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"Are you sure about going to the party, Via? I don't trust them."

Via glances at me briefly before turning towards the road again.

"Even I don't trust them Aves. But we can't let them think that we are scared of any prank that they decide to pull. I don't want them to think of us as losers."

Vivian is a very competitive person and so am I, nowadays. So, it's set. We are going to the party.

"You don't need to worry. Let them throw whatever they want our way. We'll handle it together." Via assures me once more and I just nod at her.

"Then, come to my house to get ready. Dad's away for a business trip till tomorrow. We can get ready quietly."

"Your Dad's not home! Well then we have the whole house to us. Tell me you'll keep something delicious ready fir me. You don't want me to be hungry." Via says with a serious face.

"Yes. I'll be prepared to fill your stomach." I say while chuckling.



It is five in the evening and I am taking out a fully homemade pepperoni pizza from the oven while One Direction's Best Song Ever plays in the back. Well, pizza smells amazing. Just as I set it on the pizza palette, the doorbell rings announcing Via's arrival.

"Hey there-" I am not allowed to finish my sentence because Via pushes past me and hustles into the kitchen, like a beast.

The shriek of 'Pizza!' has me laughing while shaking my head. Via has the smelling ability of a dog. Just by the smell, Via can tell what is cooking in the kitchen.

"Don't eat it like that. Let me slice it first." I holler as I run to the kitchen, dropping Via's bag on the sofa.



After eating the pizza, Via and I are currently in my room.

Via has taken the liberty to explore my closet to find me the perfect attire.

"Your closet is filled with jeans."

"You have no dresses."

"Do you even have one piece of Hot clothing?"

"Damn. That pizza's gonna exhaust away like candy."

"I am going to break your head!"

After an hour of these and other colorful comments from Via, my head is starting to ache. She has rummaged through every drawer and compartment of my closet and all my clothes are on the floor, like a heap of hay.

"Why can't I go wearing a simple jeans and top?" I ask her while releasing a long sigh.

"Because, it is a damn party, you fool."

"Okay. Shut up now. I have one more drawer to go through."

I get back to reading my book when I hear a shriek.

"Aaviana Charmeine Hunter. Why am I finding this top stashed in a corner of your closet?" Via yells.

I cringe when I hear my full name. Turning to see which dress she is talking about.

I see her holding up an ivory coloured crop top with a stringy design in the midriff area and long sleeves with the same design along the whole length.

"How is this top in my closet?" I ask confused, because; as Via said, I don't wear dresses.

"You don't remember? We bought this top when we went summer shopping last year. When you were panting like a women in labour, because the dog had chased you around the mall."

I cringe when I remember the incident. The dog had really chased me around the mall for accidentally stepping on it's tail.

"You remember right! Well now I've found it and it's perfect for the party." Via declares.

"Now go and change fast while I put on my dress." Via said while ushering me into my bathroom.

I stepped in the bathroom with a sour face. I didn't like wearing dresses. It was so irritating to keep on watching whether the dress was okay from all the sides. Then keep tugging at it to fix it, can't sit in any way, always be careful. Ughhhh!

I huffed out a breath and began pulling off my clothes.

Taking the top in my hands, I gave it a long look. It didn't look that bad, so I put it on.

Turning to look into the full body mirror, I stared at the top on my body. It fit like a glove but is still comfortable to move in. The top covers my bust area well and my midriff was exposed through the thin cut out. The stringy design went around to the back, delving into an open lace up design that exposed my back. This was a matter of worry. I put on a pair of high-waisted black leather pants that I found laying on the floor.

Coming out, I saw Vivian already doing her makeup. Vivian was one of those girls who could rock anything. She had a body of an athlete with just the right amount of curves that made her look like a model. From boy jeans to short dresses, everything looked good on her. She did not dress up much but when it some special occasion. The navy blue dress with cit outs that she was wearing right now suited her just right.

Seeing me step into the room, Via turned to me and whistled.

"Woohoo! Damn you look hot, hot girl. I'd totally do you if I had a dick."

