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It had been two weeks since my visit to Nathan's house. The last few weeks were very good. Via and I were settled into our new environment in school as well as the neighborhood.
Nathan, Cole, Matthew, Via and me were now a group. It had started with them just coming over to sit with us during lunchtime and we all had bonded from there. Even Cole who had initially made fun of Matthew had settled his unnecessary fuss and they acted far more civilized now.
Via was her usual witty self and the usual bickering between her and Cole continued just like that. They were not enemies, just friends who enjoyed poking fun at each other all the time. I couldn't help but think how similar their personalities were. They were both very passionate about the people and things they loved and believed in thrashing their enemies with the same intensity, if not more. I will be lying if I said that there was not a spark between them, but I didn't want to make it awkward by asking Via anything; for I knew that I would be the first to know if anything happened.
Nathan and my status had surely proceeded from mere acquaintances to friends. I found myself interacting more with him. We would often text each other and find out more about each other in the process. It had become a ritual for me to look for him in the classroom when I would enter. The tendency that you have, to sit with your friend had developed between us. All the classes that I didn't share with Via or Matthew, Nathan and I would search for each other, to sit with. I had come to know how good of a student he was. Not only was Mr. Grey Eyes good in the looks department, but he was a top performer in all his classes. He was also a great dancer, as I had learnt during our tango lessons. It was very surprising how in tune we were with each other, as if there was an unspoken chemistry between us. I loved our lessons together and was honestly saddened when they finished, yesterday.
I was currently heading to our dancing class, curious to know what we were going to learn now that we had finished the tango lessons.
I entered the auditorium after quickly getting changed and was soon joined by Nathan. He gave me a smile as he came to stand by my side and it automatically brought a smile on my face. It was such a cheesy thing, but it was so habitual now. Just like you greet or nod at someone when you see them, we were used to smiling at each other.
"Hey Angel. Excited to learn something new today?" He asked as he looked down at me. By this time, I was even used to his nickname for me.
I smiled and nodded my head just as Ms.Lola finished taking the attendance. She blew her whistle to grab everyone's attention and then clears her throat.
"I have an important announcement to make, please listen carefully." She says as all the students start murmuring among themselves, already making up assumptions.
When she claps her hands again, all the attention turns to her.
"You all must have heard about the duet dancing competition, 'Dancing Doubles'." This again started a series of whispers. The name of the competition also piqued my interest. I had heard about the competition and it was huge. Lots of couples from all over the coast would participate and there was even a prize money that just added to the publicity and exposure that one could get other than the celebrity judges. It was honestly, a dancer's dream and a great step into the world of professional dancing, if you aspired the particular career.
Just hearing the name of the competition made my heart beat faster and my mind turn impatient to know the whole thing.
"We have been sent an invite this year, to send one of our couples into the competition." I just about squealed at hearing that.
"Now, this is a very serious matter and I want all of you to know that I don't only want my students to participate but also win or at least leave a mark in the competition. We all know it is not easy. There are ruthless judges and even vicious competitors so I want all of you to take it very seriously. There will be an audition process for couples and the two pairs that are chosen, will be participating in the competition, representing Everhart High." By this time, the excitement in the crowd had multiplied a hundred times.
"You all have two months to prepare. Make your own pairs, as you wish and practise. Practise hard for only two of the pairs will be selected and only one will be chosen. The song and dance style is your choice, but it should be something that suits you as couples. So buckle up everyone, because this is a golden opportunity and you should make the best of it." Ms.Lola finished and the crowd of students erupted into gleeful voices. All of us were surprised and happy, excited and determined.
I looked at Nathan to see him deep in thinking, as he stared ahead, unblinking.
I shook his shoulder and he jerked out of the trance he was in. Then, suddenly he grinned wide and his steely eyes shined.
"Oh my God Angel! Did you hear that? Oh my God. I can't believe we have such a great opportunity." He said in a gleeful voice, his face still awestruck.
"Yeah. I'm so excited. Now we just have to look for a partner." I shared my excitement with him. But then his smile turned into a frown and an accusing, angry look came onto his face.
"What do you mean, look for a partner, huh? Ain't I a good partner for you?" He asked as crossed his arms, his eyebrows furrowed forming a deep line on top of his nose.
I was surprised by his statement. I hadn't thought of it till he had said it aloud. But I wasn't sure if he wanted me as his partner. How can I make assumptions on my own?
"You want me to be your partner?" I asked him.
"I am not asking you Angel. I am telling you that you and I are going to sail through this competition together and emerge victorious also." He said; looking into my eyes, as he placed his hands on my arms and shook me lightly.
The look in his eyes was intense and determined. Like he didn't even have to think for it that much and even I thought that if I had to find a good dance partner, Nathan was very much it. From our tango lessons, it is clear that we are in tune with each other. So who better than him? Realizing thus, I smiled and nodded at him.
"Yeah, okay. I will be your partner." I tell him to which he scoffs and mutters how he wasn't asking but telling me that.
Before I can react to his words, Ms.Lola grabs our attention and we begin our class.

After our class ended, I changed quickly and went to wait for Angel, near the auditorium exit.
