Is This Love Book 2: Losing Yourself

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Chapter 24: The Challenge

I can’t wait to lay down and finally get to sleep. Samantha turns onto the dirt road that leads to my house. Wait...Sam bought a new bed. I wonder what it looks like. I hope it’s comfortable. Either way, I’m sure I could just lay down and pass out. There’s no doubt she got a king size, I don’t even know if that would fit in my room. How long is it even going to be my room? I practically moved out...yet, I feel like I’ll always have a place here. I’m tied to this land. It is my family’s farm, we’ve had it for generations. Could I really leave it forever?

The car halts next to the house and I let out a sigh of relief. I can finally get some rest.

“Are you ready to go in and see the bed I got us?” Sam asks.

“You have no Idea. I am so ready to relax, I do really need a shower though.”

“Let’s not waste any time then.”

I saunter into the house first, make my ascent upstairs, and grab clothes for after my shower. I’m too tired to pay much attention to the bed and make my way to the bathroom to shower quickly.

Upon completion of my successful trip to the bathroom, I return to my room and see Samantha waiting on the bed in a burgundy silk nightgown. Wow, I can’t believe she is mine. Ugh, I just want her. But I really need to rest. I don’t think I can now...she’s just so irresistible. I look around the room and notice the steel bed frame and new mattress. The headboard has intricate craftsmanship looping the metal around itself creating a floral design. She also replaced the nightstand with one that matches the headboard with a simple wooden top and metal designs down all sides.

“Wow that is beautiful.” I step closer to admire the new furniture.

“I know I am.” Samantha winks at me playfully.

“That’s not what I was talking about, but you are gorgeous. I was studying the headboard.”

“Yeah, I thought you would like it. In addition to it being pretty, it has multiple uses.” She grabs my hand, whips out a pair of cuffs and attaches me to the frame. I guess sex is on her mind too.

She guides me onto the bed, restrains my other wrist, and climbs on top of me. Her lips graze my cheek and find their way to mine which are impatiently waiting. I kiss her eagerly and lean into her while she pulls back, keeping the kiss light and in her control. I just want to kiss you deeper. Quit pulling away. I plead to her in my thoughts.

Samantha keeps moving away from my face until our lips part. I’m saddened by the distance that is now between us. I try bucking her forward to fill the gap once more. Sam catches herself with an arm outstretched against the headboard. “You want my kiss that bad, huh?”

“Yes, My Queen.” I respond.

“You’ll just have to be patient, My Pet.” She climbs off me and a chill from the room replaces the feeling of her warm body.

I watch Samantha grab an elastic stretch rope and tie my ankles to the bed posts, allowing me to move them but with great resistance. How did she even get these ropes? Did she go shopping while I was working on the farm? Did she have someone drop them off?

“How did you get these supplies?”

“How do I get anything? I paid for them of course. And I do believe you are speaking out of turn, My Pet.” She states. “You will have to wait for me to return.” Samantha leaves and lets me be with my thoughts. Oh shit, what is she going to do? How long is she going to be? Is this going to be like the Escape?

A few minutes later, Samantha returns with just a cup. I guess she was just thirsty.

“You are going to try your best not to squirm, My Pet.”

“Yes, My Queen.” Once the words leave my mouth, her hand goes straight to my naval and I feel a freezing sensation. That can’t be. That’s cold. Why did she have to get the ice? A shiver runs through my body as the cube chills my skin on contact.

She runs it up my abdomen, leaving a trail of water and goosebumps behind. The cold encases each breast as it swirls around my nipples and up to my neck. Don’t move. I gasp for breath as my throat begins to feel the freezing sensation.

I glance at Samantha and notice her eyes are immersed in the practice of dominating me with ice. It’s actually a lot easier to stay still being restrained. There isn’t much movement I can make and when I’m about to, I feel the resistance and stop myself.

“Very good.” She continues the movement of the icecube back down my abdomen and to each thigh. I use every cell in my body to not bolt away as she gets a new ice cube and moves it towards my center. I don’t want it there. It’s going to be so cold! I don’t think I can handle it.

