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After twenty minutes of driving, we arrived at my new school.

Wishing me luck and a final wave from my dad, I get down from the car and turn to my school as my dad drives away.

Entering through the gates, the large building of Everhart High makes me feel somewhat small. The name EVERHART HIGH written across it seemed intimidating.

It feels like entering into a new world. A world full of different experiences waiting to be lived.

The building stretched to the left in an L-shape and the right side space was a parking lot where I could see differet cars from a common Honda Civic to a BMW Mc parked in different lanes.

Inside,the main building the students buzzed around like swarms of bees talking, laughing, studying. Going inside I headed to the reception to ask for directions when suddenly everything in front of my eyes went black.

Clasping the hands that turned the world dark, I turned around to meet my black-eyed best friend Vivian Gibson.

Dressed as usual in her attire of sweatshirt and sweatpants Vivian looked every bit the athlete that she was. Myself, being only 5'4" I had to crane my neck to meet her eyes situated in her head,at a height of 5'8".

"Hiya Aves! How're you doing this morning? Ready to kick ass at our new school?"Vivian questioned me, wiggling her eyebrows.

You see she was the exact opposite of me in both looks and personality. With her black hair and eyes as deep as forest pools settled on a slim nose completed with a perfect set of lips my Via could easily be a Victoria's Secret model if she learnt a little grace.

She loved embarking on dangerous adventures and causing damage while I was the damage controller. We may be total opposites but as the saying goes opposites attract. At our previous school we were known to be two peas in a pod and would come to the others rescue whenever needed.

Together we have plans to own the world. Just kidding!!

"Hey Via, I am ready to begin this year with you." I replied.

"So lets show these people what they've been hit with." Vivian cheered.

We laughed and went to the reception where the lady gave us directions to the Principal's office.

Walking down the corridor and taking a right we came to stand in front of a black door labeled in bold letters as Principal Smith.

Knocking on the door we received a short come in.

Inside the room was all sleek and professional. All white tiles and walls with dark brown and black furniture that consisted of a separate seating area with a coffee table and a bookshelf stretching across the wall. In the middle of the room behind a large mahogany desk sat our Principal Mr.Brandon Smith.

"Good morning, you must the new girls starting today. I hope you have a good experience here at Everhart High. We provide various opportunities in education as well as co curricular activities and I have found that both of you excel in different fields."said Mr.Smith.

This made us both nod.

"Okay so I hope you have a good time here. These are your schedules, locker details and school maps."he said handing us the items.

"I hope you have a good time here and bring laurels for yourself and the school. Have good day ahead." He dismissed us.

We both thanked him and left his office.

"He was so grumpy and rude didn't even let us speak." Vivian exclaimed.

"He was just being to the point Via, not rude."

"Whatever. Lets find our lockers. I need to put these heavy books there fast."

With that we proceeded towards our lockers.

"Are you excited to try out for the dance club?" Vivian asked as we walked.

"Yes I am and I'm sure you're excited to join the athletic team as well."

"Yes. I heard they have some very good runners."

"You'll be good. I'm sure you'll earn your spot."

The locker area was filled with students going about their business.

In one corner particularly,there was a small crowd surrounding something or rather someone. They were all laughing and some were hooting.

Upon closer look I saw there was a specky boy crouched on the floor. He was visibly shaking and his face was drained of any colour.

One of the boy's in the crowd was holding a long pink dildo in his hand and was trying to coax the specky guy's mouth with it. There was even a group of girls standing in front of the boy all enjoying at the expense of the poor boy and cheering along.

"Come on princess! Open your mouth. You know you like it." One of the boy's says.

"Oh yes yoy suckling baby! Take the lollipop. Its your favorite right."exclaimed a blonde headed girl wearing a mini mini skirt and tank top with six inches fuck-me heels.

I was getting angry, watching the exchange. It struck a nerve.

Vivian had a cousin brother who was of my age. I was very close to him and treated him like my own brother. A year ago, he had come out as gay and from then on all the children in school and in the neighborhood had taken it up as their sole duty to tease him about it. It was a very hard time he went through and Vivian and I supported him through it. There were people bullying him because he had different sexual preferences which was just pure bullshit.

"You seem to have some good experience, so why don't you give him a demo barbie doll ?"

The source of the voice was Vivian.

The crowd instantly parted and everyone turned to us.

"It seems to me you love that lollipop much more and leave no chance to lick it." Vivian egged her on some more.

"How dare you talk to Ashley like that? Do you not know who she is?" A girl with platinum blonde hair screeched.

