The Shy Girl Is A Dancer

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Rosa knew Austin Whyte was many things; a player, a wasteful person, a clubber. However, the least thing she expected him to be was a waiter! Surprise could not even begin to describe how she felt, seeing him dressed like that! He looked different in the suit, with his hair styled backwards and those white gloves were awkwardly covering his hands, not to mention the napkin on his arm was just off. Despite the fact that he looked weird, he was handsome. Who would have thought Austin knew how to rock to a two-piece dark suit?

Rosa got over her initial shock and could not help it when giggles inflated her cheeks. Her hand suddenly flew to her phone and she quickly took a picture of him. Austin looked mortified.

“That’s a good picture.” Rosa showed it to Lily who looked at sea, at what was happening.

“Rosa,” Austin finally found the voice to speak. “What are you…? How did you…? Why do you…?” He was lost for words.

Rosa could understand him. The guy was speechless. Of course, why would he not be? She had just discovered a juicy secret about him. Austin Whyte was a waiter! Who would have ever thought? Although, she did not understand why he was even working -his parents were rich enough to own this place- she had a feeling in her gut that something was wrong here. For the first time in two days, she smiled from ear to ear. This picture would come in handy and she knew exactly how to use it.

“Lily hold on a second while I update my status.”

“Rosa don’t!” Came Austin’s panicked voice.

Rosa stopped tapping away on her phone, folded her hands on the table and looked at him, asking. “Why not?”

“Don’t forget I know.” He reminded her, to which her heart skip a nervous beat.

Swallowing, she cleared her throat and replied. “I know you know. However, now that I know something about you too, I am not so scared anymore. After all, I have concrete evidence to prove my claim, while you don’t.” Rosa cautiously stuffed her phone into her purse.

Austin groaned. “Fine, I won’t tell anyone if you promise to delete that picture.”

“We’ll see.” Rosa replied.

There was a clearing of a throat, before they realized that someone else was around. Rosa turned to her friend, smiling apologetically to her. “Excuse me. We would like some water while we decide what to eat. Thank you.” Lily said.

Austin took one last look at Rosa before departing.

When he was out of earshot, Lily asked. “Who was that?”

“Austin Whyte.” Rosa replied, shoulders slouching.

“I’m sorry. Did you just say Austin Whyte?” Lily asked looking in the direction Austin just exited. Rosa nodded. “You mean the Austin Whyte you had a crush on in freshman year?”

Rosa groaned, frowning at her friend for reminding her of something that happened in the past.

Yes, she had a crush on Austin once, but that was in freshman year and a lot of weird things happen during that year. More than ninety percent of people can testify that the things they did during freshman year, were the things they never thought they would ever do.

Same thing happened with Rosa.

It was her first week on campus and there was a party for fresh students at the university hall. Rosa had not planned to attend that party. However, upon her new roommate’s, Lily’s insistence, she went. It was actually the first time she had been to a party. Therefore, the loud music, the booze and the wild dancing were all new to her. Rosa knew no soul there and being as introverted as she was, she was not so good at making new friends. Hence, she found a corner and sat there with her bottle of orange juice; drinking and watching people get crazy.

It was actually fun seeing people make fools out of themselves. Others interacted well with each other and some, were only looking for hook-ups. It was among all this chaos did she see him. He was sitting alone, as she was, across the room sipping water from a bottle. Rosa watched him, stricken by him. She had never seen anyone so handsome. As if noticing someone was watching, he looked up and saw her too.

Rosa remembers her stomach fluttering as their gazes clashed, a feeling she had never felt before until then. The handsome boy smiled at her from the distance and her face flushed. He rose to his feet and she thought she saw an angel. He was dressed in a white shirt over black jeans with a black leather jacket and matching white kicks. His dark hair bounced with every step he took and she found herself watching him with her mouth agape. The room faded into nothingness and all she saw was him.

He came to her. “Hi,” he said, rushing his fingers through his hair. “I am Austin. What’s yours?” He held out his hand.

Rosa was nervously reluctant, but eventually lined her hands with his. “R… Ro… Rosa,” her voice trembled and she tucked a lock of hair shyly behind her ear.

“Are you a freshwoman? Pardon me, but I think the word freshman is sexist.” Austin shook her hand, smiling even more.

Rosa smiled sheepishly, while secretly gawking at him. “Mind if I sit with you? I don’t want to die of boredom.”

“Yes, please do.”

That was how she ended up spending a few hours with a hot Austin. Rosa had returned to the apartment that night with lots of stories to tell Lily. Lily had immediately noticed that Rosa was crushing on him and the girls had stayed up until the early hours of the following morning, discussing the details of the party.

Rosa was really looking forward to meeting him again. However, she did not see him throughout the orientation week. It was not until her first lecture she saw him again. She had been so excited and nervous at the same time that her crush was in the same class as her. Unfortunately, when he saw her, he did not recognize her… or did he pretend not to know her... she had no idea.

