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I turned back to face Mr. Holland as he continued talking about the assignment.
"One person from each pair will come to pick a chit from this bowl. Each chit has a single word written on it. It could be anything, a person or an emotion. You will have to write a long poem. Short poems with only five paragraphs will not be accepted, for God's sake you are in your final year of school. Don't worry, you all have a month to get it done." He explained further.
Soon people started taking turns, picking up the chits. Nathan motioned for me to go so I went and picked our topic. Coming back to seat beside him, I unfold the paper to read the topic.
There is just this one word written in it, but this word alone has so many emotions attached to it. Instantly my mind is flooded with ideas and I turn to see that even Nathan is lost in his thoughts.
He looks at me when he gets out of his reverie of thoughts and smiles.
"That's a very good topic. What do you think?" He asks.
"Indeed it is. I cannot wait to start working on it." I share my excitement with him.
Something about writing has always soothed me. I may not be a regular writer, but putting my thoughts on a paper helps me a lot when life gets too intense.
"Great. So we can start working on it today only. You can come to my house in the evening and we will begin working on it then."
Why would I go to his house, and especially when he tricked me so badly just yesterday. I may have forgiven him, but I have not forgotten it.
Turning to face away from him I deny his invitation.
"No. We can do separately and you don't have to worry. I'll write the whole thing if you can't do it. I'll just put your name on the assignment, you won't have to work."
"I am offended that you think that I cannot write, Aaviana. I would like to tell you that I am fairly good at my studies, that I stand at the top of my class. I didn't take you as one of the judgemental types." He says in a stern manner. His jaw slightly clenched and looking away from me.
His words have an instant impact on me and I realize my mistake.
"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to put you down." He still doesn't look at me.
"Please. I'm sorry. You can come to my house and I'll treat you to something good while we work." I tell while shaking his arm.
"Really? You would treat me to something good? At what time should I come?" He says with a smile.
I laugh and tell him to be there by six. It is true when they say that good food makes the mood.
I don't know who says it, but I do.
The rest of the day passes by just like that and soon it is time for Dance Club.
After the regular routine of changing and attendance, Ms.Lola blows her whistle and all the chatter ceases.
"All of you, I have someone I want you to meet." The chatter begins again all the students discussing who it could be.
Ms.Lola again blows her whistle and again the conversation stops.
"If you can't keep quiet then I suggest you take your things and be out the door."
"Okay. Now please welcome Mr and Mrs. Lennet. They are professional tango dancers and have won many competitions till date. Everhart High had a great opportunity to meet them and we have convinced them to give you all some free lessons."
All the students smile and look at each other with beaming faces. There are even a few gasps and squeals. Everyone is excited to learn something new. I too love the opportunity to get to learn something completely out of the regular and the thought brings a smile on my face.
"Okay. So as you know, it takes two to tango. Plese line up. Girls and boys separately and the person beside you will be your partner through the whole course." Ms.Lola instructed.
All of us fell into a line. I saw that there was one boy less and so one girl had no partner. Surprisingly, the girl was Ashley and she was just after me. I wonder how she ended up alone. But her bitchy schemes were never ending and before Ms.Lola reached us to write our names, Ashley pulled me out of the line and took my place. She did so in such a way that no one suspected a thing, and the time I could say anything, Ms.Lola had come to us with her notepad.
"Oh Aaviana. You don't have a partner? I'm so sorry. You can just watch for today and join in the next class."
I was cursing Ashley like a sailor in my head. She was giving me a smug smile that I wanted to wipe from her face so bad.
Just as I was progressing towards the chairs, the doors to the room burst open and in stepped Nathan.
"Im so sorry Ms.Lola. Principal Sir had called me to his office and I couldn't inform you. I'm sorry for being late." He rushed out while panting like crazy.
"Well. How do I know you are not lying?" Ms.Lola asks as she keeps her hands on her waist.
"I have his signed note."
He extends his hand towards her and gives her the note. After examining it Ms.Lola nods.
