The Shy Girl Is A Dancer

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Rosa Osgood had seen many romantic movies. Watched and enjoyed those scenes where the man confessed that he wanted nothing but his love, no one but her. Those scenes had always touched her because she believed that when a man wanted a woman he should tell her without a second thought.

However, Austin's words did not feel right.


His reply rather shocked her.

“What?” Rosa asked, heart racing in her chest.

He surely must be kidding. She thought. This bastard was just messing with her. He did not mean what he said because he was not in love with her. No one was. Shifting uncomfortably in her seat, Rosa frowned at him.

“I don’t like whatever game it is you are playing here.”

“It’s not a game.” Austin rushed his fingers through his dark locks and he could not have looked hotter. “I want you to tell me something.”

“I am telling you nothing.”

Austin sighed, “You know what, Leslie…”

“That is not my name!” Rosa raised her voice, stuffing her hands in her pockets when she realized they were shaking.

“O…m…g, it really is her.” Ramon came out of nowhere, swinging an arm over Austin’s shoulder.

Rosa froze, pupils dilating.

Ramon looked between her and Austin and then called Jake and Caleb to come over. Rosa threw a questioning look to Austin, who did nothing but smirk. At that moment, smothering him was the only thing racing through her mind. “Guys, it is her.” Jake said, leaning closer to look at her.

That instant, beads of perspiration rolled down the side of her face. Her knees trembled as she thought they would give out. Her heart raced as she felt herself starting to hyperventilate. Rosa knew, she was ready to pass out.

Caleb spoke next. “Holy crap, it is her indeed.” He said, “Austin you really are partners with Rosa Osgood. I thought you were kidding earlier on.”

Austin chuckled, getting up from the chair. “See, I told you.” He smiled at Rosa, who was heaving a sigh of sweet relief.

“Okay guys, let’s go.” Ramon said. “I have a surprise of you.”

“Rosa, don’t forget our meeting at 6pm at my place. Make sure to come along with your books. That assignment isn’t going to write itself.” Austin said, shocking Rosa even more. He noticed her phone lying on the table and reached for it. He punched in his number. After saving it, he called his phone using hers and he saved her number as well. “Great, I will call you.”

Rosa was still speechless, rooted to the spot. Austin took her hand and thrust her phone into her palm. Tingles rode down her spine at his touch and she gulped. Looking down at her phone, she saw how he saved his name...Aus.

Austin lowered himself to whisper into her ear. “If you don’t show up, I might tell them something I am not supposed to.” His words were a threat. However, they sounded seductive in her ears.

Without a second thought, Rosa dashed out of the lecture hall as fast as lightening. She ran through the hallway, bumping into students without waiting to apologizing. Heart pounding loudly in her chest, she chanted in her head.

No. No. No.

Rosa had no idea where she was going, but her legs carried her away from the lecture hall. Penthouse? She thought. There was no way she was going to his penthouse. That place was the devil’s lair. At least that was what the gossip around campus said. Bad and weird things happens at that penthouse and there was no way in hell she was stepping foot there.

A shiver ran down her spine as she imagined herself alone with Austin at his penthouse. There was something unnerving about being alone in a room with someone. The tension alone always left her fumbling. Therefore, she preferred meeting out in the open, where there was enough air for them to breath. Now how was a girl like her, supposed to be alone in a penthouse with a hot male? Not just any male, but Austin freaking Whyte.

There were countless places they could sit and discuss their assignment. Why did he pick his place? Whatever, there was no argument about this. The penthouse was out of the question. Moreover, 6pm was not even a good time for her. Tonight she had a performance at Barley’s and she cannot be late.

Stopping abruptly, Rosa realized she was almost out of the west gates of campus. Her next lecture starts at 2pm. Therefore, there was only one thing left to do while she killed time. Turning around, she went to the school library. She had a few assignments pending, and what better time to tackle them than now.

For hours, Rosa sat there trying to work. She tried to get interested in what she was doing. However, she lacked concentration. No matter how hard she tried, her mind still went back Austin’s words and the look on his face after he said those words.

“Gosh, stop thinking about what he said.” Rosa reprimanded herself. “You two are not meeting at his place at 6.”

“Shh…” A student sitting nearby shushed her while throwing her a frown.

