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The next day when Via and I enter college, we are welcomed by a grinning Matthew.
Seriously, he has an insane amount of energy in the morning.
"Good morning girls. How are you today?" Matthew asked. He looked so much more good than the first day we met him. His face was glowing with happiness, his eyes were bright. Granted there were still times when he feared what the world would think of him, if they would ever accept him, but he had accepted himself and it was a great thing. We don't need to be what the world wishes, but what makes us happy. Every person is different, some more than other, but the world won't be the same unique place that it is today.
"We are good Matthew, and I see you are good too." Via says in a cheerful voice.
"Yes. You look good Matt." I compliment him further.
"Aww. Thank you guys. Y'all are the best."
"We know." Via and I say at the same time. This makes us all laugh. It is nothing new, this happens all the time but still makes us laugh.
"Let's go to the locker area now. I've got some hefty books today." I say and we all proceed to the said place.
Just as we reach the area someone pulls me back by my bag. I am disoriented and grab on Via who steadies me instantly.
Turning back to look at the culprit, I find Ashley smirking at me. Via glares at Ashley and goes to give her a doze but Ashley cuts her off.
"Ah, ah, ah. This is between 'Miss. I don't want your man' and me, so stay out of this." Via goes to speak again but I stop her. It is time to handle this bitch on my own in my own way.
"Let me hear what she has to say." Saying this, I step forward looking Ashley in the eye.
"What do you think of yourself, huh? You say you don't want my man but your invite him to your house, that too all alone. Listen here okay, coz' I ain't gonna repeat again. Stay away from Nathan. He is mine! Seriously, you've got nothing in you. Look at you, not even able to reach his chin properly and you're dreaming of taking him away from me! Huh!"
"Wow! Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that came out of your mouth just now?" I ask her while crossing my arms. She stands stoked and some people around chuckle at my statement.
"So. First, calling someone home does not always mean having ulterior motives, and do you have some spies or drones hovering over your man? You got a lot of trust there! And my height. Well, look at you bowing down to me, bending down while I have my head up, just like a Queen. So yeah bow down to me always when you talk to me. Oh! I forgot. Please don't call me bitch because I don't want to steal your title, after all you're the Bitch Queen."
I turn to see Via and Matthew grinning at me. Even the people around are laughing at the scene that just took place.
Ashley just huffed and stomped away like a bratty little child. Via bowed down with Matthew mimicking her.
"Lead the way, my Queen." She motioned with her hands. We all laughed and resumed our work.
As I closed my locker, I turned to come face to face with Mr. Grey eyes who was grinning at me.
I smiled and wondered why he was grinning like crazy.
"Hey Angel. You sure know how to kick ass verbally." He said while holding onto his bag straps.
"Well, if you would have known how to handle your girlfriend then I wouldn't have to handle them myself." I ssy crossing my arms.
"Oh she's no girlfriend of mine. But I'll be sure to deal with her if she annoys you again even though I know you're perfectly capable of doing that."
"Hmm. It'll be for the best. Excuse me now, I have to get to class." I said and joined Via and Matthew who were talking about something near Via's locker.
The rest of the first half went in the stereotypical way, all study. It was now lunch time and we were headed to our side table that had been unknowingly claimed by us. I was just walking past the center table when someone tapped on my shoulder and I turned to see Nathan.
"Hey! Why don't you come and sit with us? Your friends are welcome too." He says.
"Umm. No, it's not a place for us normal people. You enjoy your lunch with everyone." I smiled and walked away.

I watch her walk away and settle down on the side table, but my heart is not content. She is so bewitching and I want to know everything about her. Yesterday, when I talked about my family she listened with full interest but she seemed to be uncomfortable when it was her turn. I don't know what the matter is, but I'm determined to find out. The emotions that flashed through her eyes were too sad and unhappy to be brushed off just like that. She's a mystery and I am going to solve it, the first step being this.
I quickly turn and pull Cole; who was eyeing a girl's ass, up from the bench.
"God! Why are you getting so handsy?"
"Come on. I found us a new place to eat." I tell him and drag him with me to Angel's table.
"What? Why?"
"Shut up and just follow me!"
We reach her table just as they start eating.
"Hey! Mind if we join y'all?" I ask, already placing my food there.
"Yes. We mind because we have minds, that are telling us what a terrible idea this would be." Angel's friend; Vivian replies to me with a scowl.
"Well, it's all in your mind. You are caught up in an unending struggle with your mind and your heart which is preventing you from living life as you should. So, just let go and enjoy life." Cole speaks, to which we sll stare with open mouths and confused expressions. I gain my composure back, and quickly say, "He means to say that please let us sit with you."
Vivian goes to speak again but Angel interrupts her.
"You can join us." She says.
I grin and nod my head in a thank you. We all begin eating but my attention is on Angel. I am thinking about something that could start a conversation. As I go to speak of something a shrill voice interrupts me.
"Nathan. Baby, why are you sitting here in the corner? Come on lets go to our table. This is not a place for you!" Ashley shrieks.
My mood instantly turns sour. Why does this girl not get a point?
