The Secret of Hers

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Dear Nat, Ever since I met him he carries more anger and pain than a thousand armies could ever bear. He was betrayed, deceived, and hurt. Believe me when I say he has already crossed hell. And the only time I saw peace in his eyes was when he saw you. You are the only reason he’s still alive. - A this is my first book so go easy in the comments

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: POV: Natasha

I was sweating hard. “My name is Natasha Farren. I am just an average 17 year old in New Chicago. I was named after Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel universe, my parents are massive Marvel fans. I have a nice family, other than the fact that my parents are divorced and my 3 siblings are devils.” I heard some chuckling from my class and that encouraged me to keep going, “ I have an 18 year old brother, Jace, a twin, Aspen, and a 10 year old sister named Oakley. My brothers can be rowdy when they play together but they’re still fun, me and my ’sis chill on the sidelines watching them beat up the other and do each other’s nails every now and then.” I saw my friend Amara Wells give me a thumbs up to tell me to keep going. “My mom has a job as a nurse and has to sometimes work late. My dad has a job as a pilot, so he’s not home much.” I take a deep breath and say the thing I dread most. “Life has been hard adjusting to a new place but I want to thank you all for being kind and helpful to me and my siblings this year, so thank you.” The room burst into quiet, polite applause and so I went back to my seat to watch the next presentation. This year they decided to have everyone do a presentation on themselves. I hated it.

“Hey, you did great!” Amara said. “Thanks. So did you, that thing you told everyone about your great-great-grandma was awesome.” I tried to say it with a straight face but burst out laughing.

“Natasha be quiet.” My English teacher Ms. Cartwell said. “Yes Ms. Cartwell.” The bell rang and everyone left the class. I was walking with Amara to my next class and tripped over some idiots bag. Before I hit the ground someone caught me, I looked up surprised to see that He had caught me. I knew Him from math class and history. Nobody exactly knew His story and nobody knew His name. He caught me, helped me up all without a word.

Then he said “your friend is worried about you.” and walked off leaving me dazed.

Amara rushed over to me and said “Oh my god are you okay?!” she helped me grab my stuff and hissed under her breath “Do you know who that was?!”

“yes Amara I know who that was.” The late bell rang, I noticed we were the only people in the hall and Amara complained “crap we’re gonna be late.”

We rush into Spanish and the whole class looks in our direction. Shoot, Ms. Lloyd sometimes is late, I guess not today.

So I say “hola ms Lloyd. lo siento llegamos tarde.”⋆

“Esa es otra para ti señorita Wells.”♦Amara groans then says.

“Lo sé, consiga otro y llamen a los padres. Lo tengo.”♠ We take our seats and bear another lesson on etiquette. Why we would need to learn etiquette in Spanish is lost on me. After that I go to math which I am happy to say I am amazing at. I freeze in the doorway. The door is open. Shoot. Ugh, we have a sub. Probably Mr. Lark, the one sub everybody hates. I take my seat next to Him, open up my chromebook and work on the assignment.

As usual I’m correct, we had Mr. Lark and as usual he got ticked off at random kids for stupid things. Poor Tony got a text from his mom about his inhaler he left at his house and got his confiscated until the end of the day. Amara tried to defend Tony and almost got sent to the principal’s office. Mary was eating some oreo’s in class and her backpack got confiscated until class ended. We all hate Mr. Lark. Once Lark time was over I went to my last class of the day, history. Ms. Singer, my history teacher is awesome. She lets us do whatever we want after we get done for the day so long as we are quiet. I had finished the project already so I just went on Pinterest and browsed. About 10 minutes in Amara sent an SOS so I went to help her with whatever she needed and got a pleasant surprise. She wanted to help me and offered to “clean” my chromebook. Our school is pretty cool with our computers. If we want we can exchange our school chromebooks for our home chromebooks and they will still help with techie problems and charge them if they end up dead. She wiped unimportant things like old assignments and downloads my brother made, cleaned my fairly clean inbox and chats I never use while we chatted about random things including the cafeteria food and how my family is doing. The bell rang and I went with Amara to the Wendy’s nearby, we ordered 4 for $4 meals and I saved my chicken nuggets for Oakley because she LOVES them. Amara kissed both my cheeks and left yelling over her shoulder

“BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I chuckled under my breath and muttered something about having gotten the weirdest best friend in the world when Aspen pulled up and said,

“need a ride?” In a sweet voice so as all siblings would I yelled as loud as I could.

“ABSOLUTELY LITTLE BROTHER just to tick him off. It worked. He groaned muttering that I haven’t changed a bit and said,

“get in the car before I leave you to the wolves.” I laughed, got in the car and we drove home.

✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ translations: ⋆ sorry we are late ♦ That’s another for you miss wells ♠ I know I get another and parents get called. I got it

thanks for reading (if you do)

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