I cringed hearing her crude words. She really has no filter in her mouth.

"It's hot but don't you think it's too revealing in the back and colour, is it right for a party?"

"It is perfect Aaves. The colour is different from the usual and it just makes you more sexy and noticeable. Damn. I'll love to have those curves." Via said while turning me around to see the back.

Via was right. I was curvy, too curvy for my age; I think. With a set of C-cup breasts and hips, I was a bit more curvy than Via. But instead of feeling good, I thought that it was a little too much.

"Come on now. Let me do your hair and then start doing your makeup and please do my eyes for me, will you?"

Due to my dance performances, I had to get ready and that included applying makeup. So I was well experienced in that department, though I didn't use make up much.

The next hour was spent curling and straightening each other's hair and then doing each other's makeup.

By eight, both of us were ready to go and party. The black eyeshadow with a blue hint to it enhanced Via's dark eyes and her pale lips were just right. Her hair was down, reaching her shoulders in soft curls and she looked like a runway model with her black heels on. This was Via. She didn't need to make effort ti look good but when she did make an effort, she could gain all the attention she wanted.

Sliding on my black ankle boots with 4-inch heels, I looked into the mirror. The smoky eye looked good with the light pink lip colour. Via had added some bronzer to my cheeks and it accentuated my cheekbones. I decided that I looked good. A little makeup once in a while was okay. In a hurry, I forgot my denim jacket on the sofa only.



Right now, we were in Via's car driving to the party.

Nathan had sent me the address when I had texted him a while back. It was a bit far, almost at a distance of thirty minutes from my place, in a very posh area of the city.

Suddenly, Via broke the silence.

"You look like a chicken about to be butchered." She said, laughing at my nervous expression.

"Shut up. I am just being serious. At least one of us needs to think before acting."

"You think too much Aves. Don't worry. They are just some naughty school boys. We'll handle them easily. We are a team right. You just enjoy the party. We have to let loose girl, after all this is just our first week in New York."

"You're right. Maybe I am thinking too much."

"Yes and today you will stop and just enjoy yourself." Via cheered.

The rest of the ride went on with us jamming to Justin Bieber's songs like hooligans.



The music could be heard and we knew we had reached. It was big mansion with big black gates and a long circular driveway.

There were a few people in the front yard drinking from those classic red plastic cups and I also saw a couple of them engaged in a rather intimate fashion. As we came closer to the mansion, we could hear the shouts and laughs of people from inside the mansion. The party had started and was in full swing.

Via parked the car and we got out, stepping onto the two stairs that lead to the door and into the house. The inside was bustling with people. It seemed that the whole school had come together to party. There were people a holding drinks in their hands laughing and dancing along to the music that was playing from somewhere in the backyard of the house. In one corner there was a ping pong table set up where people were playing bear pong. In another corner, a group of people looked like they were playing truth and dare, because there was a bottle in between and a couple was kissing while others cheered and a boy was sitting in only his underwear. There were people hanging out at a makeshift bar that was set up in a side and that was where we headed.

Reaching the bar; that was self-serving because the waiter was busy in exploring the deep crevices of a girl's mouth, we grabbed a cup each and poured some coke in both.

Taking a seat we started sipping the drink when a familiar voice interrupted us.

"Fire Queen! Didn't think you were going to come." We turned to see Dildo guy joining us with a you guessed it cup in his hand.

"Why? Your Bobolyne ass is scared of getting muddy again? Huh?" Via countered.

What is Bobolyne? I swear Via searches the internet for new insults everyday. I have been with her since childhood and still haven't caught up to her colorful vocabulary.

Even Dildo guy looked confused, but he composed his face and smirked.

"Well, lets focus on having fun now. Why don't y'all join us. We're starting a Truth and Dare game right there. Let's see what you've got."

Via looked at me and I nodded. I was not going to back down tonight. I was here to have fun and I'll be doing just that.

We followed him to another part of the room. There was a long circular sofa set with a round table in between and people were gathered around it in a circle. There were almost ten to fifteen people sitting there.

