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It was now Via and I. Nathan had to go as his parents were suddenly going out and wanted him to be home with his baby sister.
Via was sitting on my bed, playing a game on her phone while I was sitting at my desk trying to get some homework done.
I had my headphones on with Alessia Cara's Scars to your beautiful playing in my ears. I was not actually doing anything because my mind was once again stuck to the discussion that Nathan and I had about family.
Not that I told him anything about my family, but I was afraid that I'll have to, soon. Now, I am very proud of my father and will never shy away from telling anyone that he has been the best parent to me, single handedly. The reason I don't want to tell him about my mother is because we are just mere acquaintances, not even good friends. I'm not comfortable sharing the deepest scar of my life with him.
As I continue to think about it, Via takes off the headphones from my ears.
"What happened Aaviana?" She asks when I turn to her. I am surprised every time when she catches on to my mood so quickly. This is the reason I can't and don't hide anything from her.
Sighing, I start telling her whats on my mind.
"I was just thinking about our English assignment."
"What about it made you this serious?" She asks.
"For the assignment, we have to write a poem. And the topic is family. Now, to begin with it, Nathan thought that it was a good idea to tell each other about our families." I say while looking down at my hands.
"And what's the problem with that?" Via asks while tipping my chin up to look into my eyes.
"You know everything Via. I don't really know what a perfect family is. He was so excited when he was talking about his family, especially how much he adores his mother and sister. I could literally feel the love that he has for them. What am I to tell him about my family?" I say as I look away again, because of some moisture that is threatening to spill from my eyes.
"What do you mean whst are you going to tell him about your family, huh?" Via asks. This makes me turn to her in confusion. She understood what I meant, right?
"You have a wonderful family Aaviana. The best father in the world who has gone to all the lengths to give you everything that you deserve. To give you all the love of the world. You even have an additional set of parents that love you more than their own child." She says pointing to herself.
"Do you not Aaviana? Have we ever made you feel less important or loved? Kelly and Gerald Gibson love you Aaviana. My parents see you as their own daughter. My brother thinks of you as his baby sister. You are a sister to me. There have been times when I have felt jealous of you because my mother would hug you more, kiss you more. My brother would cheer you instead of me. But trust me Aaviana, nothing hurt me more than to listen yo you saying that you don't have a family." Via says while looking at me with anger filled eyes.
As I go to say something, she puts a finger on my lips.
"I am not finished yet. Aaviana, tell me if I have ever made you feel like a foreigner in my life. I love you darling, like a sister. You are my best friend. You are my hero, my inspiration. I have never seen someone as strong and committed as you. And not only me, but my whole family loves you. Your dad loves you. Then how can you say that you don't have a perfect family? In fact you have additional parents."
"Family is not the people whom you are related to by blood, but by heart. Relations are more than some same genes shit. The true relationships are upheld by a bonding of hearts, which is much deeper than a same blood type. And trust me Aaviana, the bond, the love that our hearts hold for you is endless. You never have to think that you don't have a good family sweetie because we are your family." By the time Vivian has finished saying this tears are falling from my eyes like river streams.
Vivian wipes my tears and smiles at me through her own moist eyes.
"Stop crying, it makes me cry and you know that's not a thing which goes with my personality!" Vivian scolds.
I chuckle and wipe my tears.
"The emotional lecture that you gave me doesn't suit you as well. But you nailed it." I say in a slightly scratchy voice.
"Yeah. I did." Via says proudly which again makes me chuckle.
"But I serious about every word Aaviana. Never say that you don't have a family. It hurts me and you know I am not one to forgive."
"Yes. I am sorry, I had forgotten how I have the best family in the world, with an extra set of parents. And I love my family. I love you Via."
"I love you too." Via says as we hug each other.
Seriously, this is what family is. Family is not a bunch of people who share the same blood, no. But people who love and care for you, with whom you share a connection that goes straight to the heart. And I am extremely lucky to have such amazing people around me.
It is at nine fifteen, when I hear the doorbell ring. Getting up quickly, I run down the stairs excited to see Dad after two days.
