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A lot can change in nine years. Sam's life has had a whole lot of different crazy. She's working for a top secret organization, her step-mom and dad are dead, her brother married her best friend, her partner-in-crime is her ex/friend, Alex, and she's caring for an eight year old boy. But crazy seemed like the sane thing to her when she's assigned a new task: to protect one the world's richest mogul. Travis Mason. Yes, her ex.

Romance / Drama
Bella O’Brien
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Nine Years Ago

EIGHT MONTHS, three weeks, two days, and seven hours. That’s how long it’s been since he left. But who’s counting, right? Certainly not me.


I applied to several colleges but all of them were outside the city, for something new. There was Brown University, Greenstate University, Dark Raven College, and some other colleges that I don’t remember.

There wasn’t any course as to where you can beat people up for money so I just took up IT. Crazy right? A girl who is good at brawls and all, took up IT. Even Dad couldn’t believe it. Sean? Well, he was happy for my decision because he thinks, and I quote: “That I am a very nerd person who needs something that will interest her and what better way to do that than hack into people’s business.”

Ever since graduation and he left happened, I decided to quit the underground fighting fully just to fulfill my promise to mom. The psychiatrist helped in also making me accept that quitting is the best decision. And Alex thought it was about time, saying that it was never for me in the first place to be there but he was lucky that I was there. I was lucky too. Because of him, I learned how to protect myself, and other people in my life. Because of him, I became who I really am.

Anyway, Dad and Misty got married three months after graduation and was the maid of honor which is, I thought, the worst thing they could’ve done. Misty thought that it’d be nice that I would make the speech and not some other random cousin of hers. I never really agreed to it but they were pushing and pushing so to stop myself from getting annoyed every day because of them, I decided to accept it even though I regretted it when I saw the color theme that they decides to.

The fucking color was neon pink.

How the fuck did they even get that color?!

They. Made. Me. Wear. Pink.

I was about to vomit on the dress just to make it look different when I saw it. God, it was so horrible. I hated the color. Okay, not hate but loathe. Sue me for wanting to wear a dress darker than pink. They even made me wear heels which I was about to get away with it when Misty noticed one detail that none of them did; it was my height. If I would’ve worn heels then I would appear taller not the same.

“You’re not wearing heels?!” She whispered angrily. “You’re supposed to be wearing heels! At least tell me you’re wearing flats and not those God-awful sneakers that you use for soccer.”

I shook my head. She sighed in relief. “It’s the one I use when I used to fight.”

Misty gave me a look and then for a moment, I started to laugh and she did too.

“If it’s any consolation, they have neon pink on them,” I shrugged. She shakes her head and gives me hug. “Woah, okay. No need to get handy on your step-daughter.”

She lets go and whispered and in my ear. “I’m proud of you.”

I smiled. It’s nice to hear those words once in a while.

“Mrs. Alexander! We need you!” Marcie, the receptionist, yelled to the microphone, catching everyone’s attention.

Misty gives me a huge bright smile before leaving me behind to go to the arms of my father. They both grin to each other and I see their eyes on each other, and I see the twinkle in them.

After everything that’s happened, I was happy.

A week after that, I actually got accepted to all of the colleges I applied for. And they were all happy for me but I didn’t want to be alone in the college I’m going to.

Sean got accepted at Greenstate—a full scholarship was given to him. Apparently, in their last game, everyone was pleased about him. They gave him offers from also different colleges but Sean always wanted to go to Greenstate. So that’s where he went.

Adri, on the other hand, followed Sean to his school. They were already together before a day after prom but never really told me anything. I was the one who even told them not to hide it anymore from me.

Even though I didn’t want to be alone, I knew that I couldn’t follow my brother because he and Adri shouldn’t have someone to burden them about worrying me. So I decided to go to Dark Raven. It was a big move. But it was pretty convenient because Dark Raven is only three to four hours away.

But I guess I had to go there to forget some of the things that happened and have a different start on some things.

So I went there, had a cool roommate named Hayley, visited dad and Misty on long breaks, went to parties as the DD, Alex came to the school most of my time over there to make sure things were okay and to keep me company even for a while, Sean, Adri, and I would meet up when we were all free, and overall, it was a good college years.

The thing that happened that was really exciting was when it was the last party before graduation and Alex and her mother came by to the dorm unexpectedly. I was dressed for a party (well, Hayley would disagree considering she always believes you got to wear some dress for a party) and about to leave when they came by.

“Can we talk to you?” Alex’s mom, Ruvée, asked, her lips turning up into a bright smile. “It’s very important.”

I nodded. “Let’s go to Andy’s. They make excellent coffee there.”

So we walked to Andy’s, Ruvée behind Alex and I, following us. I leaned to Alex slightly. “What’s this about?”

“I don’t have a clue,” he told me. “Mom just randomly went to the gym, said that we have to go to you, there was something important that she had to discuss.”

“You suck at getting information,” I rolled my eyes. He nudged me with his elbow and I do the same.

When we arrived to Andy’s and ordered some coffee, Ruvée was immediately straight to the point. “There’s absolutely no point in continuing to lengthen the silence so here it is: Alex,” He rose a brow in question. “you always told me Sam here is absolutely the best fighter you have.”

“Yeah,” he confidently answers. Wow, he thought of that about me? “I trained her so she should be greater than others.”

Of course.

Ruvée didn’t acknowledge his cocky statement and turned her head to me. “And you, Samantha Alexander" I cringed at my full name being said ”hacked into the FBI’s data system just for fun, yes?”

What? Shit.

“How did you know that?” My eyes widened. And so did Alex’s. He never really knew about my hacking past times. “The codes that I used were mine. I made sure that it was untraceable back to me. How the hell did you crack my code?”

She shook her head slowly. “Sam, I run a top secret organization. I know everything I need to know about you and what you do. That leaves me to the point why I’m here. I want you both to work for me after you graduate.”

“What?” We asked in unison.

“Work for me,” she repeated. “You two are resourceful. The both of you can fight. Alex can aim a gun of any sort flawlessly. You can hack without anyone’s knowledge with your codes.”

This was a shit ton of task. I was being offered a job to be part of their top secret organization with Alex.

What will Sean say? What about Dad and Misty?

Oh fuck it’s my life. I’m in charge of it.

“I’ll agree if you promise me something.”

“And that is?”

“I don’t want to be the one at the back of the action. If I’m going to be a part of this, then I want the front seat. And if I need a partner on some tasks, I want Alex to be my partner.”

“Well, we have an agreement if Alex does want to be your partner.” We both stared at Alex. His eyes were trained on me and I gave him my puppy dog eyes.

He rolled his eyes. “That’s not even a question. Of course I’m going to be her partner no matter what. We stick together.”

“Are you two...?” She trailed off and we already knew what she was trying to say.

We both shook our heads. “Well, we were together back then,” I explained. “while I was still new to the whole underground fighting. Then we broke up and just stayed friends.”

Out of nowhere, Ruvée reached for Alex’s ear and twisted it, making his son slap her hand and say “ow” for a few times.

“You cheated on her, no?” Ruvée questioned, knowing the answer already. “You’re so stupid.”

“I know, I know!” Alex yelled.

I just laughed hysterically at the both of them.

“Ma, let go, let go!” He groaned, still trying to slap away his mother’s hand on his ear. She does let go after a few seconds and sits properly. “Man, that shit hurts.”

He got a slap at the back of his head. “Language, young man.”

Then Ruvée grinned and winked at me. I just laughed.

And that was the start of having to be an agent working for Ruvée, one of the most powerful woman in the country and not many even knew about it.

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