what I’m supposed to do and the possible punishments from you if I slack off or don’t do something. I just don’t want the weight of that hanging down on me. I don’t want to feel trapped or forced to do anything just because it is written. I want a free and loving relationship where we happen to partake in the BDSM lifestyle together.”

She smiles at me, “That sounds good, My Pet.”

“I only want to please you more, My Queen. But, I also want you to know we can use these pleasures and tactics without a contract, like we have been. I know you’ve said that it’s what you do. But you don’t need one with me, I will be your submissive and girlfriend willingly.”

“That would please me very much.” She winks at me which causes happiness, warmth, and a twinge of excitement flows through my body.

“I want you to fire your maid.”

“Excuse me? Has she done something wrong?”

“No, I want to be the one to pick up after ourselves and you can punish me as you see fit if I fall behind.”

“That seems like a lot of unnecessary work. You’re okay with cleaning everything in my apartment? You could just do some of it and she can do the rest.” She suggests.

“I guess that could work. I really don’t want to scrub the bathroom. Maybe at some point, but not right now. Oh, and since I can pick, I don’t want to do the kitchen either.” I say as I start to think of more things that if I had a choice, I wouldn’t do.

“Alright, the maid will be limited to cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and doing the laundry then?”

“Yes. I assume you used to have a sub do these things for you?” I ask.

“Yes, I did. The one I had when I first met you, before I hired a maid. She would do all of my housework and random things.”

“That’s what I want to be a part of also. Did you make her wear specific things, or do things a certain way? If she messed up, how did you punish her?”

“That’s a lot of questions, My Pet. She would choose what to wear, and I did have parameters on how things were to be completed. As for punishment, it was mostly verbal degrading and reinforcement for her actions.”

“I do not want to be verbally degraded, however, I would like praise for doing things correctly if you’d want to do that.”

“I most certainly can do that. I will also need to teach you how I want everything cleaned, when you can clean, and what you shall wear while doing it.”

“Yes, My Queen.”

“First, you will clean up your books and tidy the library. Everything will need to be dusted and the floor needs to be vacuumed.”

“I would do that, but vacuums suck.” I laugh and hope Sam doesn’t get mad at my joke.

Samantha stares at me for a second before a slim grin crosses her face. “That is correct, they do suck. Do you know what sucks more than vacuum cleaners?”

“Umm, no, what?”

“Brooms. Now get going, it will take you a little longer to tidy the room up now. I hope my words don’t sweep you away.” Samantha says with a cheesy smile.

“That’s mean.” I say and pout as I stand and put the books away. I ask where I can get the supplies and she shows me to a large closet filled with all of the household cleaning materials.

“I suppose, you will now need to let me know if there are any supplies that we run low on from now on.” She says.

“Can you make a list of these things? I’m not sure I will be able to remember them all with your specific instructions.”

Samantha leaves and I gather the things I’ll need to begin cleaning the library. I return and start dusting beginning with the tallest things. I climb onto the love seat to reach the top shelf by the fireplace and I stand on the piano bench to reach the other side of the room. I lean to reach the corner farthest away and steady myself by leaning on the bookshelf with my arm.

“Hey!” Sam yells from right behind me, scaring me which causes me to lose my balance and I fall into her arms.

“That was uncalled for, I could have died!” I scold her.

“You’re nowhere near dying, My Pet. I was right here to catch you.” She says as she sets me on my feet. “You know, there is a step ladder in the closet. You could have also used the longer duster.”

“I’ll remember that for next time. I’m done with the top shelves now.” I say and continue dusting the lower shelves.

“You’re doing such a good job in here.” She smiles and watches me dust.

“Thanks.” I finish the books, shelves and move to the table areas. I complete those and move on to wipe the instruments down with a fresh microfiber cloth. Jeez this is a lot of work. Maybe it’s more than I bargained for. But it won’t be that much if It’s spread out through the week. I want to do this for her though. I will enjoy knowing that I’ve completed tasks and that I’ve done good.

I swap the dusting materials for a broom and dustpan and begin sweeping the rug onto the hardwood, thinking it would be the easiest way to handle the whole floor. Why did I have to be a smart-ass and say that thing about the vacuum?

I look over to Samantha who’s watching me with a smile on her face. She’s enjoying this too much. Or maybe I’m not liking it enough.

“Can I have music playing as I clean, or does it need to be silent?” I ask, sweeping my way around the piano.

“I’ll allow music. Come.” She walks to her living room without another word with me following behind. “This remote controls the speaker system in the main areas of the house. The control box is hidden within the shelf holding the Italian vases. So you just need to point at this wall and it will work.” Samantha demonstrates and turns on the stereo. Classical music starts playing faintly throughout the house.

“Not the kind of music that I had in mind.” I say to her, holding my hand out for the remote.

“This doesn’t put you in the cleaning mood?” She questions seriously.

“No way, hand over the remote.”

“That’s no way to speak to me, My Pet. You will have to take it from me, without touching me.” She holds the remote high above her head.

“That’s not fair!” I say as her few inches on me really work to her advantage.

“Life isn’t always fair, My Pet. I hope you already knew that.” She smiles and taunts me with the remote by swaying it higher and lower.

How am I going to get it from her without touching her? Does it mean something I hold also can’t touch her? What if I knock it out of her hand? Or just ignore that rule. I could go right for it and jump on her. I got it!

In one swift motion, I charge at Samantha, making her back up next to the couch as I jump onto it and snake a hand around her long arms and grab the remote before I go tumbling down onto the floor. That wasn’t as graceful as I’d like. And how is this floor so hard? The look on her face is worth it though.

