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Desires in Zohn's Forest

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Raven is a psychiatric patient that has been in a sedated state for over a year. When her doctor is switched to a much younger ambitious man, she is taken off her medicine. Raven soon starts to remember the trauma that led to her being checked into the psychiatric hospital. It was a rapid game of predator or prey, and Raven found that she was being hunted down like a wild animal in the Zohn's forest. In the moment of defeat, she finds an unlikely friend and a twisted love romance blooming under the trees. Now that she isn't in her sedated state can she learn trust the new doctor, to get back to her friends that are still being hunted in time to save them? This book switches from past and present. The past passages are separated with (**) At the top of the section!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Living

“Raven Wells,” A man in a white lab coat smiles as he walks into my bare small room. I wouldn’t call it a room, more of a cage. He was holding a chart in his hand and was looking at the pages as a nurse walks into the room, “I’m your new doctor. Mr. Levies.” He says and flashes me a nice pearly white smile. His light and brown hair was curly and slick back, only one piece hung over his light brown eyes. His eyebrows were perfectly angled. His face was smoothly shaved as he read the typed words of my chart quickly. I was laying in my single temporary twin bed, well was suppose to be temporary. My wrists were in restraints, and I had on a nightgown that rested against my thin knees.

“Why am I awake?” I asked Mr. Levies, “What day is it?” I added as I looked at the brightness outside of the iron bar window. The window wasn’t made of glass but more of a plastic that wouldn’t allow you to see the sky or the burning sun that lit my room.

“I’ve changed your medicine.” He said as he walked towards me. The thin blanket was only covering my knees to my toes, he took in my appearance, “You haven’t been aware for quite some time.”

“What is going on?” I ask him.

“Are you ready to get out and join the thriving world outside?” He asked and smiled as he pulled a stool from the wooden desk to sit next to me, “I just need to-”

“No.” I said in a stern voice and looked at the handsome face beside me, “I’m not ready.”

“Are you sure?” He asks and looked at the circular clock on the wall directly across from my bed, “I’ll be gone in an hour, if we can do your evaluation-”

“I’m not ready.” I said again and looked at him, “Can I please have my medicine.”

“No.” Mr.Levies says as he writes something on the chart, “I’m stopping all of your medication and I’ll be here tomorrow.”

“Why?” I ask him, surprised.

“Raven, you’ve been here for over a year. It’s time to live your life.” He says as he writes on the chart one more time, “And I’m going to help you.

Slowly I looked away from the handsome doctor as I closed my eyes. A year felt like three days in the sedative state I was in. The sedative state that I wish I was in as the phrase ‘live your life’ brought back the horrible memories. I swallowed loudly as I turned away from the handsome man, “There is no life to live.” I whispered as I looked at the empty wall. I sighed and closed my eyes. “I can’t tell you what you want to know.”

“I’m sure we will talk once you are ready.” Mr. Levies says, slowly I twisted my head to look at his kind smile, “I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.” He says as he gets up from the stool and walks out of the room, locking the door behind him. Leaning against the bed I could only sigh as I thought of the accident that ruined my life. The time I allowed myself to let my guard down to live my life...


It was a summer night, and the air was thick with anticipation as I escaped from my bedroom window. My friend Emily was parked down the street using her father’s green pick up truck. Her wild black hair flew in the wind that night when we escaped the city’s lines. The bright lights of telephone poles were nowhere to be seen, and we were driving in complete darkness. We had the radio as loud as it would go as we laughed at each other’s failed dance moves.

Emily would only sway her head and make hand gestures as she held tightly to the stolen vehicle’s wheel. The window's were down and I could smell the muggy grass scent that seemed to invade the cab that only held three seats. But the muggy scent of grass was better than the cigarette scent that seemed to stain the tanned fabric seats. Emily turned the radio down once the radio host started to speak, “I can’t believe we are actually doing this.” She said and looked towards me, “And it was your idea!” She added.

“Emily we need to live a little!” I said and looked towards her with a wide grin, “What would we tell our children if we never went to a party?” I asked her.

“Boring fairy tale stories.” We both say together and laugh. “Okay Ray.” She says.

Emily turned the radio back up as we started to sing to the number one song of the weekend. Just yesterday I proposed the idea of sneaking out of the city and attending a party by Arthur Zohn. A man who graduated from our high school 2 years ago, he lived in the middle of the forest and supposedly had forest parties. Emily was against the idea, she didn’t trust it. But, after I begged for an hour she decided to agree. Neither of us met Arthur before, but we both knew he was extremely attractive. Since he lived in the forest he didn’t get much reception and he’s been off of the grid for years. So when I got an email with an invitation, I couldn’t help but feel excited. It wasn’t from Arthur himself but one of his friends Quil.

The address the invitation specifically said it was held in a mountain. Actually, it said that the large cabin house rested at the very top. And once I could see it I was memorized. There were large glass windows surrounding the house, showing the bright inside that was completely empty. Cars and trucks were parked around the house. A few guys lingered by the front door with lit cigarettes in their mouths, “Are you sure about this Raven?” Emily asked as she shut off the truck’s engine. That’s when I knew she was scared when she used my name and not my nickname. I looked at her and smiled softly.

