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Trust is the base of a relationship. Without trust there is no love and if there is it is not truthful. What happens when a friendship starts with a bet and goes on to developing into something as deep as love? What happens when secrets come out? When the storm of betrayal strikes will the flame of love still hold up? This my first story and I have worked hard at it. All the people,places and events in this story are all my imagination and any similarities are purely coincidental. All the constructive criticism is appreciated. I aim to become a lot better writer. With that, HAPPY READING!!

Romance / Drama
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Finally,the alarm rang! From the last one hour I am tossing and turning in my bed waiting for the alarm to ring. I am so excited to start my senior year at my new school,that I had woken up even before the alarm could ring.

I moved to New York just four days ago from Ohio and I was so excited to senior year at my new school that I could not sleep last night.

Jumping up from my bed,I went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. As I brush my teeth, looking at the mirror,I stare at myself- dark brown hair,small button nose and pink pointy natural lips,just like my mother, but,I had my father's grey green eyes.

Though I look a lot like my mother,I have always been a daddy's girl since its always been him and I after my mother left us eleven years ago, when I was five.

Her leaving affected me greatly. I cannot trust anyone easily and because of that I never had many friends. I try to be on the best behavior everytime since my mother left my father saying that she was not happy with our lifestyles and wanted a lavish life with all the luxuries.

I invested my time in studies and worked hard,even skipped a grade because of it.

Cooking and dancing are the other two things that interest me. My grandmother that is, my father's mother was a great cook and taught me the art of cooking,even telling me some of her secret cooking hacks. I loved her to death just as she did to me. It was really difficult accepting the fact that she was no more even after two years after her demise.

Dancing,well it appeals to me in such an intense way. For me it is a way to express my emotions and to let off stress. I am not always good at words and dancing helps me keep my emotions in check. Its like I rant in the form of dancing. (A/N:If that makes sense!Lol)

My dad raised me alone,giving me the best upbringing while working hard so I would never want for anything. He spent his whole life looking after me, loving me and being the best dad anyone could ever ask for.

After freshening up,I get dressed in my white chiffon blouse with ruffled neckline that stretches to my shoulders and elbow length sleeves. I pair it with black leggings and black ballerinas. I let my waist length hair down and with the swipe of a little lip gloss,I am ready. I take my backpack and go downstairs.

Upon rounding the corner, downstairs I see my dad in the kitchen flipping pancakes.

Seriously,what more will you want from your dad?

He even learnt how to cook for me. Well, nothing complex, but still, it means the world to me.

"Good morning hummingbird. Did you sleep well?"my dad asked as he saw me approaching.

"Good morning dad. I slept just fine. Are those blueberry pancakes dad?"

"I know you love them so I thought it will be a nice way to start the first day of your last year in school. You're growing up so fast, I can't believe you are just a year away from completing school."

"I know dad but I'll always remain your hummingbird." I said kissing my father's cheek as I entered the kitchen.

After that we sat down to eat while talking about random things. My dad began telling me about how he was going to be more busy now because of the new project the company has undertaken.

My dad works in a construction company and he is basically the supervisor and sees the work is being done on time and according to the plan.

The company had undertaken a very big project here in New York and my dad's boss wanted him to manage things here- the reason why we moved here.

After finishing our breakfast I washed the dishes while my dad went to his room to get ready.

While cleaning up, I thought about the dance faculty of my new school- they had some amazing reviews on the school's website. I read that that they had some amazing opportunities for dancers and it was main reason I was excited to start my senior year at my new school. I did not want a career in dancing but I loved it with all my heart. At my old school there were not many opportunities for co-curricular activities so I was looking forward to how the things go around here.

After my dad came and I finished up in the kitchen,we left for the day.








A/N:Sooooo, that was it-the first chapter. What do you think about it. Was it okay, not okay,good,bad whatever you feel please tell me about it. Your comments and views are appreciated. See you in some time.

Be safe!! Bye!!

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