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The Shy Girl Is A Dancer

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THIS IS AN EXCERPT. MORE CHAPTERS CAN BE FOUND ON SOFANOVEL. THANK YOU. Rosa Osgood as her name suggests is a good girl who fell into the clutches of the school's bad boy after he discovered her secret.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter ONE

Austin had no idea where the boys were taking him. Either way, he was still excited.

It was his twenty-second birthday so he expected them to do something wild. The boys always threw ridiculously crazy parties each year, with the current year outdoing the last.

Two years ago on his twentieth birthday, they drove fifty miles to a club outside the city. They ate tacos, drunk some weird drink, which they later discovered came from a mixture of avocado and peach together with some other drinks. Their night ended with them riding a mechanical bull on the highest setting until Ramon passed out.

Ramon was Austin’s childhood best friend and the only boy in their gang who had known Austin longer. He was funny, sociable and knew how to party. One could say that he was the glue that stuck the group together because he was the organizer of their crazy parties. Put Ramon in charge for the night and be guaranteed of crazy unlimited fun.

Austin’s twenty-first birthday was yet another crazy day. Ramon rented out a nightclub and they threw the wildest party ever. There was booze, girls and a whole lot of smoking. Austin would never forget that party, because he had done something crazy that night.

The boys and a few of the guests had gathered themselves over a table to play a game of truth or dare. Now this version was not your typical game of truth or dare, because weird secrets get out and the dares are even weirder. The boys renamed it daredevils’ truth or dare.

The game had been going smoothly until the pout mouth of the bottle landed on him.

“Truth or dare.” Ramon had asked.

Now Austin would have gone for truth, but the mischievous grin his friend had given him, told him it was not a good idea. Ramon had known him more than his other friends had and he knew many of his secrets. He could not risk that bastard asking him to reveal one of them, especially when he wanted to keep the secret of the forbidden fruit to himself. Playing it safe, he sipped from his bottle and replied.


Austin was confident he could take whatever dare was coming. After all, what else could Ramon ask him to do except kiss a girl, drink twenty shots of whiskey, jump into the pool naked? Those things did not faze him because one, he knew he could kiss a dead woman back to life. Two, he just turned twenty-one so he was legally allowed to drink now; therefore, let the alcohol rain! Third, he was not ashamed of his body because he knew his body could give those male models a run for their money.

“I dare you to get a piercing.” That had sealed his fate.

Now Austin walked the earth, a man with a piercing. Though he would never reveal where he got it done.

“Come on, where are we going?” Austin broke out of his trance and asked Ramon who was grinning excitedly. “Come on, your silence is killing me man.”

Ramon chuckled, twisting in his seat to look back at Austin who sat in the backseat with Jake. “Calm down man, you will find out pretty soon, am I right Jake?” He raised his hand and Jake gave him a high-five.

“Wait,” Austin glanced at Jake. “You know where we are going?”

Jake only grinned. Austin averted his gaze to Ramon. “That’s not fair man.”

“So do you expect us to ruin your birthday surprise before you see it?” Caleb, who was driving asked. He adjusted the rear-view mirror and threw Austin a grin through it. “Just relax and enjoy the ride we will be there soon.”

With those words, Austin became silent. He knew when not to argue with the boys. When they made up their minds on not telling you a secret, they would not budge even if you offer them a hundred dollars. Austin decided to let them be and relaxed in his seat.

A few minutes later, Jake parked the car in a dark alley. The boys alighted and Austin looked suspiciously around. He noticed other cars parking around them and people walking down the alley and disappearing in the corner. “You guys had better not brought me here to be killed.” He warned, still looking suspiciously around.

“Come on,” Ramon placed a hand on Austin’s shoulder and led him down the same route the others were taking. “We found this place last week. It was even by chance we located it.”

“It was by a bitter chance, you mean.” Jake threw a look at Caleb and then laughed.

Ramon glanced at him and burst out laughing too. A frown etched on Caleb’s face as he threw death glares at Ramon and Jake. “What happened was not funny.” He said.

“Wait, am I missing something?” Austin asked the group.

“Oh you missed something alright.” Jake continued to laugh uncontrollably. “Caleb here...”

Just as Jake started to tell the tale, Caleb jumped on him. Throwing an arm around Jake’s neck, he pulled him away while yelling, shut up. Austin chuckled, but decided to leave it as such though he knew the story behind this would be juicy. The boys rounded a corner and music started to burst in their ears.

“Club.” Austin said, watching the people before them stopping at a metal door, with a thick meaty-man standing guard. The guard at the door held out his hand and they showed him their cards. Turning to Ramon, Austin asked. “Do we have those?”

“Of course we do.” Ramon replied as they reached there. He dipped his hand into his pockets and brought our four white cards. The guard nodded at the cards and then stepped aside, letting them in.

As soon as they got in, Austin’s jaw almost dropped. Loud, unrelenting pop music burst into his ears. Bright disco lights twinkled, changing above his head. There was a bar at one corner of the room, serving all types of drinks. Party goers danced to the tunes and those that were tired from dancing relaxed in chairs strategically placed around a stage.

