The Reaper's Love (The Tales of The Misunderstood Series)

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Charon is known as The Grimm Reaper, the dark shadowy figure who is known just as death. Charon longs for a life to call his own and memories of his own. A brief visit to collect a soul leaves him with curiosity after a woman seems to look right at him. Can she see death? Can he protect her from a growing darkness?

Romance / Adventure
Chloe. J
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I am Charon, you may know me as The Grim Reaper and The Ferryman.

Many myths are whispered about me.

But how much do you know about the truth and who I am?

You may fear me, you never should.

I will walk beside you, not as your enemy but as your friend.

I have walked beside souls since the creation of life.

I want you to feel and witness this as you read my story, not only the comfort I provide for the souls. But I as The Reaper I have wanted memories of my own and in this story, I will make them.

I am The Reaper, The Ferryman, I am Death and I am The Collector of Souls.

I am Charon and I fell in love.

Currently under editing 😄 I would love any feedback!
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