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Hayden Winters 🖤 People know him as the bad boy who stands out amongst the crowd with his "oh so hot looks". He is that arrogant hurricane who no one wants to mess with..but what people don't know is that he is a hacker. Alex Meadows 💙 Neither a nerd nor a fashion insta just a smart girl who can practically kill you.. her life is going pretty well and her issues are in control until her computer is hacked and from then on her life becomes a rollercoaster ride and she swears to make her hacker regret. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ "You criminal." I shouted while taking off my glasses and glaring at him. "You found out huh? You are smarter than I thought." Amusement twinkled in his eyes. "You won't tell this to anyone..Else I won't hesitate to ruin you." No matter how subtle my voice was but inside I was freaking out. "Don't worry your secret is safe with me and in return you won't tell them that I did this." He reasoned while I narrowed my eyes weighing the pros and cons of the deal. "Fine" I finally gave in.." But if u'll break the deal I'll make you regret it." "Don't worry.. I'll regret nothing that I'll do or did to you" The smirk on his face conveyed a different story.

Romance / Humor
Koral Gray
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Chapter 1

Chapter1: The Living Zombie

Eyes fixed while tongue poking out of the corner of the lips in utter concentration, I skim through the paragraph trying to figure out the words which seem alien to me. Our principal is sure some kind of demonic entity who gets pleasure from our horrible state, that's the reason why he chose to appoint me as the director of this year's school play which is on one of the most famous Disney movies "Beauty and the beast by Gabrielle-suzanne de Villeneuve". It's not that I haven't read the story before but I have to go through the script to make sure it's upto the mark.

Feeling my eyelids getting heavier, I finally decided to close the book and gave one last glance to the clock reading "4:30 am"... Jogging off to my bed and pulling over the duvet, I finally gave into my sleep.

I clenched my fists and the sudden urge of shoving a knife into someone's throat was on peak, the horrifying screech from my own vocals made me doubt weather I really was a human, but at this point it didn't really matter as some kind of high pitched pop song rang into my ears.. Murder was the crime I was dying to commit today.

Shoving open the windows I glared at the stereo playing in the backyard of my beloved neighbour, note the sarcasm.

A dry chuckle leaves my throat and I pull up my sleeves ready to shout at the culprit who dared to wake me up from my slumber at 6:00 am. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I shout at the delinquent who's fidgeting with a ball. Surprised he turns around and soon a grin etches on his lips which gets my blood boiling in nanoseconds. "The audacity" I mumble and continue glaring at him waiting patiently for a response. But nothing he returns to his work and decides to ignore me.

"Hey! Shut this up." I groan and his eyes meet mine again but this time he sighs and gives me his full attention.

"What if I don't?" He challenged and I breathe out a huff of air.

For god's sake I slept at freaking 4:30 am I need some sleep before I turn into a living zombie which apparently is not a thing, but it's exactly what I look like if I don't get enough sleep.

"Else I'll call the cops" the words are dripping with confidence but inside I was hoping he would listen.

"Call them"

The hell, he just did not say that. The glare hardens and we share a heated glaring contest, no one ready to back off first. Stab him was all on my mind. A sudden urge of ripping his ego and shoving it in his mouth was frustrating the daylight out of me.

"Just shut it or you'll regret it." I whinned.

Thankfully he decided to turn it off. "Cry baby" the mumbling didn't go unnoticed and his figure retrieved into his own house while I glared at his back.


Walking through the hallway I literally feel like a zombie. Sleeping after the whole incident was a long lost dream and attending school on such a day was a living nightmare. My lovely neighbour succeeded to ruin my day.

I looked in front and saw a familiar figure which never fails to put up a smile on my face just by its presence. Standing in front of him I look at his muscles tensed while his brows furrowed in confusion.

"What are you looking for?" I ask when his head snaps towards me and a bright smile appears on his face. Soon he hugs me tightly and I don't hesitate to respond back.

"Alex" he whispers in my hair and I hum in response. "I was looking for my physics textbook." He says while letting go of me. His lips are pulled outwards in a cute pout and I feel happy to call him mine.

"Karl, Your book is with me. Remember you gave me to hold it for you yesterday and by mistake I took it home" The sudden understanding on his face makes me chuckle.

"Yeah right babe" he replies and I return him back his book.

"Okay I'll leave now since I have a lot on my plate today." I sigh and he nods. "Take care babe and if anyone doesn't obey your commands, just tell me and I'll take care of him" He says and I grin in response. This is what I love about my boyfriend. It's been 1 year since we are together and everyone believes that we are inseparable and that's actually true. Everyone knows Karl Pearson and Alex Meadows are meant for eachother.

I take out my clipboard and the list of students with scripts from my locker and make my way towards art theatre where I'll have to spend my whole day auditioning students to assign them appropriate roles.

Making out the person leaning on the door leading to art theatre, I walk up to Ember Jennings. "Hey!" She greets me in a cherry voice once she notices me and grins while revealing her pearl white teeth. The red headed girl is utterly beautiful with her chin length hairs, piercing blue eyes, thin pink lips and pale skin. She can have all the boys drooling over her if she wants.

"Morning Ember" I respond with a grin of my own. "What are you doing here?"

"Just came to see if you are okay after reading all that cliché fairy tale." She responds with flailing hands, exaggerating the statement just like I did when I found out I was the one directing the play. Well this is the reason why we are best friends.

"I am okay and you should leave before your lecture begins" I shove my watch in her face and her eyes widen in horror when she realises that only two minutes are left for her class to begin. She strides off and I shake my head at her carelessness.


It's been an hour approximately and still the assistant director hasn't made his grand entrance. The auditions will begin in 15 mins and there's no trace of him.

As if on cue, Principal Miller enters the theatre with his hands clasped together and chest buffing out in a proud manner. I stand up to regard him and bow when he stands in front of me. "Good morning sir"

"Morning Miss. Meadows" he spoke in his authoritative yet soft tone while a smile etched on his lips and eyes wrinkled with the impact. "You must be waiting for your assistant director?" He asks and I nod in return. The man may seem strict with his buffing body and hairs jelled backwards with dark brown eyes which seems to be black, but in reality he is the most polite person you'll ever find. "Well unfortunately he had a fracture and is on bed rest. So I'll have to send his supplement." I hum in understanding while he gives me a sad smile. "So Mr. Winters will assist you" I snap my head in the boys direction finally realising that he was standing here all this time. He has a smirk on his lips and I cringe. "No sir, it's okay I don't want an assistant." Not him for sure, I reasoned while he gave me a strict face which meant he'll not listen to me.

I sighed when the man left me alone with my worst nightmare,

Hayden Winters.


The first episode.. did you like it?

Ciao readers💋

Love, Koral🖤

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