“Emily if you don’t want to go in, stay in the truck.” I said as I pulled on my small purse and pulled my shirt down, showing as much as my cleavage as I could, “I want to live a little. My parents keep me trapped in that house. I want a taste of the free world.” I whined and looked at her.

“Okay.” Emily says and exhales loudly, “Let’s get this night over with.”

“Who knows you might find someone.” I say and flash her a toothy grin. Emily laughed and rolls her eyes.

I slammed the rusty door shut behind me as I walked up the stone path to the front of the house. In front of us was a large closed garage. As we walked path I cold see more into the empty front room. The room inside was beautiful with waxy wooden floors and a hanging chandelier over a white stainless couch. Against the wall was a large tv and speakers resting against the floor.

But, I stopped staring at the empty room and looked at the boys sitting on the porch in front of the window. They looked up at Emily and I as we walked up to them. I had on my brand new white sneaks with a pair of shorts and a long sleeve black shirt with a denim jacket. Emily had on pants and a hoodie, her phone rested against her back pocket. I held onto her hand as I pulled her towards the boys, “You ladies look lost.” One of the boys said as we walked up to them.

“Where is the party?” I asked them as I looked at the multiple vehicles in the driveway. The boys exchange looks and slowly their faces lit up.

“This way beauty.” The boy who spoke first said as he started to walk to the side of the cabin.

Emily squeezed my hand as we started to walk around the house, the darkness seemed to invade every inch of us. I looked up to the tall forest trees that seemed to curve towards the two us and the dark sky that was lit up with little stars. The scenery here was beautiful, I understood why someone would want to live in the forest. As we walked around the back I could hear the music playing and slowly we could see bodies moving. Against the cabin was a plastic table that held multiple cups and bottles of liquor, food was on another table. Speakers rested against a screen door as they blurted out music I’ve never heard before, “Have fun ladies.” The boy whispered as he disappeared back into the darkness. I grab Emily’s shoulder and smiled.

“Look, it’s a real party.” I say as we walk up the small hill leading to the group. Emily only smiles as we walk closer.

“I guess you were right. Nothing to be afraid of.” She says as she wraps her arms around my waist.

As we walked towards the group someone handed us cups of alcohol, and slowly we found ourselves in the middle of the crowd. Our body swayed with the sound of the music as people gathered around us to dance. I couldn’t help but wear a wide smile as I watched Emily grind her hips against a boy I could have sworn I saw before. Her black hair rested against her shoulder, and she had rosy freckled cheeks.

Emily always complained she looked like a thirteen year old girl, but tonight I could see the maturity of her as she danced against the boy behind her. He had blonde sandy hair that fell over his eyes and a skinny body that leaned against her. His hands rested against her moving hips as he bit his bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth. It wasn’t long until I felt a pair of hands on my own body. I didn’t look to see who was behind me as I smiled towards Emily.

The stars seemed to radiate brightness down against our moving sweaty bodies as the nights cool air lingered over us. After a few dances I looked up to see who those hands belonged to and I was surprised to see a man behind me. His body was built and taller than me, he had short light brown hair and blue almost grey eyes. Arthur Zohn. I felt as if I could faint from excitement as he looked down and smiled towards me.

He was almost as handsome as the pictures I’ve seen him in. I tried not to show my excitement as I smiled and wiggled my hips more against his hands. The people around me seemed too drunk to care about anything but their own dance partners. Their lips sucked against each other as they started to grow more and more intense. The tension at the party was alive as couples rushed towards the darkest areas of the forest for a drunk hook up. “Come with me.” Arthur whispered in my ear. His hot breath seemed to push through my flesh into my nerves. It wasn’t a question and instantly he started to pull me out of the crowd.

“Let me get my friend.” I told him as I reached over and grabbed Emily’s hand. Her eyes widened with shock as she felt my pull and quickly her and the boy started to follow me.

Arthur held my right hand while my left held onto Emily’s. Her worried eyes were gleaned over with excitement and happiness as she held onto the boy’s hand. Arthur led us into his cabin where a group of people stood in a large circle talking, he pulled me against his side and wrapped an arm around my waist. Slowly he moved past the group and walked into the front room. I could see the boys still sitting in front of the door on the porch. Arthur gestured towards the couch for Emily and the boy. I sat beside him, instantly sinking into his body, “What is your name?” He asked after a moment. I looked towards Emily and realized that she was in her own conversation.

“Raven.” I say softly. Arthur smiles widely as he nods.

“I’m Arthur.” He says and looks around the room, “I thought it would be better to speak here then out there.” He says as he rubbed his hands down his face taking in a deep breath, “You are quite the dancer.”

“You’re not bad yourself.” I say and wink towards him. Arthur looks towards me and smiles, slowly he reached up and tucks my brown hair behind my ear. “So Arthur, what would you like to talk about?” I ask as I shift my body to turn towards him. His arms rests against my side as he leans down to brush his lips against mine.

“How about a game of truth or dare?” Someone shouts behind us. Arthur slowly snaps his head up and smiles towards the interrupting man.

“Sounds like fun Phil, what do you think Raven?” He asks and looks towards me. I looked towards Emily who smirked towards me. Slowly I bit my bottom lip and looked up to Phil.

“Why not?” I asked and shrugged my shoulders.

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