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The Adonis commanded the attention of the whole class from the moment he entered the room.

I realised that I was not the only one drooling away like pooh bear at the sight of honey.

Ofcourse, the female population was giving him all the attention, throwing winks and smirks at him, some going as far as blowing kisses.

A few minutes into the class, I was focusing on the lesson when suddenly a paper ball came flying in my direction landing on my lap. When I looked to see who threw it, my eyes caught Ashley's bitchy face. She pointed to the paper ball, asking me to read what was written in it.

I sighed softly and opened the crumpled ball that said,"Keep your eyes to yourself bitch and stop staring at what is mine."

I didn't understand what she meant. I was just focusing on my lesson and suddenly she's throwing this paper and going all 'my property' on me for no reason.

When I met her eyes again to show my confused expression she had an ugly glare fixed on her face as if I stole her cookie.

I huffed, shaking my head and returned to studying.

When the bell rang,signalling the end of the period, I was fast in packing up my stuff and running out of the classroom in order to get away from the intense grey eyes that had me anxious all the while.

I reached Vivian's class,that was on the next floor right on time to seeher emerging from the doorway with a scowl etched on her face. She was grumbling under her breath which was a sign that she was annoyed.

Just as she came to stand in front of me, Matthew stopped bedide me, panting heavily.

"Why did you run out as if your ass was on fire?" He exclaimed.

"I just wanted to get to Vivian before she came out." I lied avoiding Via's gaze so she couldn't see right through me.

If anyone knew how crack through the facade it was Via. I couldn't hide anything from her and the same goes for her. We just knew each other from so long that we could easily tell when the other was lying.

"What happened to you? What are you so pissed at?" I asked Via instead.

"That mongrel! He is such an irritating idiot. I feel like strapping his mouth shut with a ball gag, tying him up then dripping hot wax on him till he screams and then scratching it off with my nails!" Via sneered with a glare on her face.

"I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff Fire Queen", came a voice from behind Via.

It was the same guy who was holding the pink dildo when they trying to bully Matthew.

Via's cheeks turned pink at realization of what she had said.

Now this was a first cause Vivian never got embarrassed.

But, she quickly composed herself and turned to face the dildo guy with a glare on her face.

"Well, if maybe if you lick my toes and beg me I might consider taking you up for being my pet." Via countered.

Hearing this even my cheeks turned pink. After all these years also I was surprised by Via's loud and 'dominant' behaviour.

Dildo guy only smirked and said," We'll see who is the one begging kitten."

"Stop calling me names you idiot."

I had known Via since we were babies who spoke only garbled words and pooped and peed whenever it felt like. I had seen how Via handled anyone she encountered. No one had managed to get on Via's nerves so fast. She always kept her calm while handling all the fools coming her way but, there was just something about this dildo dude that aggravated her.

Matthew and I were just standing there witnessing the war that was about to ensue. I knew it was not going to end well so I had to intervene.

"Via, lets go. We have to get our books from the locker and make it to the next class on time. I said while tugging on her sleeve.

My words seemed to have no effect on her as she kept on glaring at dildo guy.

I felt my scalp prickling, like someone was staring at me. I looked behind to meet the intense grey gaze of the Adonis whom I ran from. Ashley was standing by his side clinging to his arm, trying to get his attention but he continued to stare at me. I found it weird.

Ashley seemed to notice what he was staring at and she glared when her eyes met mine. Now I understand what she meant by the warning on the paper ball.

If we didn't get out of here this would lead to another fight and I really didn't want to end in detention on the first day of school itself. So, I pulled Vivian harder and dragged her away from the scene. All the while she kept looking back and glaring at dildo dude who seemed to get more and more amused by her reaction.

It was only when we rounded the corner did she turn around and then started grumbling under her breath.


This day just keeps getting better and better. Pun intended.





Thankfully, the next three classes went without any drama. We were both receiving glares from random girls but that was it.

I realised how hungry I was now that it was lunchtime.

Matthew being our self appointed guide showed us to the school canteen.

It was a very spacious area with big round tables scattered around it and a long serving area in the front of the room where students were already lining up for their lunch.

After getting our food we went to seat at a table which was a bit away from the raucous and had a good view of the whole area.

The canteen was filled with hungry students all here to fill their starving bellies. They were scattered around the hall in their respective groups, talking and laughing while eating their food.

There was particularly a table, the one in the center that had the most students buzzing around it. There were girls especially throwing themselves on the boys sitting there and others were just ignoring them and going about their business.

When a boy standing in the front moved a bit I was able to see a girl sitting on a boy's lap while openly kissed. The boy's hands were literally everywhere and why not because the girl was literally pushing herself onto him. It was only when the boy grabbed her hair that I was able to see their faces.

It was Ashley and the guy who was eating away herface was none other than the grey-eyed Adonis. As though realizing that I was watching, they broke the kiss and Ashley turned and smirked at me.

I had stopped eating and only realized that when Via waved her hand in front of my face.

"What happened Aaviana? Why did you suddenly stop eating?". She asked.

"Oh nothing! I was just thinking about dance club."