“Come on,” Ramon said, leading him to the chairs.

“Ramon this place is amazing!” Austin gasped, as Jake and Caleb pulled chairs and sat with them.

“He thinks it’s amazing and he hasn’t seen the dirty dancer yet.” Jake said.

“The dirty dancer? Who is that?” Austin asked.

Ramon looked at his watch before replying. “She is your birthday present. I personally requested her for you tonight.”

Austin laughed. “Did you guys pay a dancer to sleep with me?”

“You wish.” Caleb replied.

“I tried to get you a private show but apparently, Leslie does no such things.”

“Who is Leslie?” Austin asked.

“The dirty dancer. Her name is Leslie.” Caleb and Jake replied in unison.

Just then, the music slowed and the lights went off. The people in the club let out excited screams, Ramon, Jake and Caleb included. What are they excited about? Austin wondered. A bright red spotlight suddenly dropped on the stage and the crowd went wild with cheers. Austin watched, just like every other person in there, as a silhouette appeared.

It was the silhouette of a woman. She gracefully stepped onto the stage, dragging behind her a chair. The crowd went wilder, people screaming as if they had just seen an angel. Austin’s eyes scanned the dancer, taking in her sexy black bra and panties with matching thigh-high leader boots. Her dark wavy curls cascaded down her shoulders, bouncing with everything step she took. He finally looked at her face and got disappointed when he saw a lacy mask covering it.

“You like what you see?” Ramon whispered in his ears.

Austin smiled. He definitely liked what he was looking at. “She is...”

“Sexy?” Ramon supplied but he shook his head.

Heck, sexy could not even begin to describe her. She was beyond sexy. She was a temptress. She was every man’s fantasy come to life. This seductress could lead any man astray.

The dancer left the chair at the edge of the stage and sat on it. Ally Brooke’s low key started to burst through the speakers and the crowd went wild.

Low key, low key, you should really get to know me

Low key, low key, you should really get to know me

The dancer began to touch herself, slowly. Under the soft glow of the red light, she looked like a dangerous temptress. Austin swallowed, feeling his jeans getting tight.

Yeah, I know you got some things that you could show me

Low key, low key, you should really get to know me

Austin shifted in his seat, eyes following the dancer as she raised herself off the chair. She glided to the centre of the stage, where a pole stood. Wrapping one hand around it, she held out the other – gesturing her finger in a come forth motion. The music continued on cue.

I see you looking at my body very closely

But there’s a lot of things about me that you don’t see

Damn, Austin thought. It was as if she was talking to him. The lyrics felt like they were made for this moment and that made everything even more exciting. The dancer wrapped a leg around the pole and twirled. The crowd went wild.

You know we can take it fast or take it slowly

We could fly out to Ibiza and get cosy

All your friends are looking for you; they don’t know where you’re at

’Cause you left with me and slipped out the back

Low key, low key, you should really get to know me

As the song progressed, her dance became even more seductive. She twirled, swayed her hips, made a split and continued to gyrate her body to the beat, about the pole. As the song slowed to the end, she left the pole and returned to the chair.

Low key, low key, you should really get to know me

(Really get to know me)

She ended her dance, sitting astride the chair. The crowd cheered as the lights dimmed once again. Austin rose to his feet, panting as if he had just run a marathon. A few seconds later, the disco light came back on and the dancer was gone. Pop music started to play once again and the crowd that had gathered about the stage when the dancer came on, dispersed.

“Where did she go?” Austin asked.

“You never see how she enters or gets off the stage.” Ramon replied, turning about to sit on a chair.

“What? How?”

“Those are the rules man.” Jake pat him on the shoulder.

Austin ignored him and stepped away from the boys. They called him but he did not turn around. He wanted to see her. Heck he had to see her. That dancer had made an impact on him. She stirred something inside him and he did not know what. However, he knew he had to see her.

Austin headed towards the back of the stage, only for a guard to stop him. “You can’t enter. Only employees are allowed in.”

“I have to get...”

“No.” The man grumbled before Austin could finish. Just then, there was a ruckus nearby.

Two men, clearly drunk were arguing about only the Lord knows what and they were about to get physical, judging by the rising crescendos of their voice and the threatening words flying between them.

“Hey, break it off!” The guard yelled, moving towards the men who had already started throwing punches at eachother.

Austin used the opportunity to slip in. Backstage, he saw people busily moving about. A few waiters who were passing by him gave him weird glances and he quickly made his way down a corridor. Just a few people passed him as he moved. Austin had no idea where he was going, or where to look for the dancer. He turned into another corridor, just in time to see black boots disappearing behind a door. He rushed to the door and it shut in his face.

Without wasting time, Austin quickly rapped at the door.

“Coming,” came a voice from behind the closed door.

Footsteps shuffled behind the door before it creaked open.

Austin gasp, unable to believe his eyes. This face, this girl. He knew who she was. She was his partner for the literature project in school.

She was Rosa Osgood, the good girl in school.

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