Listening to the fast pattering of my feet, Dad warns me to walk slowly, from outside the door itself. It involuntarily brings a smile on my face, as I realize how much my Dad truly care about me. These little things show how much he loves me and I live for them.
Opening the door wide, I jump into Dad's arms and hug him like a koala. Dadis quick to drop his bag and catch me.
"What happened Aaviana? Are you okay?" Dad asks while rubbing my back.
"Yes. I just missed you too much. I love you dad." I say while pulling back to look him in the eye.
"I love you too my sweet girl and I missed you too. But what is it with this sudden wave of affection? Anything wrong?" Dad asks as we enter the house.
"No dad. I was just reading something and I got a little emotional."
"Okay. So I'll just freshen up now. You can go to sleep, you have school tomorrow." Dad says while setting his luggage down.
"No dad. I got a nap in the afternoon so I'm good. You freshen up and come out, I'll have food ready for you." I tell him while proceeding to the kitchen to heat up the lasagna that I have saved for him.
"You don't need to prepare dinner for me sweetheart. I'll just have some chips and go to sleep."
"No dad. I already have the dinner prepared. Now go fast while I plate it up for you." Finally listening to me, Dad goes to his room.
It is ten o'clock and Dad has just finished his meal. We are sitting at the breakfast table and he is telling me about his trip.
"The program was good. We gained some new clients. These diplomatic events surely help a lot in business."
I listen to his every word because not only is he sharing his experience but it is something I am interested in. I have always been interested in the Architecture and Management industries. It is what I want to do when I grow up and these seminars are a great part of it, so I hang on to every word that Dad tells me about his work.
"Aaviana.....please tell me what happened while I was gone. You, missing me is okay, but the way you acted when I came in it was a bit strange. Is something bothering you, sweetheart?" Dad asks. Sighing, I know thst I hsve to tell him everything now. So I begin. I tell him everything from my assignment to Nathan's family and Via's words.
After listening to it all, Dad sighs.
"Aaviana, have I ever made you feel that you are not loved enough. Has the absence of a female figure affected you so much?"
I instantly shake my head.
"No dad. I didn't mean that. You are the best parent in the world. You've left no stone unturned to give me the best upbringing. Your love is more than enough, and no one can ever compare to that." I say looking him in the eyes.
"Then why did you feel that way babygirl? I know you don't mean anything bad but still has it ever affected you so much that you wished you still had a mother? I am asking your thoughts on this. It is something that I never considered, what do you think about it?
Sighing, I answer Dad.
"Dad, your love is all that I have ever wanted. It is much more than the combined love of a pair of people. Honestly, I have never felt the need of a female figure in my life, but I think sometimes, I may have wanted it. But dad, you have fulfilled every need that I have ever had. Though I also wonder, have you never thought of being in a relationship again?"
"I'm glad that you never felt less loved. Always know that no matter what I am with you. It is you and me against the world, if it ever comes." Dad hugs me and kisses my forehead.
After we settle back, he speaks again.
"Honestly Aaviana. I never had the chance to think about a relationship. Somewhere after your birth mother left, I had lost faith in love. I didn't want that hurt again. Also, I had become invested in my work that I never really had the time. Somewhere, I was also afraid of your reaction. I was not sure how you would feel about a stepmother and didn't want to be a bad parent. For me, no one can keep you safer than me, myself. I trust myself the most with you."
"I understand Dad. But, if you ever feel like you have met someone who can be your life partner, please don't hesitate. Love is what helps us live. It is what sustains life. I hope you find someone Dad. And know that you can never be a bad parent to me. I will always love you Dad and be with you in every decision that you make." Dad smiles at me and caresses my cheek.
"I never thought I would be talking about life and relationship problems with my sixteen year old daughter. Sometimes I feel like, you have a better understanding of life than me. The level of communication between us is something I am proud of and never want to lose. Thank you for making me the best dad in the world by being the best daughter in the world. I love my babygirl."
"I love you too Dad."
I know the story hasn't really progressed in this chapter, but it was necessary to show the bond between Aaviana and her dad and Aaviana and Via. I hope it gives you a genuine and clear picture of the relationship they share.
Tell me what you think about it.
Until next time lovelies!
Stay safe and stay happy. ❤❤

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