Samantha stands with a flabbergasted expression on her face as she stares at me and tries to process what just happened. “You. Just. How?” She says staring at her empty hand, still hanging in the air.

“Thanks, doll.” I use one of Samantha’s names for me and I shuffle through the stations until I stop on a rock one. This seems like good music to clean to.

“You, My Pet, are going to need some behavioral adjustments.” She smirks at me with amusement filling her soft grey eyes with glee.

“Good thing that I have the best trainer.” I say while I bounce with the music back to sweeping the library.

Once the library is complete, I find Samantha going through the closet in her room. “What are you looking for?”

“I’m just seeing what kind of things we could bring to California. I was thinking that we could visit the business. Stacy called me saying that the construction for the upgrades are complete. This time, I might also be able to take you to the ocean.”

“That actually sounds like it would be a fun trip!” I say with excitement.

“You’re a fan of strip clubs now, I take it?”

“Not necessarily, I just know who I am a little more. And I’ll be with you. I’m sure we’ll be able to enjoy it a little more with each other.”

“Oh, I quite enjoyed watching you squirm and try not to be embarrassed last time. I’m almost bummed that you’ll be okay with it now. I guess, I will have to just make it that much more interesting than last time.” She laughs and continues looking at clothes.

How much more interesting can it get? What is she planning to do? Oh gods, I should have paid more attention!

“Are you ready to continue your cleaning lessons?” She asks, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yes, My Queen.”

“Good. Next, I’ll show you how to make the bed.”

I watch Samantha smooth the light grey flat sheet over the mattress with the fitted sheet already on and over the pillows. She slightly tucks it under the pillows and folds the top down. She goes to the foot of the bed and folds the excess up under the flap, making a triangle seem that she pulls down tight and tucks the edges under the bed. “You will make this fold and tuck it in at a perfect forty-five degree angle, every time. Do the other side.”

Wow, that is really specific and time consuming. I never knew there was a right and wrong way to put on sheets. I walk to the bed, kneel, and nervously grab the sheet. It’s okay, she’s teaching you. Take a deep breath. It’s just like wrapping a present.

I pull the sheet tight and get rid of the wrinkles that once were tainting the perfect bed. I grab the corner and fold up the slack and pull it down to begin tucking it in.

“Not quite. That’s like a thirty degree angle. Watch this line here.” She grabs the sheet and folds it. “You want the bisector in the space exactly in the center. Try again.”

She messes up the sheet before I grab, fold, and tuck it under the mattress. That looks better, and she didn’t stop me.

“Good, now study the head of the bed including the pillow placement, sheet placements, and symmetry.”

I move five feet to my left and study the intricate work she is now requiring of me. I’m sure I can do this, it looks like the sheet cuts the pillow in half and it’s tucked underneath one quarter of the way.

“Now, the comforter will be centered on the bed with exactly eleven inches overhanging each side.” She gestures to the comforter laying over the chair.

I spread it onto the bed, using my best guess for eleven inches off the side and pull it evenly to get rid of creases. I look to Samantha for approval and she gets out a measuring tape and leans it against the fabric.

“Not quite, It’s ten inches on this corner.” She states and takes a step back while I fix the blanket.

She measures each corner again and gives me a thumbs up. “Are you going to measure everyday to make sure it’s exact?” I question at the silly perfection she is requiring.

“No, but I expect you to. My eyes are well adjusted to noticing even the smallest difference. If I happen to measure, and you are wrong, there will be punishments.”

“What kind of punishments? We never discussed that part.” I get up and walk to the bench at the end of the bed and sit down to rest.

“I was thinking that I could make you wait for however long I wished. I could also drive you to sexual frustration and withhold an orgasm. Other possibilities would be spanking, flogging, and public excitement. I could watch you meticulously clean something until it is spotless. I have many shoes that haven’t been polished since I haven’t worn them out much and polish can be applied at any time. There are a lot of different things I can think of for you to do, My Pet.” She walks and looks around her closet again.

“I didn’t know the list could be so vast. I was thinking maybe a small thing here or there.”

“Depending on the offence, I will pick a different punishment that I want at that time.” She says.

“I think you are slightly more evil and dominant than I expected, My Queen.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Ileana. Just wait until we return to our business, you will then receive your punishment for your jokes and brattiness from earlier today.”

I blush and smile at her threat of officially punishing for my deliberate actions. “What else will you have me do, My Queen.” I try being good to not add to my impending consequences.

“You will change the sheets and bedding in the Sex Room within a day of use. You will also be in charge of cleaning the floors, dusting shelves, and inspecting all items for wear or uncleanliness. Each tool that I have has a specific way for cleaning. I will slowly teach you them as it is necessary.”

“I am ready to learn it all, My Queen.”

“And as for your cleaning attire.” She pulls out one of the closed bags we got from the boutique. “You will wear what’s in here.” She says as she tosses it to me.

I slowly open it up. What is this? I see an old fashioned maids outfit that appears to be REALLY old fashioned. It is a black, long sleeve, knee length dress with a white ruffled collar and cuffs on the end of the sleeves. There is also a white apron that is meant to be tied around the waist. “You can’t be serious. How did you even know I would do more around the house?” I question.

“I didn’t know for sure, but I had an idea that I would like to see you in this. I had Pierre make a 1950’s style maid outfit. If anything else, we would have done a role-playing scene with it.” She explains.

“That is a very weird coincidence. I hope I’ll look good in it.”

“I’m sure you will. You can start wearing it when we return from our trip. We need to pack, get ready, and rest before it.”

“I can’t wait, My Queen.” I'm so ready for this new experience.

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