The Shy Girl Is A Dancer

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Rosa got home tired.

Dropping her bag by the bed, she kicked off her heels and started to strip. Today, she did not have time to change out of her underwear AKA performance clothes. Immediately she had returned to the changing room, she quickly threw on the grey shirt and trousers she wore to school and got out of Barley’s. She did not even take off the heels or wait to remove her makeup because she could not afford Austin coming to knock on her door again.

Rosa could not wait to get between the sheets and get some rest. The day had been hectic and all her muscles were sore. It were time like these she wished her roommate were still here, so she would give her a massage.

Lily was the best roommate she ever had. She was kind, sweet, smart, funny and generally is a nice person. She also had many hobbies and loved to learn new things. For a bookworm, Rosa was surprised she had time to learn all those things she knew how to do. There was never a dull moment with Lily. Too bad, she had to graduate. Now Rosa was alone in what used to be their apartment. Memories of her amazing friend still haunted her whenever she was bored. One of the many reason why she wanted to move out of there.

Speaking of which, she had totally forgotten to look for a place. Argh!

Rosa dropped her clothes in the clothing basket, which was now overflowing and moved into the bathroom. After flickering on the lights, she stood before the mirror. Her makeup was still intact and so was her wavy curls. A picture or two wouldn’t hurt. She said while going back into the bedroom to take her phone. She returned to the mirror and captured a few shots of herself; smiling, sticking her tongue out, rolling her eyes and then finally giving a sexy look in the camera.

She placed the phone on the sink; turned on the tap and got down to cleaning the makeup off her face. When she was done, she entered the shower.

Rosa got into bed some time later, dragging her laptop alongside a plate of rice and vegetable stew with her. Shame her for eating late, but this was what she knew. There was no better feeling than eating in bed while watching K-drama. Especially when a new episode of Lee Min Ho’s newest movie-the king- was airing.

It was not until a few minutes past midnight, did Rosa finally fall asleep.

Saturday morning, Rosa’s 5 o’clock alarm blew. She turned it off. At seven, it rang again. She slammed down on it with furry. At nine, when sunlight began peering into the room through the curtains and the streets were bustling outside, did the sound return. This time, it was a different tune. A louder tune, a persistent one. Rosa twisted in bed, sliding her phone from beneath the pillow and tapped the screen. That should shut it up. She thought, settling into a more comfortable position.

Just when she started to drift off again, it came back louder this time. More aggressive. Rosa shot up in bed, eyes glazing over. The persistent sound came back again, startling her awake. That was when she realized it was the door.

Someone was knocking.

Grumbling, she flung the sheets aside. Sunlight stung her delicate eyes and she blinked as she dragged herself out of the bedroom. Yawning and scratching her butt, she finally reached the door. She peeped into the hole and saw wavy blonde curls. Confused as to who it was, she cautiously unlocked the door.

As soon as she opened it, two longs arms wrapped around her as a slender figure jumped on her. Rosa lost her balance and sent them both crushing to the ground with squeals. “Bestie!” Came the excited voice.

Rosa’s sleep suddenly disappeared from her eyes as it dawned on her who it was. “Lily!” She squealed. “Oh my goodness, I’ve missed you!”

“Shut up. I have missed you too.” Lily squeezed her and then let her go.

“What are you doing here?” Rosa asked, sitting up.

“What question is that?” Lily flicked her finger against Rosa’s forehead. “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Ouch!” Rosa gasped. “Of course, I am. Wait…” she paused when it suddenly dawned on her. Yesterday on campus, banners and flags were everywhere announcing the graduation. “Graduation is next week!”

“Of course it is!” Lily rose to her feet and took her friend’s hands. Together they screamed excitedly and jumped about the room.

That instant, there was a knock on the door and Rosa stepped aside to open it. Mark, Lily’s hot bodyguard was at the door with Lily’s bag. “Hey, Mark.” She smiled at him and he nodded curtly.

“Here is Miss Lily’s bag.”

Rosa stepped aside and Mark walked in. He looked around and as soon as he saw nothing threatening or suspicious, he nodded to Lily and walked out. But not without leaving the bag at the door. When the door closed behind him, Rosa turned to Lily, who was blushing like a new bride.

“Oh my goodness! Lily you slut! You are fucking him aren’t you?” Rosa pulled her into the living room, pushing her on a sofa and joining her there.

Lily continued to blush and smile sheepishly. Her reaction told Rosa more than enough. “This is crazy!”

Rosa remembers just a few months ago when Mark came into their lives. They were Lily’s finally days in school and she was sad about the death of her bodyguard Ali. He had been with her since her childhood and loved the man very much. Rosa had the pleasure of meeting him a few times whenever he came to take Lily home. The man was a kind soul. Anyway, Lily’s dad did not want his daughter going around without protection so he hired Mark.

The first time they met Mark, both girls had crushed on him instantly. Mark was tall, dark, muscular and handsome. His eyes were dreamy and lips, sexy. He looked like a sex-god in his black suit. The girls wondered if Lily’s dad hired him off the cover of GQ magazine, because he was that hot.

