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Parking my Lexus rx 500 in the designated space, I jump out of the door to get to class before the bell rings. However, I am not successful because just as I enter the main building, I hear the bell ringing.

Entering the class, I saw that Mr. Holland had just started teaching and now he stands there with a scowl on his face as he sees me burst through the doors of the classroom.

"Thank you for finally gracing us with your presence Mr. Amherst. Please take a seat and remember that it is the second time you are late this month and a third time will cost you punishment." Mr. Holloway said while glaring at me.

"Thank you Sir. It won't happen again." I say nonchalantly.

Mr. Holland just scoffs and returns to the board to continue with the lesson.

As I proceed to my seat; I notice all the girls staring at me, throwing winks and smirks. All of which I respond to with a smirk of my own.

As I get closer to my desk, I see a beautiful girl staring at me. Her green eyes seemingly drinking me in, looking into my soul, uncovering the deepest, darkest secrets. Her cute little nose perched on top of some luscious lips, gave her an angelic look.

She suddenly averted her eyes, as if snapping out of a daze. Her cheeks lit up with a pinkish glow, realizing that she was staring at me openly.

Her reaction brought an impromptu smile on face. The look on her face proves that she is just as innocent as she looks.

Reaching up to her, I dropped my pen accidentally. While picking it up, I lightly brushed against her side. Lingering close to her ear, I whispered,"A photograph will probably last longer hermosa."

She was surely affected by the close proximity because the blush on her cheeks deepened some more.

I proceeded to my seat, right behind her. I knew she was aware of my gaze because of her fidgety movements.

From the day that I was mature enough to appreciate the beauty of a woman, I have always classified them as hot or sexy. But, never have I seen a girl and thought of her as beautiful, and that too at the first sight. But this girl, her innocent but intense stare seemed to give rise to different thoughts in my mind. She is the first girl I deemed to be beautiful except for my little sister. She's my little angel the only one who can bend me to her will.

I am a total player and I am not ashamed of saying it. The day I was old enough to act on my needs, I dived in head first into the sea of euphoria and have enjoyed sailing through it, ever since. I have never forced anyone, it is never needed when my looks do the whole trick. So, I just take what is offered to me and the offerings are in plenty.

The whole period I was watching the girl, following all her movements. I liked that despite being aware of my gaze on her, she continued her work and did everything with a dancer's grace.

I had noticed when a paper ball came flying in her direction and landed on her lap. Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked for the person who had thrown it. My eyes met with Ashley's glaring face. I didn't understand her actions but didn't dwell on it.





As soon as the class ended, Angel quickly packed up her stuff and headed for the classroom door. It was as if she was trying to get away before someone stopped her. It didn't take me long to figure out that she was running from me. The fact that she was this affected by me produced a smirk on my face.

Not to toot my own horn, but I had girls giving themselves to me willing and reacting excessively to my every action. Sometimes it just gets too much; but to see this particular beauty get affected by me was a treat to my ever growing ego.

Just as she ran out of class, Ashley approached me, putting her hand over my chest as if laying a claim.

"Baby! I missed you so much." She purred though it sounded more like a screech.

Ashley was one of my on call girls, whom I called when I needed some relief. She was just like the others. The fuck'em and leave'em policy of mine applied to her also. I don't know why she thought of herself as different.

"Well, I didn't." I said while removing her claws from my chest.

I picked up my stuff while ignoring the whining cat fussing over me and left the classroom.

When I got to the next floor wherein I had my next class, I saw the same girl from earlier standing in the middle of the corridor beside a taller girl. Matthew, the geek was also with them. The taller girl was arguing with a boy who I recognized as my best friend Cole.

This rang a bell in my mind. Cole had called me in the morning when the first bell had not yet rung. He had told me about his encounter with two new girls when he was trying to have some fun in the morning. He narrated the whole incident to me of how both of them handled everything, especially cracking up while explaining their little scene with Ashley. It seems they are same new girls he was talking about.

I was staring at Angel's back while thinking about the words that she said to Ashley which Cole told me about. It seems like Angel's got some fire in her.