Austin grew popular and soon everybody in school knew about him. He attended almost every party and dated all sorts of classy girls. She came to a bitter realization, that there was no way something would ever happen between them. Not even in a million years. Therefore, after one month, her feelings gradually began to fade. She prayed never to cross paths with him again and it was going on well, until two days ago.

“Earth to Rosa,” Lily snapped fingers in front of Rosa’s face, snapping her out of her trance.

Drawing a breath, Rosa replied. “That was three years ago, Lily. I don’t have a crush on him anymore.”

“Mhm,” Lily nodded. However, knowing her friend, she was sure something was still there.

“I am serious!” Rosa pressed.

“Of course you are,” Lily lifted her menu and pretended to be serious with it.

“Ugh,” Rosa let out an exasperated sigh, while deciding not to say anything to Lily. Her friend can think whatever she wants to think.

Just then, Austin arrived with a jug of water and two glasses. He placed one beside Lily and the other in front of Rosa. After filling their glasses, he turned to Rosa. The look on his face intimidated her as much as his intent gaze. Why would he not stop looking at her? Rosa thought, averting her gaze from his.

“Are you ready to order?” Austin asked to which Lily glanced at Rosa who was doing everything but looking at Austin. At this stage, she knew she had to come to her friend’s rescue and save this awkward situation.

“Rosa, what will you have?” She asked.

“Whatever it is you are having.” Rosa replied, shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

Austin left with their orders and Rosa finally let out a breath she was holding. Picking up her glass, she took a sip to calm her raging nerves. What was that? She thought, fanning herself with the menu. Who would have thought Austin’s gaze could feel so hot? It did not feel this way yesterday, or the day before. Heck, it never felt like this before. So why did it feel this hot today?

“Rosa, are you okay?” Lily asked.

Rosa stopped fanning herself. Placing the menu back on the table, she nodded. “Yes.” And forced a smile.

Austin soon returned with their food. While he served them, Rosa tried as much as possible not to look at him. She pulled out her phone and flipped through her gallery watching the pictures she and Lily took before leaving the apartment. It proved as a good distraction because for a moment, she forgot of he was there. She was not even aware of his gaze on her anymore.

Lunch was delicious. Rosa had to give it to Lily for picking such delectable meals. Every bite was heaven and the strawberry fruitcake they had after the meal was out of this world. They left the restaurant with their bellies and hearts full. Lily could not shut up about the look on Rosa’s face when she tasted the lobster, much to Rosa’s annoyance.

“Come on Lily.” Rosa rolled her eyes.

“I am coming.” Lily said playfully pulled on Rosa’s ponytail.

“Aw, Lily!” Rosa strained her neck, as the tips of her scalped felt like it was on fire. The ponytail was already tight and hurting enough from them pulling it to get it into the flawless position it was in now. Therefore, why did Lily yank on it? Gosh, that girl could be something else some times. “Do you want to rip my head off?” She asked, turning to frown at her friend.

Rosa found Lily not paying attention to her. In fact, she was looking towards the parking lot where Mark stood beside the car. The awestruck look on her friend’s face was the best thing she had seen in a while. There was no doubt that Lily was head-over-heels in love with her bodyguard. When will something magical like that happen to her? Rosa thought.

Just then, something caught her eye from the side. A few spaces to the left, another car stood. At the hood of that car, she saw Austin lent against it. As if sensing someone was watching, he raised his head and waved at her. The first thing that came to her mind was, what was he doing out here? Was he not supposed to be working? And what’s with the waving?

“Lily, let’s go now.” Rosa said, taking the lead to their car. She sensed Austin would want to come over and talk to her. However, talking to him was the last thing she wanted to do right now. Hence, avoiding him was her best option now.

“Hey, Rosa why are you walking so fast. Slow down now, will you?” Lily called behind her, but her steps only quickened because Austin was now moving towards them.

Mark started to open the door as the girls got to the car, but before any of them could get in, some guy appeared from nowhere. Mark’s body guarding instincts kicked in and he quickly jumped on him. He grabbed the boy’s arms, pulled them behind him in a painful grip and then brought him to his knees in front of the girls.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Austin groaned.

“Mark, no!” Rosa was quick to intervene. “Let him go. He is our friend.”

Mark threw her a questioning look. “Friends don’t sneaked up on each other.” He stated.

“Yes, Mark he is our friend.” Lily added, stressing on the word, our.

At her words, Mark let him go. Austin rose to his feet, while rubbing his pained arm. Mark guided Lily into the car and when Rosa was about to get in after her friend, Austin spoke. “Rosa, wait! I have to talk to you.”

“Austin,” Rosa started, but he quickly interjected her.

“I want to make you a deal.”

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