A few weeks into being Lily’s bodyguard, they kissed. That day, Lily did not let Rosa hear the end of it. Things did not take off from there, as Lily would have hoped. However, on the last week of Lily’s final paper, she had promised Rosa she would fuck her bodyguard eventually.

“Things just kind of happened.” Lily shrugged, making Rosa’s jaw drop in surprise.

“I am calling Mr Mayor and telling him about you two right now!” Rosa snatched Lily’s phone and started dialling.

“Rosa!” Lily gasped, jumping on her friend and snatching her phone back. “Do you want daddy to murder me?”

“You would have to bribe me to keep your secret.” Rosa threatened. “You know this mouth does not have a lock.” She pouted, to which Lily gasped.

“You cheat,” Lily tried to smack Rosa, but she quickly got off the sofa and dashed to the bedroom. “I am coming for you.”

They raced into the bedroom, where they stayed on the bed watching the movie BRIDBOX on Rosa’s laptop. Lily did not hold back to express how the movie doesn’t make sense and argued for a change of movie. Rosa tried to convince her but Lily had her way, as she always had. They ended up watching CAPTAIN MARVEL instead. As the movie ended, Rosa declared it was time for her to brush her teeth and shower. A revelation, Lily screamed in disbelief over. Rosa rushed into the bathroom laughing uncontrollably.

Lily was looking through Rosa’s closet when she stepped out of the shower, clad in a towel. “What is she searching for?” Rosa asked, holding her hips.

“I’m searching for a dress for you. We are going out.” Lily replied.

“Don’t worry, mum. I won’t wear something inappropriate and disgrace you.” Rosa said, rolling her eyes.

Lily chuckled while pulling out the red lingerie she wore for her performance last night. “Wow, you are definitely wearing this.” She said, throwing them at her.

Rosa caught them, while protesting. “No, these are for performances. I can’t wear them.”

“It’s just for today.” Lily said, while going back to her search. “Besides you have every right to wear them and demand for new lingerie any time.”

“Lily you don’t know boss Barley. That man only buys me fresh ones at the beginning of every semester.” Rosa explained to which Lily gasped.

“You have got to be kidding me! The miser!” Lily finally gave up and sat on the floor. “I can’t find the cute sundress.”

“Oh that one? It’s in the laundry basket.” Rosa replied, while trying to return the lingerie Lily threw at her.

“No, you are not putting that back.” Lily shut the closet and pulled Rosa to the bed. Opening her own bag, she took out a red, sparkly, spaghetti straps, mini dress and handed it to Rosa. “Put it on.” She instructed.

Twenty minutes later after they have dressed and taken many selfies, they were sitting in the backseat of a car with Mark driving them to only God knows where. Her friend refused to reveal that elegant restaurant they would be eating at that required them to dress extra classy. That girl could be stubborn, so Rosa let her be.

A few minutes on the road and Lily kept sneaking glances at her lover, who tried his best not to show any emotion. In other not to intrude on whatever it was they were doing, Rosa looked out the window.

She watched as buildings swooshed passed and she wondered if she would find one when she goes out searching for a new place. This time, she wanted a small place where she could be alone. That is, if she could afford the rent. However, if the price should be outrageous, she would have no choice than to settle for a roommate. She only hoped she does not meet any nasty person.

Rosa did not know how long they were on the road until the car finally came to a stop. They stepped out, looking at a beautiful 5star restaurant. Rosa allowed herself to appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. It was not everyday she gets the opportunity to eat at a place like this, so she was going sure she enjoyed herself today.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Lily asked, stepping beside her. “My parents and I came here some time ago and I knew I had to bring you here.”

“So what’s the occasion?” Rosa asked, eyes still looking around.

“Daddy gave me permission to take my friends out and celebrate, using his credit card!” Lily explained excitedly.

“That does not mean you should max it out.” Rosa warned.

“It’s my graduation and I have his credit card. Therefore I can do whatever I want with it.” Lily winked to which Rosa shook her head. “Yeah, yeah, whatever, mum. Let’s get inside. I can’t wait for you to try the food.”

An usher approached them as soon as they entered. Rosa allowed Lily to handle the formalities while she glanced around the surreal environment. The place was even more beautiful on the inside. Crystal chandeliers hang off the ceiling and rosy candles burned on the table. Even the waiters were in suits, with white gloves and white napkins hung off their hands. She felt like she had just stepped into the scene of a romantic movie.

“This way please.” The waiter led them to a table in a secluded part of the restaurant.

When they sat down, Lily asked her. “Do you like it?”

Rosa smiled, picking up the menu. “I love it. Now what are we going to eat? I am starving. I haven’t eaten all day and it’s…” pulling out her phone, she checked the time. “…01: 25 pm!” She gasped, surprised at how fast time flies.

“Hey, I did not ask you not to eat.” Lily teased.

Rosa ignored her silly friend and scanned the menu. She noticed some interesting foods she wanted to try and others she felt would taste horrible. A waiter approached the table. “Welcome, I will be your waiter for today. Can I get your orders?” Rosa’s head snapped up as the voice that spoke sounded familiar.

She was stunned to silence when she saw Austin Whyte.

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