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I run out into the school ground directly as fast as I can.

I know that I am overreacting but, I can't help it. My mind does not let me trust anyone. I am afraid of trusting someone new.

I had trusted my mother. My little heart had trusted her. Trusted her to be my teacher to tell me right from wrong, to be my coach to tell me how to do things, to be my best friend when I needed someone to vent to. Most of all, I had trusted her to be my mother, to care for me and love me.

Just when I had started to understand what the word 'mother' meant, the very person who had that entity in my life walked away.

Leaving me, a naive five year old child with a broken heart and trust issues.

Shrugging off the thoughts, I walk forward into the ground and turn towards the track.

At some distance, I can see Via. She has her backpack on her shoulder and she has not changed out of her sports attire which is a t-shirt and shorts. She is walking fast, almost running towards me.

Once she reaches me, she takes my hand and starts dragging me in the direction of the parking lot.

"What happened? Why are you running Via?"

"We need to get out of here fast before that sore thumb catches up."

"But who's the 'sore thumb' and why are you running from him or her?"

"Cole fucking Gerald. Thats who I'm talking about and the rest I'll tell you in the car." She says this and keeps running with me to the parking lot.

Via is about to be eighteen in a few months and her dad had gifted her, her first car on her last birthday. Therefore she has her own vehicle to travel.

Suddenly, someone calls from behind us.

"Hey, you! Stop! How dare you put mud in my sneakers? Stop right there Vivian!"

I turned around to see Dildo guy chasing after us and started laughing.

I was laughing because he was running barefoot with a sneaker in each hand. He looked somewhat like a chicken gone crazy. It was a vision, really seeing him run like that, with his hands up in the air while he shouted after us to stop.

We were getting to Via's car that was parked beside a Lexus rx 500. Via had already opened the doors through the automatic lock. Just as we reached the car, someone grabbed my arm from behind.

"Where do you think you are you going Angel?"

I turned to see the grey eyes that had been following me all day.

"Yeah Nathan! Don't let her escape." Yelled Dildo guy. He was getting closer.

"I got her Co-"

Mr. Grey eyes could not complete his sentence because my bestest friend Via sprayed all the water from her bottle on his face. Shocked by the sudden water attack, Mr. Grey eyes left my hand and started coughing up the water that was sprayed up his nose.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Via and I quickly got into the car and Via reversed the car fast.

But, just as we were going to escape, Dildo guy reached us and stood in front of the car. We were trapped because there was only one way to get out and he was standing there.

Dildo guy crossed his arms and put on a smug smile. Out of the corner of my eye, I also saw Nathan coming to join him.

But, never fear when VIANA's here. (A/N: Thats a ship name for Vivian and Aaviana.)

Looking at Via, I directed her gaze towards the damp mud on the ground because of the rains. A silent discussion took place between us. Giving each other smug smiles; we turned to see the guys. Buckling up our seatbelts, we exchanged another glance charged with the adrenaline pumping in our blood.

Via pushed the accelerator and turned the car a whole 360, making the guys hop aside and also splashing them with all the damp mud.

Halting the car, we looked at the boys.

"We hope that, that is enough mud dor you guys. Good luck with cleaning up. Oh! And here's some water for it." Via said while throwing a bottle of water at them.

Pressing the accelerator, we whooshed out of the school gates, laughing and high fiving each other.

These type of little adventures occur often and are some of my best savored memories. The little moments we have together make our friendship deeper. Vivian has been with me through thick and thin. She has seen me at my worst and at my best. I love her with all my heart and will do anything for her just as Vivian would do for me.



As we get down from the high of what just happened, I begin to think that I never asked Via the reason behind it.

"Via, what happened? Why was Dildo guy chasing after us like that?"

Vivian glanced at me and soon her evil smile decorated her face, confirming that she had committed some mischief.

"Nothing much. I just put some soft pillowy mud in 'Dildo guy's' sneakers. To teach him a lesson of course." Via said, her smile widening.

I didn't realize that I had said the innovative name my mind had given Cole out loud. But, this is nothing new for Via. She is used to my creative mind.

"But why did you need to teach him a lesson?" I questioned.

"He thought he could get away with making fun of me so I thought that it would be good to give him some lessons Vivian style."

"Well, he did appear troublesome. Be careful around him now. Maybe he will want to get back at us and that too together with Mr. Grey eyes."

"Who's Mr. Grey eyes?"

"Oh, he is the one whom hou gave a water attack. The one who was holding me."

"Do you know him from somewhere and why was he calling you 'Angel' ?"

"I have no idea why he called me that and he is a part of the dance club."

I didn't tell Vivian about his staring, because then she will not hesitate to go after him like a mother hen protecting her chick.

"Oh yes! How was dance club?"

This brought a smile on my face. I love dancing so much.

"It was good. I had to go through an audition, but I got accepted. Ms.Lola is a very good teacher. How was your club activity?"

