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After they left Cole and me drenched in mud, it actually took us a few minutes to comprehend what had happened.
We looked at each other, still sitting in the mud; eyes wide and mouths open.
Snapping out of the trance, we finally got up and started shaking off whatever we could.
"First my shoes and then the WHOLE of me. Ughh! I hate mud! I am going to put cement everywhere so this does not happen again!" Cole whines like a five year old.
"Yes, and you won't even have to spend money. You can just take it from your father."
"These newbies are seriously a force to be reckoned with." Cole says.
"That they are."
"Seriously, this is their first day here and they have already smothered us with mud. I can't believe this shit is happening to us."
"Relax. We'll get our chance at having fun. After all, they're gonna study in the same school as us now. I say we show them how bad it can be messing with us. Whaf do ya think ?"
"I say am in." Cole said while copying the evil smirk that came onto my face.
"Well then, we have some work to do."

The next day, I get up with the thoughts of our fun time yesterday on my mind.
I have a feeling that the boys will definitely take their revenge.
"What do you think Bumpy?" I asked my human sized teddy bear who was sitting in one corner of my room, on a comfortable rocking chair.
I had always talked to Bumpy about everything that I felt. Things that I had never talked about to anyone. Not even dad or Via.
My cream colored friend with black eyes and a pink fur coat on him looked at me with the same blank expression that he always did.
This was the thing I liked about him the most. Bumpy always listened to my problems and feelings. Never interrupting; not that he could. But, it just felt good to have a friend whom you could rant to without a care for anything.
I had no solution to this problem so I stopped myself from overthinking. I can't do nothing, but be careful and avoid them as much as I can.
At breakfast, dad asks me how my first day at school went.
"It was good dad. The teachers seem genuinely interested in their jobs. I also got into dance club. Ms. Lola is a great teacher."
"That's good sweetheart. You're going to go with Vivian now on. Right?"
"Yes Dad." My dad wanted to drop me to school yesterday since it was my first day, but now I was resuming my normal routine of traveling in Via's car.
Just as this thought crossed my mind, there was a knock on the door. I put my fork and knife down and went to open it and was barely spared a punch on the nose.
"Oh! I'm so sorry Aaves. I was about to knock again." Via apologized.
"It's okay Via. Come on in."
I ushered her inside and to the breakfast bar.
"Good morning Roland." Via greeted my dad.
"Good morning Vivian. How're you doing these days?"
"Oh, you know same old life with some kicks here and there. It's going good."
"Well thats great. Any new stunts that you pulled?" Dad asked Via, and I tensed. I hadn't told dad about our little escape yesterday because he had come late and tired. So, we just had dinner and retired to our rooms immediately.
"Oh Aaves didn't tell you?" Via questioned while turning her gaze towards me. I looked at her with wide eyes making her understand how this incident was not to be shared with Dad. I didn't want Dad to stress about any boys troubling me in school. He had enough on his plate and I can effectively handle some dancing idiots myself.
"What didn't you tell me sweetheart?" Dad asked while looking at me.
"Oh just that we tried that new flip that is trending now a days. We weren't fully successful but yeah."
"Okay sweetheart. Just be careful while doing these flips."
"Yes dad. We should leave now, Via?" I asked my friend who was busy stuffing her face with pancakes. Seriously, she eats a lot and without any manners when she is at home.
Via looked at her watch. Seeing that it was thirty minutes to first bell, she stuffed the remaining bite in her mouth, took the last pancake in her hand and stood up with her bag on her shoulder.
"Thank you for the breakfast Roland. I gotta go, reverse the car." Via said to Dad.
"Have a good day at school." Dad wished her as she went out the door.
"Bye Dad. Have a good day. See you in the evening." I bid farewell to Dad while picking up my bag.
"Actually, Princess, I won't return from work today. They are sending me to some seminar and I won't return till tomorrow. I wanted to tell you yesterday but I was really tired." This has happened before. Since dad is in a higher position, he is often told to attend seminars that keep him away for a day or two.
"Oh. Okay dad then have a safe journey and I'll see you tomorrow." I wish dad.
"I will princess. Take care of yourself and call me at night. I have landed by then."
"Okay dad. See ya. Bye."
I got into Via's car that was now on the side of the street, ready to take us to school.
"You didn't tell your Dad about our little adventure?" Via asked while putting the car in drive.
"No. I didn't get the chance and I slso don't want him to stress about some high school boys. I can handle them on my own."
