Is This Love Book 2: Losing Yourself

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Chapter 22: The Upgrade

“You’re telling me that this is the same business?” I say while staring at a now black brick building with a red neon sign reading ESCAPE. The business is at least twice as tall as last time. It seems to be about four or five stories tall.

The entrance now has a revolving door and manual ones on the side. The guards standing by the entrance are now scanning some type of card before allowing people to enter.

“Yes, this is the improved business. I’m glad that they’ve implemented new security practices.” Samantha says as she loops her arm in mine and leads me to the door. She’s wearing jeans with a white off the shoulder short shirt. She hands the guard a card to scan before we continue our advance inside.

The layout is the same as before with the bar straight ahead and a provocative dance room to each side. The only difference is a reception area next to the bar and an elevator beyond it.

“What do you think?” A proud feminine voice says from behind us. We turn and see a tall, red-headed woman in a royal blue evening gown. The light from above catches on her necklace as the diamonds shimmer reflective lines on her chest.

“I like what I can see so far, Ruby.” Samantha responds to her and then turns to me. “You remember Ruby, right Ileana? She’s the original owner and manager.”

Thank gods Sam knows her name. I don’t recall ever using it. She looks so elegant and at ease here. I feel really underdressed in my jeans and v-neck. Why did I choose this to wear? Sam said I didn’t need to dress up tonight. She wanted me to be comfortable. I surely don’t look like a part owner of this establishment.

“Nice to see you again.” I smile and politely hold out my hand.

“Put that away, Ileana.” She says cheerfully. “With all of the help you two have provided, I think hugs are in order!” She pulls us both into an awkward three way hug. After a few seconds we each take a step back.

“You must show us the upgrades!” Samantha breaks the silence.

“Of course! I think you’ll be very happy with it! I even included some of your ideas.” Ruby says and brings us to the elevator.

We get off on the second floor into a maroon carpeted hallway with white walls. “This must be the standard room floor.” Samantha assumes by looking down the hall.

“You got that right! I’ll show you around one. Each of the ten rooms on this floor are identical.” She fiddles with a key and unlocks the door, holding it open for us to enter.

We walk past her into the space and analyze the room before us. It looks like a standard hotel room with a dresser, TV, king size bed, small office area and a bathroom.

“These will do.” Samantha finishes her once over in under a minute and starts walking to the elevator.

“Are you in a hurry or something?” I ask following her abrupt departure from the room.

“Or something, I would say. Those rooms don’t hold my interest. I’m sure these next ones will.” She explains.

We continue the tour on the third floor where there were six larger rooms all with a different theme. The themes were a classroom, gym, pirate ship, jail cell, western saloon, and a royalty throne room.

Wow, there are so many directions that people could use in each of these rooms. I’m sure this place will become very popular since the rooms are already set up. How did she think of adding this to her business?

“So how do people rent the rooms? Is it by the day or night? I’m sure cleaning will be more thorough because you’re pretty much just renting a room out for sex.”

“For most of the rooms, the rental fee is by the hour with late fees occurring for every ten minutes past checkout. However, the standard rooms can be rented for longer periods of time. Currently I have the hotel run as a separate business. The employees of the hotel are not allowed in the club area. And the club employees are not allowed to be in the hotel. This keeps the lawyers happy and no one can accuse us of being a brothel.” Ruby explains.

“You sure put a lot of planning into this.” I think out loud.

“I needed to. I need to keep the professionalism between my employees and customers to make sure the boundaries are known and accepted. I will not tolerate mistreatment of my workers or the premises.”

“I’m glad you are so thorough.” Samantha chimes in. “It saves me a lot of legal work also. I suppose the room I requested is upstairs?”

“Yes, I’ll bring you to that one last. There are three other rooms to show you first.”

The top floor is divided into four large sections. The first room we enter looks like a doctor’s exam room. There are a lot of different medical structures, instruments, and tools.

How could you clean up all of this stuff? It must take forever. What if someone gets hurt? There are so many things that could go wrong.

“What if something bad happens in one of these rooms?” I ask.

“That’s a great question. I’ve already spoken to and hired the police for extra patrols and each room is equipped with an alarm that notifies me and sends the police here immediately.”

“You’ve thought of everything.” I say.

“I certainly tried to. Shall we move on? The next room is designated for sensation play.” I nod my head in response.

The room is very elegant with cream colored walls and golden accents. There are many glass door fridges with different foods, sauces, and beverages. There is also a closet full of different tools including feathers, pinwheels, blindfolds, ear plugs, some restraints, and other things.

“How did you know what themes to use in these rooms?” I ask Ruby.

“I actually handed out surveys for a couple months to get people’s ideas and thoughts on upgrading. Let’s keep going, only two more rooms.”

This room looks like a dungeon. It has a concrete floor and cell type cage in the room. On the wall are tons of collars, leashes, and harnesses. This room must be for a master and pet role play.

“This brings us to the last room. Here’s the key, Sam. When you’re finished, just check out at the desk downstairs.” Ruby hands Sam the key and disappears. This is it. She’ll finally punish me for my misbehavior and brattiness.