"You can partner up with Aaviana. Please tell him everything." She says to him and me.
I bately vontrol myself from jumping and settle for a wide goofy grin.
Nathan had already changed his clothes so he just put his stuff down and joined me.
Having Nathan as my partner was unsuspected and I felt strangely happy with it. I was not only happy to be able to participate in the class, but also to see the annoyed look on Ashley's face.
At the same time I was worried, because I didn't know if Nathan was a good dancer. I mean I'm sure that he is a good dancer, or he wouldn't have gotten to enter the club. But what if his style is too different and he is heavy footed? I don't want my toes to be stubbed. So yeah. I'm kinda nervously excited right now.
I quickly explained to him everything that was going to happen. Soon our instructors, Mr. and Mrs. Lennet started their lesson.
"Okay. So the first thing is the posture and position." Mr. Lennet started.
"Girls, place your left hand in your partner's left hand. Your other hand should be on his shoulder. Boys, your right hand on their waist and bend your body slightly towards your partner. Like this."
They took the stance and prompted us to follow.
Nathan extended his hand towards me and I slipped my hand into his hesitantly after staring at it for a few seconds. I couldn't ignore how it felt so warm and comforting. It was like, our hands were made to fit together.
He stepped a bit close to me, taking my other hand and gently placing it on his shoulder. Just as softly and with the modesty of a gentleman, he placed his palm on my waist after silently asking me with his eyes.
When everyone had taken the right position, Mr. and Mrs. Lennet began with the first steps.
I was happy to find that Nathan was not the heavy-footed crumper that was going to stamp his foot down on my toes. He was so close to me. My head was just below his nose and I could easily tuck my head into his neck, to smell more of his masculine scent. The thought alone was making me blush.
We were now moving across the room, all in our different pairs. Mr. and Mrs. Lennet went aroundto giving some helpful pointers and correcting our mistakes.
It came to a point where Nathan and me were just beside Ashley and her partner. She glared at me with all her Glaring strength while I couldn't stop myself from smirking and then snorting. Her face looked so funny with all of that extra, extra makeup she had put on. Eyes narrowed into an unblinking stare that made her cat eyeliner look horrific and red lips stretched into a sneer like a vampire.
She was definitely ready to drink my blood.

"Does me being your partner make you this happy, Angel?"
I couldn't help but smile at the blush that coloured her cheeks. God, she was so beautiful and with that touch of redness on her face, her beauty multiplied.
"I am not was not smiling because of that." She said while looking at our feet.
"So you're not happy to have me as your partner?" I teased her.
"No. I didn't mean that. It was just not the reason for why I was smiling." She quickly apologized.
I chuckled and said, "I know. I'm just teasing you."
This caused her to narrow her eyes at me. She had turned her face up and by how close we already were, it was just a few centimeters between our lips now.
After glaring for a few seconds, Angel became aware of the close proximity between us and quickly bent her head down, focusing on her feet instead.
I could not believe how in tune we were in. It felt like we were old dancing partners. It was so easy to fall into step with each other that we had no problem and the instructors even praised. Our hands fit together perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle. Her little frame fit perfectly with mine as we swayed with the beat.
Soon the class came to an end and we were dismissed. I made sure to walk out alongside her, effectively avoiding Ashley's tantrums.
"Hey. That was a great lesson. What do you think?" I asked her as I caught up with her.
"Are you excited to start our assignment? I am so looking forward to it."
She just nodded her head but didn't turn to face me. I don't know what happened to her. She seemed in a good mood when she went to change and now she is avoiding me. Putting it aside, I try again.
"I'm also looking forward to my treat. You've not forgotten about it, right?"
Again, she just nodded. So I asked her again.
"Do you have some ideas on our topic?"
She stopped and turned to look at me, finally.
"Look. This is just an assignment and let us just focus on that. No need to be friendly for that." She said in a clipped tone.
Turning sharply, she ran away before I could say anything.
I wonder what made her so cold suddenly. We were fine, even laughing together just a few minutes back.
I guess I'll find out in the evening.
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