"Yeah, and I'm always there for help if you need any."
"Yes. Do you think they'll try something today?"
"I don't know. But, we'll handle whatever they throw at us." Via said; determination shining in her eyes.
I smiled at her and nodded.
We reached school, just five minutes prior to the first bell and rushed to the locker area to get our books.
The hallways were relatively empty with only a few students that were also rushing to get to their classes. Thankfully, we did not encounter any trouble and went to our separate classes, bidding a last farewell to each other.
I had Maths while Via had Chemistry.
When I reached my class, I began looking for a vacant seat and to my absolute advantage, the only seat available was next to the person I wanted to avoid the most.
Seeing as I had no other option, I began trudging towards the back. To sit with none other than Grey eyes.
Seeing me approach, Mr. Grey eyes cracked a little smirk, which was a little on the mischievous side, I think.
I was so regretting what I had done yesterday, but having no other way, I just went with the situation.
Sitting beside him was the last thing I wanted today and hearing him greet me so nicely, I was sure something was wrong.
"Good morning Angel! How are you today?"
His voice is seriously so deep and for a teenage boy he seems more like a man.
"Listen, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. But, you see we wouldn't have done that if you'll would not have troubled us so much." I told him. Though it seemed more like an accusation than an apology.
"Trouble! When did I trouble you Angel?" He said while looking at me with wide eyes.
He was right. He did not do anything to me. Well, he was staring at me the whole day, but there is no bad in looking.
"Okay. I am sorry and I don't want things to escalate any further, so please let it go and lets make amends." I stated reiterating my apology.
"As you say Angel. Lets make amends, but I have a condition." He stated with that evil smirk again set on his face.
"What condition?"
"You have to come to a party at Cole's house today and bring your friend with you."
We smeared him with water and mud and he wants us to come to a party! Theres something fishy.
"Why ?" I asked him with a confused expression, because thats what I was. Confused.
"Like I said yesterday. I want to know you more and I think that this party will be a good place for that. You can socialize more because almost everyone from school will be attending."
"I'll think about it." I said, not really convinced that it was a good idea.
"Well, if you want my forgiveness then its the only option." He said while raising his eyebrow.
I just nodded and got to studying since the teacher had already started.
The whole time Mr. Shaw was explaining calculus, Nathan was busy in his phone; playing games. It was irritating seriously, because the sound effects were disturbing. Though he had minimized the volume, it was still audible to me.
"You should stop playing games and pay attention to what is being taught." I finally spoke.
"But I know everything that is being taught." He said not taking his eyes off the screen.
"Well, good for you, but I really want to learn what is being taught."
"I can teach you better than him. Don't worry."
"I don't want to-"
"Ms. Aaviana Hunter, I don't think that I am speaking gibberish or telling some joke that you don't have to hear. If you really know everything about calculus then please share your knowledge with us." Mr. Shaw commented, making me stand up from my seat and the whole class turned towards me.
"So tell us Ms. Hunter. What is the derivative of log x ?"
Of course I was not able to answer since I was busy arguing with Nathan.
"Its not her fault Sir. I was disturbing her." Nathan said standing up himself.
"Oh. It has not even been two days and you have already started socializing with Mr. Amherst. Let me tell you one thing. I want you to pay attention in my class. Since you seem to not understand this, you will have to face detention after school and don't worry Mr. Amherst, you can accompany Ms. Hunter. You two may sit and pay attention for the rest of the class." Mr. Shaw declared when Nathan went to speak again.
I glared at Nathan then sat down and glared at Mr. Shaw. He didn't even let me say anything.
"I'm sorry." Came Mr. I know Everything's meek reply.
I didn't say anything, just kept doing my work silently.

I didn't want to disturb her. I was just minding my business, playing games. It was her who started arguing with me. But, I didn't like how Mr. Shaw spoke to her and so I stood up to defend her.
Just because he is a teacher Mr. Shaw thinks that he has a right to punish people for no reason at all. He is one of those teachers who is just irritated with anything and everything and shows his anger over students if they commit even a small mistake.
But seeing her act mad at me, was seriously kinda cute. I didn't know why but it was so funny and cute when her cheeks slightly puffed up and lips settled into an unintentional pout.
Currently she was killing the innocent paper with her pen by applying more pressure than necessary and was sitting almost at the edge of her seat; as much far from me as possible. She had also drawn a curtain between us; her hair. Like a petulant child who received punishment because of something that was not her fault she had turned her head in the other direction, strongly expressing her anger.