Samantha pulls out a black silk blindfold and places it snugly over my eyes. “I hope you’re ready, My Pet.” She whispers in a demanding voice.

“Yes, My Queen.” I muster out through the shudder of excitement flowing through me. I’ve been ready for a long time.

I hear her open the door before she grabs my hand and leads me in the room. She grabs my other arm and as we come to a stop, she locks my wrists in place with what feels to be cold metal shackles.

I wait in anticipation as I hear her rustle through a drawer. “Alright, your first punishment will be to give me five explanations of why you should obey. You will count them off as you say them and fill in the end of this phrase: I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because."

What kind of punishment is this? She’s not going to spank me? I love spanking, so I guess it really isn’t a punishment. Okay, five reasons to listen to Sam.

“Reason one: I will obey My Queen because she knows what’s best for me.” Owe. I feel a pinching sensation on my pinky finger that doesn’t let up.

“You got the phrase wrong, My Pet.”

I try again, breathing through the awkward pain in my finger. “I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because she knows what’s best for me.”

Shit! She puts something on my other pinky as well. “You will follow my directions every time. My Pet, what did you forget?”

“I don’t know.” I say unable to remember.

Another twinge of pain starts on the tip of my ring finger. “I don’t know, what?” Samantha says in an accusatory voice.

“I don’t know, My Queen.”

“Very good, My Pet. You forgot to count off your reason. Begin again”

How stupid of me. Okay, count off and use the phrase. “Reason one: I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because she knows what’s best for me.”

I pause and wait for something to happen. Nothing does, so I continue. “Reason two: I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because I will get punished if I don’t.”

“Three more reasons, My Pet.” She runs her hand over my back and starts rubbing my shoulders. Three more... Why should I listen to her?

“Reason three: I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because I love her. And Reason four: I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because I want to.”

“Just one more, My Pet.” She removes the clips from my three fingers and I feel the blood start warming them up again.

“Reason five: I will obey My Queen and not be a brat because she will always win.”

“Very good. Now, tell me three reasons you feel the need to respond in a sarcastic way?”

Now, that’s a better question. “I usually act sarcastic when something frustrates me, I want to make you smile, or I want to be punished. I also do it to gage your response. I like to be defiant sometimes because you don’t expect it.”

“Thank you for your explanation. I like knowing your thought process.”

“You’re welcome, I also know you like punishing me.”

I feel a stinging on my nipple as she pinches it and whispers in my ear. “I didn’t ask you a question, My Pet.” She releases and I take a deep breathe in as I try to wash the painful sensations away and stay silent.

“Now, I will allow you to have your sight back. Do not speak unless I ask you a question.”

The blindfold falls away from my face and I blink until I am able to process my surroundings. I look at my hands first and see the silver metal cuffs with a chain coming off each one that are in contrast with the black carpeting. The chain I’m attached to is looped through a metal pole mounted on the back of a chair. That seems pretty harmless.

After assessing my situation, I take a look around the room. There are many different types of bondage furniture contrasting against the dark navy blue walls. Some of the contraptions would have you lay down on them like a table or bed with many restraints and there are some you would sit, kneel, or stand on. In the corner of my eye, I can see into the closet which is cracked open and I see different restraining devices in there including rope, predator bars, and chains.

“Are you ready for the second part of your punishment?” She asks in a domineering voice.

“Yes, My Queen.” I respond.

Samantha walks over to me, pushes my shoulders down, making me sit on the chair. She then pulls a chain by my ankles that must be attached to my wrists because it forces my back against the cold metal rod and my elbows behind me. She latches my ankles in, leaving me stuck in an awkward position. If I move my arms to relax them, it pulls my ankles into a position that strains my calves. If I relax my legs, I have to hold my arms back to allow enough slack to relax.

“This is your punishment, you will not be able to completely relax or rest anything without slightly straining something else. You will sit like this and think until I return.” She starts walking towards the door and leaves without looking back.

How could she just leave? How long is she going to be gone? Why did I have to be so bratty? I have to now decide which body part to relax and how long to relax it for. I’m glad Sam doesn’t own a seat like this.

I lose track of time as I focus and alternate between relaxing my arms and legs. If I switched every couple minutes I think she’s been gone about twenty minutes. Isn’t this wasting time? We could be doing something more productive. I mean that may be the point. If I hadn’t acted that way, we would be doing something different. We could be using these things for pleasure instead of punishment.

I hear someone at the door and the handle shakes. Thank gods she’s back. I don’t know how much longer I can do this for. I wait for her to come relieve me from the slight but constant agony. The door never opened and I am left with the silence once more. Please come back soon. I plead to Samantha in my head. A few moments later, Samantha walks in and I can’t help but grin when I see her.

“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson yet?” She asks when she comes in.

“Yes, My Queen.”

“What have you learned, My Pet.”

“That you have good punishments and to think twice before I choose to be a brat.”

“I suppose I will accept that as an answer. Only because I want to continue to the third phase of your punishment.”

There’s more? How long will this go on for? What else does she have in mind for tonight? Samantha unshackles my ankles and massages the red lines that they leave behind as well as my sore calves. She then moves on and does the same for my wrists and arms.