"No Ashley. I am sitting right here. You can go wherever you want." I say and turn back to the face Angel whose face is showing irritation.
But I am not able to resume my food as Ashley sits on my lap forcefully and puts her hands on my face.
"But baby, these people are not up to your standards. You'll look bad if your sitting with these losers!"
I push her off of me and stand up.
"This is the final time I am saying this to you. I am not your baby. Just because I slept with you sometimes doesn't mean that you have some kind of right on me. So, I would advise you to stay away from me and stop bothering me." I say sternly and it has the desired effect because Ashley stomps on the ground and goes off in the other direction, but not before glaring at Angel.
I settle down and Vivian speaks again.
"As I said. Terrible idea."
I see Angel hold her, stopping her from saying anything more. Honestly, Ashley has spoiled my mood also. The rest of the lunch goes quietly with everyone just focused on eating.
It is my favorite part of the day; Club activities, and I am not going to let this chance go.
I enter the auditorium and begin searching for Angel and rush to her when I see her coming out of the changing room. Seriously, she looks so good in fitted clothes. She has a slightly curvy figure and it is perfectly visible in her dancing clothes.
Approaching her from the side, I tapped on her shoulder and she instantly turned to me.
"Hey! You looking for me?" I pointed to myself.
"Yes. I was wondering if you were gonna be on time today." She smiled and said.
"Well, here I am." At that time Ms.Lola whistled and told us all to get into position.
I extended my hand towards Angel and bowed slightly.
"Can I have this dance, my Queen?" I asked.
She giggled at the gesture and slipped her hand in mine.
"Of course, my King."
I grinned at her and we began doing the steps together. We were ten minutes into the class when Angel spoke.
"You should not have talked to her like that."
I looked down at her and frowned, confused what she was talking about. But then it clicked. She was talking about Ashley.
"But she was creating a scene and she doesn't listen!" I countered.
"Whatever it is, you should not have talked to her like that. You've, ughh..... you've spent time with her and it's only human to get attached to someone by spending time together. So, I feel that you should have handled it more maturely."
"Why are you defending her? I mean she behaved so badly with you, so why are you defending her?" I asked.
"It's not about how she behaved with me. She is a human who has feelings and you didn't respond to her properly. Even if she is an annoying person; which she is, you know better than to snap right back." She explains in a serious manner but all I can do is smile. Angel is so fair. I know it's nothing big but still she supported the right thing. No matter how badly Ashley behaved with her, but Angel didn't mark her as wrong just for it.
Seeing me smile at her, her eyebrows furrow.
"Why are you smiling at me?" She asks.
"Nothing. You are truly an Angel." I say still smiling.
She looks down while her cheeks have attained the familiar pink color, making me smile even more. She mumbles something under her breath but I catch it.
"Well that's my middle name." She whispers.
"What? Your middle name is Angel?" I ask excited.
She looks up at me, shocked that I heard her.
"No. It is not my middle name." She says looking down.
"But you just said it is."
"No. My middle name is Charmeine which means Angel."
"Oh. Charmeine. What a beautiful name and what a great brain to have guessed it." I say while nodding to myself proudly.
"So. Charmeine. How are you finding my company?" I ask and see as the pink on her cheeks deepens.
"I should not have told you." She grumbles and I laugh.
The rest of the class goes on with us dancing while I tease her with my new discovery.
The dance class is finally over and I go to change my clothes just like Angel does the same.
When I come out of the changing room I see Angel talking to Sean, a guy from our class. I get a bit close and bend down to tie my shoelace, so that I can hear what they are talking about and not get caught.
It is important to do this because Sean is not a good guy. He is a manwhore. I know I am not far from it but he has absolutely no care about anything but getting his dick wet. He doesn't even care about the way he does it, but just that he does it.
"You got some nice moves there." Sean says to Aaviana with a sickly sweet smile.
"Thank you." Angel smiles.
Why is she smiling at him? She is not to smile at any guy there is. She is so pure and doesn't realize the reality behind the sweet exterior of people.
"Hmm. I saw you in class also. I hope we can be friends." He says again.
"Yeah. Umm, I should go now. My friend is waiting for me."
"Sure! See you around." Seeing Angel off with another grin his eyes quickly go to her ass when she turns to walk away and the grin quickly melts into a devilish smirk.
This is why Angel should be away from him.
I walk up to him with the intention of warning him. Clapping a bit hard on his shoulder, I pull him out of his trance.
"Oh. Hey man!" He greets me with a smile.
"Hello. Let me tell you something. Stay away from Aaviana."
He is surprised at first but quickly composes it into a smirk.
"Why? You've claimed her?" He challenges me.
"I don't need to tell you anything. Just stay away from her." I grunt out.
"Is that a challenge?"
"No. A warning."
"Come on. I know you like that fine piece of ass."
"Shut up!" I seethe.
"Well then, let's make a bet. Whoever kisses her first, gets to keep her. What do you say?" He extends his hand out.
I knew he was not going to listen to me the straight and simple way. If I agreed to him, I could just pretend to be playing the bet and I could protect Angel.
So extending my hand towards his, I say, "Its a bet."
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