That made Rosa aware of her surroundings and she quickly placed her head to the table before her. Austin was driving her crazy. She felt like pulling her hair out. Yesterday morning, her life was perfect until, it got ruined. She wished she could go back and change that moment Austin discovered her secret.

Rosa’s stomach rumbled. Guess it was time to have lunch and prepare for her next lecture, which was two hours away.

At exactly 5pm, she was in the lecture hall. Dr Asante, the African Studies lecturer was early as usual. Today, she was lecturing on Traditional Festivals in Ghana and Rosa listened with keen interest. Dr Asante’s lectures are always interesting. She knew how to capture her audience with her stories and experiences about the festivals she lectured on. Hence, her students never missed her lectures.

As the lecture commenced, Rosa’s eyes wondered around the class, searching for a face. She was looking forward to seeing him, no. She just wanted to be sure that he did not come so she would not have to worry about making up an excuse not to meet him at 6 pm.

Speak of the devil and he appears.

Austin Whyte suddenly entered the hall. Rosa’s eyeballs swelled to twice their size and her heart started pounding wildly in her rib cage at the sight of him. He was alone this time, without his boys or his book per say. Rosa quickly averted her gaze from him and tried to focus on Dr Asante’s lecture. However, her eyeballs had a mind of its own. They rolled back to Austin. Watching him as he moved towards her.

Not again.

Not again.

She chanted, shifting uncomfortably in her chair. There isn’t even a free spot for him to sit behind her, for goodness sake! From her peripheral view, she saw him taking a seat a few paces away from her. She let out a breath she did not know she was holding and returned her gaze to the woman in front of the class.

Her phone suddenly buzzed and she picked it up. A message topped up on the screen, from...Aus. Without hesitation, she opened it.

Meeting at 6.

My place.

Don’t forget.

Tonight, you are coming with me.

Throughout the lecture, Rosa’s gaze wondered to Austin. More than once, she caught him staring. There was a feeling she had in her gut that he knew she would try to escape when the lecture ends. He would probably try to stop her, but she would not let him have his way.

As soon as Dr Asante’s lecture ended, she quickly stuffed her books into her bag and made a dash for the door.

Austin saw her trying to escape him and quickly went after her. As soon as she exited the hall, someone slammed into her. Rosa lost her balance and fell flat on her bottom. Her bag fell as soon as she did and its contents spilled on the floor. In her rush to get away from Austin, she had forgotten to zip her bag and now her books and other essential items laid scattered on the hallway. Quickly, she started picking them up.

Students exiting Dr Asante’s class and others moving about the hallway saw her in that embarrassing position. Some stared as they passed by and others did not even notice her. It was not until, she finished putting her books in her bag did she notice what else was on the floor.

Her jaw dropped when she saw lying beside her, a matching set of red lingerie, leader thigh-high boots and a black lacy mask.

Rosa wished for the ground to open up and swallow her so she would escape this embarrassment.

How could she have forgotten of something so important as her clothes for the performance? Because of her schedule today, it would have been a waste of money and time if she were to finish her classes and return home to pick her outfit for tonight. Therefore, she thought it better to keep it in her bag and just go straight to Barley’s after lectures. Now, she had just realised it was a huge mistake.

Rosa raised her head to see if anybody was watching. With trembling hands, she reached for the lingerie. Her hand barely got to their destination, when someone suddenly snatched her bag from her and quickly stuffed them inside it. She whipped her head around to see who it was and she saw Austin’s baby blue eyes. She did not know whether to feel relieved or tensed. Neither did she knew whether to stand up or remain in her crouching position. Either way, she was thankful her underwear was no longer lying around for everyone to see.

“It’s almost 6pm. That paper is not going to write itself.”

Rosa rose to her feet at once, face flushing with embarrassment. Never did she imagine that Austin Whyte would see her underwear, not to mention touch it! Gosh, she felt like slapping herself for this. How was she ever going to look him in the eye again?

Slowly, she reached for her bag. She knew she should probably thank him for what he did. However, the embarrassment was just too much. Probably another time, she thought and quickly dashed away, knocking shoulders with other students.

Austin watched her run away, but he did not go after her. He knew she would not want to see him immediately after what happened. Her face had told him enough. Too bad, they would not be able to meet at his penthouse tonight. There was another place he could see her tonight though.

Ramon, Caleb and Jake were there already.

Austin jogged to his car and took off to Barley’s where he knew he could see Rosa Osgood.

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