“You will now change into this, and only this.” She hands me a small bag.

I open it up and see a tube top shirt, a black thong, and a black skirt. At least she gave me underwear this time.

“When we go back downstairs, you will have to follow my rules still. You will not speak to anyone. And you will participate as you are requested to. Do you understand, My Pet.”

“Yes, My Queen. What am I going to be participating in?” I ask as I finish putting on the outfit she wants me in.

“You will find out, My Pet. There is nothing to worry about. I will be with you the whole time. Since you aren’t allowed to speak, if at any time you need your safe words, you may use them.”

“Thank you, My Queen.”

“Don’t thank me for that. That is always your right. I never intend for you to use them, but I will remind you that they will always be there for you to use. Let’s be on our way now.”

I follow her out of the room and down to the bar area. She orders us a couple of martinis and checks out of the room while they are being made. “I’m sure you remember which room you prefer, I’ll meet you there. Get us two seats in the front row.”

Oh man, the front row again. I swear she likes seeing me out of my comfort zone. I enter the room and look for seats, I notice that the strippers aren’t on stage yet. I see a few open seats in the center of the room. I don’t choose those because I think there will be more attention drawn to the middle. I get two chairs on the left side of the stage in the front row.

I sit down and Samantha joins me a minute later holding a wad of five and ten dollar bills. I stop myself from asking her if she intends on giving all of the money to the strippers, but I will assume she is.

“I want you to have the full experience of a strip club. Last time, we just ate and left. I want you to watch and enjoy this time.” She explains while putting a five in front of us.

The announcer starts speaking overhead and gives the names of the first few performers and the lights turn down as the show begins to start. The first woman had gorgeous caramel color skin that glows in the spotlight following her around. She takes her position on the pole and waits for the music to begin. When the first note plays, she starts moving, climbing, dancing, and spinning around the pole like a professional. She is so graceful and sexy. After flipping a couple times, she makes her way around the stage, starting on the opposite side of us and gathering money and dancing directly in front of those who left it.

The first song ends and a second performer joins when the second one starts. I watch the second lady dance around the pole and from the corner of my eye, I see that they pulled a woman on stage from the audience. She is laying, face up while the stripper is straddling her and grinding making her blush insanely hard.

No way, they pull customers up to dance on them? I hope they don’t do that to me. Just as the thought crossed my mind, the second woman outstretches her hand to me and I stare at Samantha for a clue on what I should do. I don’t want to go up on stage. I’m not a performer. Is this why she didn’t want me to wear a bra?

Sam gestures for me to follow the woman who’s now only wearing a pink thong. I slowly reach out my hand and she takes it, pulls me up on stage and has me sit on the edge. Samantha gives her two ten dollar bills and the stripper winks at her and returns to me. Gods, I wish I could talk. I thought we were here to watch the performance, not be the performance. The stripper stands behind me and leans over me while groping my boobs as her hands glide their way down to my thighs.

I don’t know what I should do, or where I should direct my attention. Is it weird to look at the stripper? I look towards Samantha and see her relaxing in the chair with her legs crossed and watching me intently. I definitely can’t watch her watching me. That is way too intimate for a public place like this.

I decide to change my focus and look around the room, which has many men and women looking at us. Nope, not looking out. I look at the stripper instead and see her breasts hanging down over me and I decide it is probably best that I keep my eyes to myself. The stripper lays me down and dances over me. She feels up and down my body and slides my shirt, exposing my breasts to everyone. This is not what I thought they’d do. The woman grinds on me which knocks her breasts against mine before she stands up and allows me to return to my seat.

I see Samantha smirk at me as I put my top back on. It takes all of my willpower to not yell at her for not warning me. She paid them to do that to me. She knew something like this would happen. I bet she got so much enjoyment from my embarrassment. I’m not going to let her win. I’m going to enjoy this night by pretending not to care what they do and watch her reactions.

As the night went on, Samantha kept paying the strippers to dance and half of them ended up pulling me on stage, or half undressing me in my chair. I know she enjoyed every bit of it and I started to at the end of the night also.

I see my phone light up on the table. Mom’s calling, she never calls this late. I show Samantha the caller ID and she nods her approval for me to answer.

“Hey mom, what’s up?”

Mom speaks with a frantic voice. “Honey, I’m on my way to the hospital. I think your father just had a heart attack. He’s in the ambulance ahead of me. They rushed him out as soon as they got here. He was having chest pain and I didn’t know what to do.”

I stand up and walk outside to help process. “Is he okay?”

“I think so. I won’t know for sure until I get to the hospital.” She says through her tears.

“Okay, I’ll come down as soon as I can.”

“That’s not necessary. I’m sure someone from church will be able to help out.” She explains.

“That’s ridiculous, mom. I have to talk with Samantha, but I’m sure we will be able to get there sometime tomorrow.”

“Okay. I love you, honey. Stay safe.”

“I will. I love you too!”

Samantha finds me outside and gives me a hug. “What’s up?”

“My dad had a heart attack…” I say heavily.

“Come here, Ily. We will take you home to see him now. I’m sorry you’re going through this.” She says comforting me and half carrying me to the car.

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