"Probably some stuck up brat who cannot let others live their lives peacefully because their's is missing action." Vivian countered.

"Shut up you bit-"

"Let her be Amanda. She's a newbie who doesn't know her place." Ashley interrupted her posse.

By now, everyone's attention had turned to us.

"Finally, the bitch queen speaks. I am so not glad to hear your voice. Why don't you spend some money on some manner lessons. They'll surely help you." Vivian said.

Standing beside Vivian, I was watching the whole back and forth. Ashely seemed to be getting more aggravated by the moment, her face turning red and hands clenching into fists.

Suddenly, Ashley came closer and raised her hand to hit Vivian.

Now, I am usually a calm and collected person but, if anyone tries to harm my loved ones, I lose it. Just like I lost it now.

I quickly caught the bitch's wrist. Twisting her hand I said,"No need to get all physical. You won't want your newly manicured claws to chip off."

Ashley's face was contorted in so much pain it seemed that I was twisting her intestines instead of her wrist.

So much for drama....

"Don't ever raise your hand on MY friend and invest some time into learning about non-discrimination rules." With that, I released her hand.

"You will pay for this bitch. Ashley sneered. Throwing a final glare in our direction she left, her group of posses following.

"Do you plan to stick it up your ass?" Vivian asked the tall guy holding the pink dildo. He was very tall with jet black hair, brown eyes, straight nose and strong jaw.

"I can help you with that and am sure specky boy will have fun watching."she continued.

"Don't worry, I have no such interests but I got my own personal one that will surely fit somewhere else. If you know what I intend." Was the guy's response.

"Get the fuck out of here before I destroy your family jewels."

"Someone's got a fiery mouth." The tall guy commented again.

"Will you please get out of here?" I told the guy.

"Only because you asked so nicely. Until next time Fire Queen. " he said walking away.

As the crowd scattered away, we approached the specky boy and helped him pick his belongings that were all strewn on the floor.

"Whats your name specky boy?"

"I'm Matthew. Thank you for defending me."

"We were just doing the right thing. No need to thank us. So, Matthew are you interested in some new friendship offers?"

Matthew smiled and extended out his hand.

"From now on I declare myself Matthew Haden your new friend and tour guide." Matthew said excitedly.

We all laughed and after keeping our things in our respective lockers, Matthew guided us to our classes.

For the first period Matthew and I had English while Via had Maths. So, after dropping Vivian off we went to our class together.

As we entered the classroom, I saw that it was almost full and the teacher had also arrived.

Being new, I had to talk to the teacher first so I went to his desk. When he saw me standing beside his desk, he got up and greeted me.

"Ah, you must be the new student coming in today. I am Bryan Holloway your English teacher. What might your name be?"

"Good morning Mr. Holloway, my name is Aaviana Hunter." I replied.

"Well thats a unique name. Please take a seat and I hope you enjoy my class."

I nodded and went to seat beside Matthew at the back.

Soon, the bell rang and Mr. Holloway started the class. Just as he went to read the first paragraph of the lesson the classroom door burst open and in came a gorgeous looking guy.

I never had any crushes till now but I knew to appreciate when someone was good looking. Though, the Adonis that just now entered the class was sinfully handsome.

Everything seemed to fade away, I didn't even hear Mr. Holloway scolding him. I was just focused on the handsome stranger as he got closer.

His ivory skin seemed to glow. The dark brown, almost black curls on his head trickled down to his forehead till his dark eyebrows that framed his glassy grey eyes. His aristocratic nose and pink lips seemed enchanting complimented by his high cheekbones and sharp jawline. He moved with grace and the muscles beneath his dark attire of a black tshirt and jeans contracted with every step.

I suddenly realized that he was coming in my direction and instantly averted my eyes, heat rising to my cheeks.

When he came beside me he bent down to pick up his pen that he accidentally dropped. As he rose up lightly brushing against my side his deep,deep voice sounded in my ear.

"A photo will probably last longer hermosa."

His smoky voice sent shivers down my spine, my cheeks becoming redder by the minute.

When he had settled down behind me, I could still feel his gaze at the back of my head.

I had a feeling I would get to hear much more of his voice and I was not looking forward to it. I silently prayed for the day to pass without any more problems.

This was enough drama for the first day of school.








Sooooooo, here's the second chapter. I hope that it is better and somewhat longer than the first one. I still aim to achieve better and your knowledgeable views will surely help me so please comment down below how you feel about the story.....

How do you like Aaviana's character?

What about Vivian?

I hope you enjoyed so far. Stay safe and stay happy. Until next time my lovelies!!🥰

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