"I sure did girl. Coach Brent is good. He watched me through the whole run that we took through the track and then all the while, while other activities. When the bell rang and we were all summoned he talked to me separately and told me I had great potential and told me he will give his best in order to make me the best."

"Well thats good. Coach Brent seems genuinely invested in his job."

After some more minutes, we reached Via's home. Its such a nice thing that her father works in the same company as my dad and had to transfer to New York at the same time. We were neighbors in Ohio and here also, her home is just down a street from mine. Thank God otherwise, I wouldn't know what to do without the Gibsons. They are the only people I consider family except for my dad. We have shared every experience together.

Her house is a little bigger than mine because of more family members. Via's family consists of her mom, dad, older brother Kaden and herself.

It is such a nice feeling being in her house. All of the members are so welcoming and relaxed, it just cheers you up.

Via parks her car in the built-in garage and we get out of the car, heading for the main door.

As soon as we approach the door, it is swung open and Kelly Gibson greets us with her signature wide smile and a spatula in her hand.

"Well, I heard the sound of the car approaching so decided to open the door myself. How was your first day at your new school girls?" She asks while ushering us inside.

Coming inside, I am instantly flooded by a homey feeling. The family photos on the walls, the hand knit cloth table and the intoxicating smell of lasagna coming from the kitchen provide a cozy feeling.

"It was fun mom. We made some new friends." Via answered.

Being the fantastic mother that she was, Kelly Gibson instantly recognized the glint of mischief in Via's eyes.

"What did you do now Vivian?"

"Nothing maa, it was just a normal day and we both got accepted into our respective clubs."

Kelly turned to me. She knows I will not lie to her so she turns to me with a wide smile on her face.

"Now, my Avey will tell me the truth. Tell me Avey. What happened at school?"

Like the little girl that I am I blurt out all about our little escape.

Kelly's face is blsnk after hearing all of it. Then, she turns towards the stove and begins to stir some soup.

"Did y'all click some pictures?"

"Pictures, for what?" Via asks looking at me once before turning to her mother.

"So I could see if you got them sprayed right, of course!" Kelly exclaims while moving her spatula in the air.

Both mine and Vivian's eyes are wide and then Kelly starts laughing.

Seriously, this is nothing new. Kelly Gibson is a superwoman. She is a badass who doesn't stop at anything and fiercely protects her loved ones. This is just one of her talents. Every time Via and I have a little adventure like this, she confronts us and then puts on her serious blank face on. After a minute or two of unnerving silence, she asks us such a random question with so much seriousness that we are left stunned.

She does this every time and we fall for it nonetheless.

Then, the oven beeps, signaling that the lasagna is ready. Kelly puts on a mitten and takes out the sizzling, hot dish out. Instantly, the kitchen is filled with the mouth watering smell of the vegetable lasagna.

"Ok girls! Now go and wash your hands and face and whatever else fast while I plate this up. Chop, chop!"

We head upstairs to Via's room and while I wash my hands and face, Via picksca change of clothes. After Via is also freshened up, we head down to stuff our hugry stomachs.

While eating, a conversation ensues and we start discussing about the people at school, telling Kelly about the incidents that took place.

We tell her about the whole incident with Matthew and how we handled the Bitch clan and Cole.

"Oh! Aaves has given Cole a name of her own 'Dildo guy'." Via tells Kelly.

"Yes, because he was holding one when I first saw him and it was just stuck in my mind."

"Oh and then we have the whole group of posses headed by Bitch Queen herself."

"Hmm. This smells like the cliche high school situation that we have in each of them. But, each of the them has their own queen Queen b and possees and bad guys. I wonder what the situation will be here. Well, if you guys need any tips on how to take on bitches and dogs don't hesitate to ask me. Okay? I'll tell you all the tips and tricks." Kelly says after listening to the whole conversation.

She is really a badass as we have heard many interesting stories about her days in high school and college; and mind you they were pretty colorful.

This is the reason I call Kelly a supermom., because she is such joyous person. She listens to all our adventures that we go on and even gives us ideas. But, she is also the strict mother who punishes us if we ever cross the line.

After spending some more time with the mother daughter duo, I decide to go home and get started with homework and then dinner.

Walking home alone, my mind is again flooded with the thoughts of today.

I really had fun in the second half of the day. The teachers are fantastic and I got selected in dance club. The students there though....I'm not sure if I've met anyone good other than Matthew. Ashley and her group are definitely going to be a problem, but nothing Via and I can't handle together.

I was suddenly realizing what I had done today. The whole incident that happened after school, it was fun sure, but we'll have to be careful tomorrow. Dildo guy doesn't look like the forgiving type and Mr. Grey eyes seems no better. Something tells me that they are really good friends and if they come together, we'll have to face consequences.

I am instantly flooded with the images of those intense grey eyes that followed all my movements throughout the day. Nathan didn't seem dangerous or bad, but appearances can be deceptive; right?

Oh God! I am already dreading going to school and then dance club tomorrow.








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