"Don't worry Aves, you'll get in easily. I believe in you." Via assured.

"Its not that easy. You'll have to undergo-"

Matthew began to say but was stopped when a girl accidentally spilled her drink on our table. We immediately stood up as it started to drop onto our clothes.

"Omg! I'm so sorry for the mess. I hope K have not ruined your clothes. Actually, it doesn't matter they would have cost less than my food."

I looked up to see that it was one of the girls from Ashley's posse group. She had such a shrill voice and my ears hurt when she started laughing which sounded more like screeching.

Everyone in the canteen was looking at the scene and I could literally feel the anger radiating from Via. Here it goes.....

"Well maybe our clothes cost less than your damn food but they are surely more costly than your bitchy attitude that costs less than two flying fucks."

At this, the people standing around started snickering while the girl stared at Via with an open mouth. She had nothing to counter with and just stomped away like a little child.

Well, leave it to Vivian to come up with creative insults.

After that all the people went back to minding their own business and we finished our food after cleaning up. During the whole fiasco I was feeling someone's gaze on me and knew I was right when I saw the same grey-eyed Adonis staring when we were exiting the canteen.

I really don't know why he does that. It is as if I am some sort of exotic animal and he is the scientist researching on me.





The rest of the day went on without any more problems from Bitch Clan although I was still being stared at by the black maned handsome and I was beginning to get irritated.

Finally the classes were over and it was time to go for our extra curricular classes.

I was nervous because I had heard that the dance teacher was very strict when it came to new members joining the club and they even had to undergo an audition process.

I closed my locker and turned to Vivian just as she closed hers.

"All the best Via. I know you'll do good but still." I said.

Vivian was confident the whole day but I knew now that the had come.

"Yeah, I guess. All the best to you too." Via said.

After that both of us walked to our destinations separately.

Walking down the hallway I took a deep breath as I reached the designated door.

Knocking on it, I entered the room to a sharp come in.

The inside of the room was a choreographer's dream. It was a large space with a high ceiling, the flooring was the colour of maple syrup, the walls were white with the whole front wall being a mirror. There were some chairs scattered in the back of the room and there were doors that led to changing rooms at the side.

Once I had admired the whole room, my eyes landed on a woman standing with a clipboard and a stick in her hand. I instantly recognized her as the teacher.

"Are done wasting my time kid? I am actually in the middle of a class so why don't you come back sometime later to admire the room?"

I quickly composed myself and said,"I am sorry. My name is Aaviana Hunter and I'm here to join the dance club."

The teacher's gaze intensified as if she was studying me, figuring out if I was worth her time. I tried my best to appear confident though I was hella nervous.

"Fine. I'll give you exactly one chance to prove to me that you are not wasting my time and are worth of joining the club."

I thanked her for the opportunity then took a deep breath and asked her if I could go a with my choice song. When she responded with a go ahead a boy came forward from the crowd of students and helped me with the song.

The students all scattered around the room in a circle. I had already changed into a sweatshirt and shorts so I didn't need to change now. I looked around and to my utter surprise I connected eyes with the grey-eyed gaze that seemed to follow me everywhere and just beside him stood the one and only Bitch queen Ashley with an ever present glare on her face.

Great! Exactly what I needed now. She was looking at me as if I didn't deserve to even get a chance at the club. Well, it was not her I had to prove myself to but my teacher.

I blocked it all out and took position as the song began.

Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke started playing as the crowd got silent and watched me.

Soon the song began and I was just lost and my body seemed to move like water, flowing freely.

Well I heard there was a secret cord That David played, and it pleased the lord But you don't really care for music, Do ya?

Well it goes like The fourth, the fifth The minor fall and the major lift The baffled king composing hallelujah.....

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

I slide down onto the floor and rise as the note of the song rises. My hands lift towards the ceiling as I stand on my toes and then I slide down again.

Your faith was strong But you needed proof You saw her bathing on the roof Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya

She tied you to her kitchen chair She broke your throne and she cut your hair And from your lips she drew the hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

I execute a swift air split then twirled on my right toe to finally move into a simpler stance. As the note rises I bend my body fowards nd leap into the air as I land on the floor smoothly and perform a cartwheel with my hands on the floor.

Maybe there's a God above But all I've ever learned from love Was how to shoot somebody Who'd outdrew ya

Its not someone who's seen the light Its a cold and it's a broken hallelujah


I jumped up and twirl on a single toe and then threw my body back with a jerk then again rose again to shoot forward with a fying kick and slid down onto the floor as the song ended.

I was pulled out of my reverie as someone clapped their hands and I rise to my feet to see most of the people around me clapping,even the teacher had a happy but barely visible smile on her face.

She came forward and tapped my shoulder and said,"Not bad kid, you have immense potential. Welcome to the dance club of Everhart High."








So here's the third chapter. I hope you liked it. I had to do a lot of research on the dancing scene as I don't listen to English songs much and also the dance moves as I am not a dancer. Please express your views on the chapter and like the story and follow me here and on Instagram to get updates from the story.

Stay safe and stay happy everyone!😘

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