But its just the beginning. She was going to be so upset once she knew what Cole and I had planned for her and her friend.


Needless to say, I didn't speak to Nathan the rest of the period and when the bell rang, I packed up my stuff and left the class.
I swear he was having fun watching me get upset. I was angry with him. After all he had managed to land me in detention on the second day of school.
I reached the locker area and saw Via taking out and smashing books into her locker while muttering under her breath.
Even she was in a petty mood. I wonder what happened to her.
Reaching up to her I asked,"What happened Via? Why are you torturing these innocent books?"
"I hate that Asstard!" Via almost shouted while chucking one more book into the locker.
"Who?"I asked.
"That Lunkhead Cole. I received detention on the second day of my school because of him."
"You also!" I chided, surprised.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that I also have detention today because of Mr. Grey eyes."
"These two Knuckleheads are proving to be extremely troublesome. We'll have to do something about it." Via said, already thinking of a plan.
"He also invited us to a party at Cole's house today. Said that it was the only way he could forgo what had happened yesterday. The detention thing happened afterwards." I explained to Via.
"Hmm. Then lets get our dresses selected first thing after school." Via said while rubbing her hands together, thinking of God knows what new idea.
We didn't get the chance to talk further as the warning bell rang and we had to rush to class.
The rest of the day just dragged on. We were in and out of classes and at lunch it was the usual. Just Via and me. At that time I told her about the ehole detention fiasco.
Honestly, I was still annoyed but I felt good thinking about how he stood up for me.
I hadn't talked to him since then though he had resumed his staring fest.
It was now Detention time and I was so looking forward to it.
We entered the detention room together, Via and me.
It was a regular classroom, a bit smaller but arranged in the same way. There was a middle aged man with shaggy grey eyebrows and salt and pepper hair and beard that was unkempt. He was sitting at the teacher's desk, rubbing his pot belly as he read a book. I bet he was thinking of food or more that the book was on food.
Seeing us standing at the entrance, he quickly assumed his serious expression. Keeping his book down that was about food, he delivered a seemingly strict come in.
We walked in and he immediately began scrutinizing us with his serious gaze.
"You two may take a seat separately and reflect on what you have done wrong today silently."
Via and I sat on different seats but in the same row, so we were still able to see each other.
It was not long before Mr. Amherst entered the room. His gaze instantly met mine and I averted my eyes. I was still angry at him and why should I not be? He was the reason I had to spend an extra hour at school.
He proceeded to a seat that was some seats down beside me, just like Via.
Some minutes had gone by and it was silent. I could see Via getting restless from the corner of my eye. It was hard for her to sit at one place with nothing to do.
Honestly, even I was getting agitated.
Suddenly, Mr. Grey eyes spoke up.
"Sir, can you release us early today. Actually, I am really hungry, so I thought that I could eat something from the canteen?"
"What do you mean from the canteen? At least think of a suitable reason before speaking. The canteen must have closed till now as there is no food left by this time." Mr. Pot-Belly commented.
"No sir. Its open. There are some chicken burgers left still from today's menu and I was going to have that."
"Really? Ughh. I mean that is not a valid reason for me to leave you early, so keep quiet."
A few moments passed when Mr. Pot-Belly rose up.
"I'll be back in a few moments. Do not go anywhere." He dictated and left the classroom.
Just as he left, Mr. Grey eyes got up and began picking his things.
"Come on. He's not going to come back." Nathn addressed Via and me. Coincidentally, it was only the three of us in detention today.
I didn't believe him.
I looked at Via and she was also looking at me. She nodded her head.
Well, he did look desparate to fill his huge belly.
I turned to Via and nodeed and we were out of the school in a minute.
"That was well thought though I hope there were some burgers left really." Via said to Nathan who had walked with us.
"There were not but I just bribed a lerson to get some from a nearby diner. Well, I hope you can forgive me for landing you in detention." He said while looking at me.
I didn't feel that bad now so I just nodded at him with a little smile.
"Great. So y'all are coming to the party tonight. Right?" He seemed desperate for us to come to the party and frankly it seemed suspicious.
I looked at Via and a silent discussion passed through us.
I turned to Nathan who was waiting for my answer.
"Okay. We'll come."
"Good. Can I have your number. I'll just text you the address."
I gave him my phone and told him to type his number in it and that I will call him soon.
After taking my phone back we parted and Via and I proceeded to her car. Maybe he really wants to be friends.
Well, I guess we are attending a party today.
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