I am really excited to partner up with her. That competition is not something small. It is a great opportunity and I plan on making the best of it. And who better to accompany me than the Angel of dance, herself. I have been interested in dance since I was a seven year old boy, but in these ten years of dancing journey, I never came across a greater opportunity. Now, when I am mature enough to hold my own, I am not going to waste this chance. I will try my level best and I know Angel will do that too, because it is her arena of strength.
As I stand there waiting for her, someone snakes their hand on my bicep. I turn to see Ashley smiling at me.
God! What does she want now?
The past few days I have avoided her like the plague and the few times that she has managed to catch me, I have kept our conversation minimal. She tried many times to jeopardize my time with Angel, and I shut her up everytime. I don't know how she has the heart to come to me again, after being rejected so many times.
"Hey Nathan!" She says in a sickly sweet voice which does nothing to seduce me, though that was her intention.
"What do you want Ashley?" I ask her, her extra sweet perfume and voice already irritating me.
She places the hand; that was on my arm, on my chest and looks up at me through her fake lashes.
"Uh....I wanted to tell you that you don't need to worry about a partner for the dance competition, I will be accompanying you. Okay?" Her lipstick coated lips stretch into a smile.
Taking her hands off me, I look into her eyes.
"I don't need to worry about a partner, because I already have a partner. I am not participating with you." I tell her and turn to go into the auditorium, before she can say anything back.
My eyes wander around the hall till I catch Sean talking to Angel. This makes my blood boil.
What is he saying to her now?
I beeline towards them and catch him asking her, "So will you be my partner?"
I reach at that exact moment and pushing myself between them, I wrap an arm around Angel's shoulders.
"I'm so sorry Sean but Aaviana here already has a partner and it's me. So you can just go and look for someone else. Okay?" I pat him hard on his back but maintain a smile on my face.
Angel is looking up at me strangely, but I ignore her prying eyes and fix Sean with a glare.
Sean grunts out in pain but manages to compose himself as he smiles at Angel.
"Well, that's okay. I'll ask someone else. See you around." He gives Angel a smile that changes into an angry look when he makes eye contact with me. I just smirk at him and he leaves after mumbling a bye.
I look down to see Angel looking at me with narrowed eyes.
"Why were you so rude to him?" She asks as a little 'v' forms between her eyebrows.
"I wasn't rude, just straight forward. I was telling him how you are already taken so he should take his plea somewhere else." I told her while looking at her seriously.
She gives me a glare and starts walking towards the exit and I follow her.
"Your prime style is contemporary right?" I ask her as I fasten my pace to walk beside her.
"Yes. Contemporary and ballet." She answers to which I nod.
"That's good. Even I am trained in contemporary so that'll be fun." I tell her.
"You are?" She asks as she glances up at me and I nod. By now, I we are out of the school building and are heading towards the tracks.
I think she was going to her friend and I just started accompanying her.
She stops as we enter the outside of the tracks.
Raising a brow, she looks at me questionably.
"Why are you following me?" She asks and I just shrug.
"I am not following you. I also have a friend who trains here."
After staring at the grass for a moment, I ask her, "So when should we start practicing?"
"You've already started thinking about everything? You didn't even ask me if I wanted to be your partner." She huffs.
"But you agreed, so why do I have to do that?" I ask him as I find it completely useless now.
"To be nice." She scowls.
An idea pops into my brain, and I take her hand and start walking to the grassy ground across the track.
"Hey! Where are you taking me?" Angel chides.
By now, everyone is starting to come out of the changing rooms that are located on the other side of the ground.
I pull Angel all the way to the middle of the grass and stop.
Looking deep into her eyes, I fix her with my serious stare.
I take her hand into mine. By now, everyone has started gathering around to see what the matter is.
I look at her with a smoldering gaze and then bend down to one knee. This causes everyone to release gasps of surprise and Angel's expression changes from to a shocked one, her cheeks starting to take the pinkish glow that I love.
"Aaviana Charmeine Hunter. I have known you long enough to know that yiu are the one for me. You are the one who I need by my side to help me in realizing my dreams." Angel's cheeks have taken the color of a ripe tomato, while her eyes are widened in shock. Everyone around has already gone silent. They are watching with bated breath, what the outcome of this.....proposal will be.
"So I have a question for you. Will you be my partner in the dance competition?" As soon as I finish the crowd collectively huffs out. They were not expecting this, but then there are sounds of 'awws' going around and some people even encourage Angel to say yes.
I stare at her cute heated up face with a knowing smile and sincere eyes.
After snapping out of the shock Angel looks down and mumbles a yes.
It is all that the crowd needs to hear before bursting into applause and whistles.
I get up and look down at Angel with a smile on my face.
"That was nice enough for you?" I ask her and narrows her eyes at me but nods.
Seeing me smile, her own lips stretch into a smile while the crowd goes on hooting and cheering around us.
Hey lovelies! I hope everyone is doing good!
Did y'all like the proposal?
Tell me in the comments.
Until next time lovelies.
Stay safe and stay happy!❤🥰😘💕

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