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I stood there stunned as my little sister gave Angel a kiss and ran off. Well, it looks like things are proceeding rapidly.
Charlotte does not be this friendly with anyone but Cole and me. She kisses only me and here I am witnessing the magic of the angelic Aaviana, getting a kiss from my Dumpling in the first meet itself.
God! This is overwhelming.
Aaviana stands up with a smile on her face, the little Dumpling sure told her something funny.
"Why are you smiling like that?" I ask her after clearing my throat.
She just smiles more and answers,"Oh, nothing. Your sister is very cute."
"Well yes, she is. She takes after me. But what did she say to you?"
"First. No, she doesn't take after you. You are not cute, and second. Whatever she told me is going to stay between us." Angel's smile turns smug, clearly enjoying the annoyed look on my face.
"I can't believe my own sister would betray me like this, that too with someone who she just met." I sigh, shaking my head.
"Oh come on! Don't be a baby." Angel chides.
I take a step towards her, a teasing smirk on my lips.
"Then what should I be, darling?" I whisper.
Her eyes widen and she takes her step back. Ckearing her throat, she goes to speak but takes another step back which ends up with me holding her up from falling on the bed.
My arms go around her waist, preventing her from falling while her hands grab hold of my shirt. The time has frozen, both of us staring into the other's eyes, steely grey into metallic green. The moment is over when Martha; our housekeeper, knocks on the door with a tray of snacks in her hands.
We quickly separate and Martha enters the room, her usually warm brown eyes narrowed at me. I clear my throat and let Martha place the tray on the desk before I introduce her to Angel.
"Aaviana, this is Martha, our staff head and housekeeper. Martha, this is Aaviana, my friend."
Martha narrows her eyes further at me, but turns to Aaviana and smiles.
"I am also this idiot's nanny since he doesn't seem to grow up. Seriously, Charlotte's better than him. Oh! I remember, you're Charlotte's Belle right?"
Angel smilws and nods.
"Oh it's so good to meet you. This idiot here doesn't bring any of his friends home, except Cole and I was starting to doubt his socializing skills. But now it's okay. I'm happy to see you." Martha smiles wide and hugs a surprised and happy Angel.
Angel looks at me from Martha's shoulder and smiles when she sees my shocked expression.
Why is everyone changing parties? No one seems to back me up! First mom, then Charlotte and now Martha.
Seriously, it feels like I have come to Angel's house rather than she coming to mine.
They let go of the hug and smile at each other.
"Okay, I have to take my leave now. Enjoy your snacks. And you-" Martha points at me, "do not trouble her."
Smiling once more at Angel, she heads off and I scoff.
"How does everyone like you so much already? Have you cast a spell or something?" I ask Angel.
She just gives me a cute smile and shrugs her shoulders.
I find her really cute from this angle, which is our individual heights. Looking down at her like this is just perfect. I don't like too tall girls and Angel's height is just perfect. When we dance, her head is in level with my chest therefore giving us the perfect position. So that is what I was saying. Angel is perfect.
After that we sat down to start with our assignment, with bagels and juice joining the party.
"So have you thought of something?" Angel asks as she chews on her bagel.
"I actually have some ideas. Here." I passed her my notebook.
As she read through the points that I had written, my eyes were fixed to the crumb of food that was stuck beside her lips. Oh, the crumb was lucky to be there as her pink tongue came out to take it away and inside her mouth and my breathing deepened.
I wasn't hearing what she was saying, too focused on the crumb that had the pleasure of being licked by her tongue.
She flicked her fingers in front of my face, causing me to break out of the trance. I looked at her suspicious expression and cleared my throat, rubbing a hand down my face to rid me of the wayward thoughts. Damn.
"Yes, ughh....what were you saying?" I asked her, looking into her slightly narrowed gaze.
"I was saying thst these are a few good pointers and we can definitely incorporate them in our poem." She replied after staring at me for a few moments.
"Oh, yeah. That's good to hear. I guess we can start with a rough draft now...."
She nodded her head and we truly started doing our work then.
Two hours hence, we were ready with five stanzas of the poem. They still needed a bit of polishing but they were good nonetheless. Working with Angel these two hours, I understand that she was one of the girls, who had beauty as well as brains.
She had so many good ideas throughout the process and it was fun to get creative with someone who had the same amount of understanding as me. We were two different people with different viewpoints, but when put together, we could definitely make it work very nicely.
As Angel packed up her bag, I offered to drive her home but she refused saying that she had to pick up a few things, so I resorted to accompany her to front gates.
As we descended the stairs, mom and Charlotte came out from the kitchen with their matching aprons on. Looks like they were baking something, because my mom loves to bake and Charlotte loves to accompany her.
Seeing Angel, Charlotte ran towards her shouting, "Belle!"
Angel bent down to welcome the little girl in her arms and smiled at her enthusiasm.
"Where are you going?" She asks her.