Samantha must have seen the fear on my face because she removes it and says, “it’s okay. Trust me, My Pet.” She descends onto the bed and places her head between my legs. I breathe in excitement as I foreshadow the pleasure to come.

I close my eyes and experience the delight of her gently teasing my folds and the sides of my entrance. My brain does a u-turn when her warm tongue is replaced with the bitter cold of the ice. The cold starts desensitizing me and right before I start feeling numb, Samantha warms the affected area with her mouth again.

She lightly sucks on my mound as the warmth and sensations return. I watch her take pleasure in bringing me excitement. I blush as I see her stare into my eyes with desire. She slowly removes her silk gown, revealing her naked body which is blocked too quickly by the silk being wrapped around my head.

“I want you to feel more and see less, My Pet.” She says and I feel her straddle me. She slowly rubs against me and I feel the warmth radiating as her breasts and sex graze over mine. The friction created between us feels amazing as we grind and start breathing heavier together. Samantha stops all motion causing me to grunt in displeasure.

Her mouth encases mine passionately. As our tongues maneuver around each other I feel the frigid ice return to my pussy. I try to kick my legs to stop her, but the elastic pulls them back into place once I relax the muscle. She continues to hold most of my attention by kissing me deeper and slowly moves the crisp feeling to my entrance. I gasp as the new sensation fills my body with chills. I squirm to try and make it fall out. I start to feel numb as the ice cube melts inside of me, causing a frosty trail of water to drip down between my butt cheeks and make its way to the blanket.

I don’t know how much more ice I can take. It’s starting to feel more like a punishment than a pleasant experience now.

My body leans into Sam’s hand as she grasps between my legs. Yes, please, I need more. She slowly rubs my clit, restoring blood flow to the frigid area. The warmth of her finger heats the inside of my pussy as she slowly slides it in. The overload of stimulation on my nerves causes me to moan and my mind to blank. All I can feel is the warmth and frenzy she is building within.

Her pace quickens and she begins licking my clit again. My body starts bucking against her and pulling the restraints causing me to jolt towards the bed posts everytime I relax my legs. The added stimulation and beginning phases of muscle fatigue on my legs, cause me to spiral into an orgasm, screaming out in pleasure.

What a way to break in the bed.


I walk back to the house after a grueling day of work on the farm. The irrigation system was plugged up and I had to fix it before coming in. It ended up to be a bird’s nest that fell into the water collection pipe from the tree above. Once I get closer to the house, I notice that there is a second vehicle.

I hope they’re home! It’s been a long week. I speed my trek to the house and see Samantha waiting on the porch swing for me. “Your parents are back,” she says when I get within hearing distance.

“Thank gods. Everything must have gone okay then?” I question.

“I’m guessing so, they haven’t been here long. I didn’t want to make them explain everything twice, so I helped him settle in the chair and came out here to wait for you. You look like hell by the way.” She jests and smiles at me.

“Well thank you, I was going for that look. It reflects the hard work perfectly.” I swing my ratted hair from side to side and wink at her.

Samantha stands and holds my arm as if she were guiding me onto a dance floor. “Shall we?” she asks as we make our way to the door.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see him and then finally go home with you.”

“Home does sound nice.”

We enter the house and slowly walk upstairs to pack and shower. Once everything is ready, we head down to the living room where my dad is resting. “Hey dad, how are you feeling?”

“Better, but really sore.” He musters a smile.

“How long is the recovery?”

“Probably six more weeks.”

“Wow, that is a long time. Are you guys sure you don’t want me to stick around?”

“No, sweetie. We have it mostly covered. The neighbors will be over to help every day this week. Everything will work out. I don’t want to add any more stress to you,” he explains.

“It wouldn’t add stress. I’m glad you’re getting it all planned out.”

“It’s starting to get late, dear. Will needs to take his medicine and sleep, I’m sure you two are also itching to return to Vegas.” Mom interrupts our conversation.

“Just a little bit.” I say honestly.

“Thank you both for staying. I know it had to have been tough.”

“It wasn’t that bad, mom. We’re glad to help. I love you so much!” I give her a hug.