Ella es un ángel luchador.(She's a feisty angel)

I think she felt my eyes on her because she turned around. Her eyes met mine before going to Ashley who was standing beside me. I didn't even realize that she was standing there till now. I saw how she threw a nasty glare at Angel.

When I turned towards them again; Angel was dragging her friend away from Cole while she kept glaring at him. Seeing this, I shrugged out of Ashley's hold and approached Cole who had a smirk settled on his face.

Clapping his shoulder, I asked,"What was all that fuss about?"

"The new girls that I told you about, that's them; and my are they fiery. This is gonna be fun." Cole said, never taking off his gaze from the said girls.

"It sure is." I said while staring at the cloud of dark hair disappearing down the turn. Just as I said this, the bell rang and we went off to our class.





It was break time and I was sitting at our usual table with everyone else. We were all talking and laughing when Ashley came and threw herself on my lap and immediately started smooching me. She opened her mouth and shoved her tongue in my mouth. It was an open offer so I took it. Just grab it when you get it.

I gripped her thigh and held her hair back. Everything around us continued normally, seeing as this was the sight every other day.

When we broke apart my eyes caught Angel, sitting at a table in the corner that was in a straight line from here. She was sitting with her tall friend and Matthew. She was eating quietly with her friends when suddenly Courtney, one of Ashley's friends spilled her drink on their table. Now that was uncalled for. They were not even saying anything to her then why should she behave like this?

Hearing Courtney's words, the tall girl let out her own string of colourful insults.

"Well, maybe our clothes cost less than your damn food but they are surely more costly than your bitchy attitude that costs less than two flying fucks."

Hearing this I couldn't stop the laugh that burst through my throat but I stopped when Ashley narrowed her eyes at me. I turned to look at the scene again to see Courtney walking away and a small smile playing on Angel's lips. She looked so beautiful while smiling and I couldn't help but stare at her.

After that everyone carried on with their own business and Angel andwent back to eating after cleaning up their table.





It was finally the time for club activities and I was eager to get started with mine. I reached the dance room early and went to change immediately. When I came out changed, everyone had arrived and our dance instructor Ms.Lola James was starting the class. I went to stand in the circle of people and Ashley was once again quick to come and stand beside me. I don't know why she is so clingy.

Just as Ms.Lola started speaking there was a knock on the door and in came the girl that my eyes have been following all day.

There she was, clad in a t-shirt and shots, displaying her toned legs. Whole day she was never far from my thoughts. My eyes kept watching her in every class we had together, which were a lot. But seeing her here, surprised me. Had she gotten the wrong door or was she really a dancer?

When Miss.Lola reprimanded her and she said that she was here to join the club, I got excited. Even I wanted to see if she could really dance. Well, I was going to find out now.

She was prepping for her audition now, as it was a rule of the club. The sound system began to play Hallelujah and then we witnessed an angel dancing to the tune of God.

It seemed that the music began to flow through her veins and she moved smoothly with the rythm. It was not her body, but her soul dancing and moving with enchanting efficiency. With sharp and flowing moves, she appeared to move like liquid electricity. Her name fitted her perfectly; pretty girl, Aaviana.

I was tempted to get to know her more and I was going to do that.




When Miss. Lola said that I was accepted into the class, I was ecstatic. It felt like I had achieved something.

The circle of people around me began to dissolve and then our teacher began the class once again.

My name was added to the register and I was given a locker, after which the class started.

Miss. Lola, as her ID card read, was a strict teacher who believed in achieving perfection in every task. I was pleased to know that even her forte was contemporary and ballet; just like me. I also learnt that we had another teacher who specialised in Hip hop and similar styles. This was good, because we will get to learn about different forms and take up the one we are most comfortable with.

The class went good. We learnt a few new pointers and to better our technique and correct our posture.

As I was going to the changing rooms to store my stuff, a deep voice stopped me.

"Hey sweetheart, you are truly a fine dancer."

I turned to meet the same grey-eyed gaze that was following me the whole day. My heart stopped beaying for a second. He was an extremely fine sight and I was staring once again.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked while placing a hand on my shoulder. It felt tingley where his hand contacted with my shoulder.