"I'm going home, sweetheart." Hearing Angel's answer, my little sister's smile vanishes and she wraps her arms around her neck.
"No. Don't go. Let's play." The little Dumpling murmurs.
"I have to go sweety. I will definitely play with you another time, okay?" After frowning for a moment, Charlotte nods her head and gives Angel a kiss on her cheek which makes her smile.
"Wait a minute dear. Charlie, didn't you want to give Belle the cookies that we baked?" My mom asks and Charlotte nods excitedly and they proceed to the kitchen to pack the said cookies.
This is just great. Now Angel gets to take my mom's famous blueberry cookies home. Even I have to limit myself from eating those cookies so my mother doesn't have to bake them every single day, but here she is, letting Angel take those cookies home willingly. I feel so unloved right now.
After another series of hugs with Martha joining the party, we are finally out of the house.
Walking together to the gate, I glance at Angel beside me and the find her smiling.
"You're really happy. Aren't you?" I comment more than asking.
"Yes I am."
"Yeah. Why won't you be? You got a kiss from Charlotte, a hug from Martha and my mom's best cookies to take home, all in the first visit." I scoff.
Angel giggles.
"Why? Are you jealous?" She teases.
"Yes I am. Charlotte never kisses anyone but me, my parents and Cole. Martha has seen me grow up my whole life, but she sides with you and you got my mom's best cookies to take home. So yes, I am jealous." I nod my head.
Angel just laughs and tsks at me.
Her eyes shine so brightly when she laughs. I get lost in the green sea that is her eyes, till the cab pulls up to the gate.
"It was nice knowing your family. I had a lot of fun. Everyone is very sweet." Angel says to me as she starts to leave.
"Yes. It was good having you over and I must say you are pretty good with your words. I'm sure our poem will be pretty good." I tell her. A smile decorates her face and she gives me a final nod before sitting in the cab and leaving.

To say that I had a good time at Nathan's house, would be an understatement. I had a really fun time. Everyone was so warm and welcoming.
Nathan was so jealous! I could practically see the steam coming out from his ears. Ha!
Mr. Jealous Grey eyes.
From little Charlotte's cute talks to Claire's and Martha's warm hugs, every emotion expressed there was pure and lovely.
When Charlotte told me that little secret of ours and then ran away leaving Nathan confused, I enjoyed the look on his face so much. Then there was Martha who admonished Nathan for teasing me and the way Nathan's face turned red was once more a lovely and funny sight. Claire was the so warm and smiling; just like a mother. The hug that she encased me in, the smile that she gave me, the way her eyes held affection, was so touching. Then she also gave me cookies to take home. It is not that big of a thing, but the emotion hidden behind it, both Claire's love and Charlotte's happiness, makes it so much special. It is little things like these that matter to me, that actually solidify the bond between hearts. Nathan has a lovely family, the greatest blessing anyone can have.
The whole drive home, my mind was occupied by these thoughts. Reachong home, I opened the door to an angry bull.
It was Via with a raging expression on her face. She must have entered with the spare key that Kelly has. But why was she angry? Didn't she get food?
"Hey there Aaviana! Had fun in your little outing?" Via smiled too sweetly and she used my full name, I am in trouble.
"Hey Via. I had gone to Nathan's house to work on our assignment." I tell her as I walk carefully into the living room.
Vivian just stands there, her angry look in place. Her imaginary horns out.
What an irony! I have to tread carefully in my own house. Vivian doesn't do anything but her eyes follow my every move and it feels like she is a tigress who is waiting for the right moment to pounce on it's prey. As soon as I have placed my bag and the cookie box on the center table, Vivian makes her move. She jumps from her spot beside the kitchen entrance and lunging at me. I quickly dodge her attack and start running, and thus begins the chase. Vivian the cat, after Aaviana the mouse.
"You went to that Asshole's house alone and that too without informing me! Have you lost your mind?" Via shouts as she chases after me.
"I'm sorry for not informing, I forgot to tell you earlier and my phone's battery died and I didn't have time to charge it." I say as I use the sofa as a boundary between us.
"Such a lame excuse, Aaviana. I was so worried about where you were and I couldn't even tell Roland or he would get all the more worried and then hunt down your ass himself." Via said as she became tired of the game and decided to jump over the sofa, making a hasty move and ending up falling on the center table. I am quick to get out of the way with the box of cookies that would have ended up crushed if I hadn't pulled them aside.
Placing the box on the single chair, I go towards Via, who is groaning while rubbing her forehead.
"I'm sorry Via. It just slipped my mind. I'll be careful next time." I tell her as I sit down next to her, on the table.
"Next time? You're already going again?" Via yells.
"No. I was just saying that in any of the further situations, I will be careful." I explain.
"Okay. I will forgive you, but first, give me something to eat. All the stress that I went through made me lose weight. I think I'm a pound or two lighter already." Via huffed and went to the kitchen with me following her.
I shook my head.
Hungry overprotective girl.
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