My mom reaches and grasps Samantha’s hand, “Thank you again, Samantha. For everything.”

“You’re welcome.” She gives a small smile and nods her head in understanding.

“Safe travels. And let me know when you get there, Ileana. I love you so much!”

“I will mom. Take good care of dad. I’ll visit soon and call often.”


“It is so good to be back!” I stretch my arms above my head and shake the stiffness from my rested body. I take in the wonder of Samantha’s apartment like it was the first time. The natural lighting accented all of the artwork around the room as it peeked in through the windows. Everything was a masterpiece by itself, including the furniture. Where do you even get handcrafted furniture? I can’t imagine the cost of the contents of her house. She has better decorating taste than anyone I know. Every room feels homey and comfortable.

I get out of bed and stretch again to limber up my muscles. I make my way into the cozy library and snuggle in the blanket on the love seat in front of the fireplace. I grab the remote and press power. Natural gas sizzles as it moves through the pipe and escapes the tubing as a spark ignites creating a warm glow on the mock firewood.

I could stay here all day. I browse through the books and find a unique looking binder. Inside is a bunch of papers that appear to be Samantha’s old contracts. I flip the pages and glance through without really reading. Why would she keep all of these? If she has these from her previous relationships, what else does she have?

I start looking around for anymore out of place books. I don’t find any so I decide to review some contracts to see how they differ. Each contract I read, makes me a little more upset. Why am I getting upset? This was her old life. There must be a good reason she kept them. I return the binder after reasoning that it was the best thing to do and find a book about Ancient Greece to remember the excavation trip.

“You look snug on that sofa.” Samantha startles me from the doorway with her endearing eyes analyzing me.

“I am.” I respond with a colder tone than I meant.

“What’s wrong?” She walks to me and puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Nothing really. I just found a binder full of your contracts. Why do you still have them?”

“Oh, that’s nothing to fret over. I keep them for legal purposes. They’re to use as evidence if anyone wanted to blackmail me or out any aspects of my life.”

“I guess that makes sense.” I’m glad I asked instead of sitting on it. I’m sure I could have really gotten myself into a funk.

“I have to run downstairs to handle some business. Do you want to look around the sex room and find something you’d like to try out?” Samantha asks.

“Of course I would!” She’s never had me look around and see what she has before. I can’t believe it!

“Good. I’ll be back as soon as I can, My Pet.” She gives me a kiss and retreats to her business.

I walk to the sex room and open the door slowly. The light looks like it’s being absorbed into the floor and my shadow is the only thing I can see. I reach for a light switch next to the door with my flailing my arms against the wall. Not here, it must be on the other side.

I use the flashlight on my phone and find a panel of light switches. The first one I tried turns on a spotlight above the bed, the second switch turns on small dim lights all over the ceiling, and the third one turns on the wall lights that brighten the room nicely.

I glance around and notice the organized shelves all around with different products, lotions, and oils. There are a lot of different crops, canes, and whips hanging along the wall in sections. Inside the closet area is a dresser full of different strap-ons, dildos, and vibrators.

I pick up a vibrating wand and turn it on, the intensity scares me and I drop it. The wand rolls under the side of the dresser and next to a side table with her camera equipment. My hand knocks into a hard thing while I try to grab it. I pull out the foreign object and realize that it’s a photo album.

The album is full of a bunch of naked women displaying what I’m assuming is Samantha’s rope work. There are many hanging in a Shibari harness from the ceiling, and others just posing. Does she keep everything from her previous relationships? She has naked pictures of tons of women in her closet? Why would she still keep them? This doesn’t have any legal purpose at all. This has to be something she wants and likes to look at and keep.

Look at them? They are so beautiful. How can I compare? My pictures aren’t even in here. I’m not good enough for her to feel the need to get rid of her previous relationships. She still needs more than me. She fucking kept naked pictures of her ex’s. How am I supposed to feel about this? I’m hurt and angry. Do I tell her? I have to, she’s going to know something is wrong anyways. Ugh, I just need some time alone.

I turn off the lights, sit myself back into the dark closet, and cry while trying to calm my churning stomach.

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