I quickly shook out of the trance I was in, heat rising to my cheeks.

"Yes, I'm okay and thank you." I didn't fail to see the smirk gracing his face though it disappeared almost instantly. I also realised how tall he was; a good 6' 2 or so inches, if not more, considering I barely reached his shoulders.

"Your welcome and I look forward to learning together. I think you can teach me a thing or two. I'd love to know you more because we're not socks but I think we'll make a good pair." He said while giving me the same smirk.

His last line made me laugh. I never dated or anything but even I knew when someone was flirting.

His smirk soon turned into a smile.

"What? Don't you like my pick up line? Its the first time I used it." He said while smiling.

"No, it was a bit weird. I don't think you should use it again and I don't think I am that good of a dancer as to teach you. Anyways, I need to go. Bye." I said this after composing myself and left immediately,flushed red once again.

"See you soon Angel."

I was walking away, but I was sure I heard him call me Angel which just added to the red on my face. I don't know what it is about him, that makes me act like a little girl who met santa; getting all hyped up for some unknown reason.

After that, I proceeded to the changing room to get into my previous clothes. Inside the room, I saw several long lockers like in a cricket team's locker room. They lined a whole wall and adjacent to the wall were private stalls for showering and freshening up. I went to my locker and started storing my things in it.

I was thinking of taking a little shower since it was hot and I felt sticky. I went into one of the empty stalls and began showering.

I was out in 10 minutes tops but everyone was already gone. I shrugged and went to my locker to get my bag. As I was taking out my bag, the locker door was slammed shut, merely escaping my face.

I turned my shocked wide-eyed gaze to see none other than Bitch Queen glaring at me.

Her eyes were narrowed into slits and she seemed to be shooting imaginary bullets from them.

Poking my shoulder with a sharp manicured claw, she said.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from Nathan bitch?"

Oh, so Mr.Grey eye's name was Nathan.

"Hey I'm talking to you. Don't start dreaming now, because Nathan is mine. Do you understand!"

Her sharp claw kept poking me while she laid her claim on Mr. Grey eyes. It was starting to get irritating, so I grabbed her finger and put her hand down to her side.

"First, I have no interest in 'Mr. Yours'. Second, it was not me. He came to talk to me and third, keep your claws to yourself or you'll have none to use again." I said in a strong voice with a bit of a smile at the end.

Picking up my things, I left a steaming Ashley and headed out of the room to meet Via at the main exit.

While walking to the school exit, I was thinking about the day and how dramatic it was. I swear it felt like I was in a teenage daily soap and not some normal school.

When I was turning the corner from dance room, Nathan fell into step with me. He scared me somewhat, but I didn't let him catch it.

"So.....when can I come over?" He asked me as we walked.

"Come over? Why do you wanna come over?" I asked confused. I understood alright what he was asking about. I just didn't want to risk Ashley seeing us again. I had just enough drama all day and was seriously not interested in more. Though his deep voice sent these pleasing feelings in my body, I didn't want to get involved in any unnecessary school politics.

"Don't you remember, I asked you if you could teach me." He said, with a smirk.

"I thought you were just joking around."

"No seriously, you are a very good dancer. I would love to learn something from you both about you and dance." This time his face held a small but genuine smile.

It felt good to receive appreciation and coming from him it just felt extra nice for some reason.

"Thanks, but I don't think I am that much experienced as to teach you. Besides, we have Miss. Lola and she is a great teacher."

"Yes, but I want to know you more."

He seemed so desperate, but I could not risk it. I was okay on my own and I also had Via. I didn't do well with people. I preferred staying in my little bubble that protected me from the world's trickery.

With this thought in my mind, I replied to him with a curt 'no' and ran away from him.








I know was absent for a while, but I had to think about how I wanted to portray Nathan's character, since its the first time I'm introducing him. Please know that the chapters aren't edited, do I'm sorry for the errors. Anyways, I hope you like the chapter. Don't forget to share your thoughts and follow me to receive updates.

Stay safe and stay happy. Until next time.😘

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