I saw Grey eyes sitting with Ashley, or rather Ashley was sitting halfway on the sofa and halfway on his lap. She was wearing a skimpy red top that exposed her cleavage and short shorts.

The other people consisted of Ashley's posse group and some guys from the football club and dance club.

"Yo guys! We have new players joining us." Dildo guy hollered as we reached them.

Just as he said this, Nathan's eyes met mine. They glided up and down my body; briefly stopping at the midriff cut out, before settling on my eyes again. He smirked at me causing Bitch Queen to glare at me. She put her dark, polished talons on his arm, as if marking territory.

We settled into a smaller sofa directly across from them and then the game started.

"Okay. So, y'all know that if the bottle stops on you, you get to choose truth or dare and the person who is sitting in front of you decides what happens. So lets start." Cole said.

He spun the bottle and it landed on Amanda, one of the posse group and because she is the most daring person, she chose dare.

The person in front of her was a guy from the football team. He had a good built and he seemed one of those people who is always laughing and making others laugh. Even now his eyes were dancing with amusement and mischief.

"So, Dylan gets the chance to give Amanda the dare. What will the dare be?" Cole says.

Dylan leans forward, eyes shining with a new mischief. When he has amped up enough tension, he finally speaks.

"Let's play a game of tag. You have to bend over, so that your face is between your knees and then you have to run backwards to catch any one of us."

Just imagining the scene has me breaking into a laugh and Via joins me. After hearing this, Amanda's face has turned red. Considering the dress she is wearing, it will be difficult and embarrassing. Her dress reaches just the top of her knees, but has an insane slit right up her thigh.

But she is not going to back down, so now we have all stood up and and have scattered across the room while Amanda is in the center of the room. She bends down into position, that makes her look somewhat like a hen. Cole counts to ten and then we start moving around, avoiding the hen in red. It is so funny to watch Amanda stumbling like that, foolish girl hasn't even taken off her heels.

She waddles around trying to catch everyone. At a point, she comes close to me and I move aside bumping into Ashley.

"Watch where you go stupid!"she screeches.

I am not allowed to say anything back because Nathan has pulled me back to his chest suddenly. I stumble back but he catches me in time, turning me around in time to witness the epic butt tag that Amanda gives Ashley. It has both of them falling. Amanda falls on top of Ashley, who was caught unawares because she was busy glaring at Nathan and me.

Amanda tags Ashley with her butt that has Ashley turning around, making Amanda stumble and they both fall with Ashley lying on the floor in a star fish pose with Amanda on top of her.

Everyone bursts out laughing while Dylan quickly snaps a picture.




Her laugh is contagious.

From the moment my eyes landed on her when she appeared at our table I have been enamoured by her.

The outfit that she is wearing, has me thinking about bad things. Things that will involve a lot of prespiration and hard work. Her toned legs are wonderfully adorned in leather pants and looks like a sinful Angel. The makeup she wears enhances her beauty, making her features all the more enchanting.

When we were all moving around because of Amanda's dare, I was standing behind Aaviana. When I saw her back fully exposed with just some strings going around, I saw red. For some reason, it annoyed me. I didn't want others to see her soft skin all exposed so I pulled her to me causing her to stumble, but I caught her. I turned her back towards my chest and held her arms.

In this moment, having this girl in my arms is giving me such weird feelings, but it is a good type of weird.

Hearing her hearty laugh, makes me also smile. I don't know why she is laughing, but her laugh is making me happy.

She turns to face me with a wide grin on her face.

"Thank you for saving me." She says in her sweet voice.

But this confuses me.I saved her. From what?

Seeing my confused expression, she says,"From being tagged."

Oh! So she was going to be caught when I pulled her.

I smile and say, no problem, which makes her also smile and she goes back to take her seat on the sofa. All the while I follow her till she is seated, glaring at any guy who stares at her.

The game resumes and the bottle is spinned once again. This time it lands on Angel and in front of her sits Ashley, who has placed her claws on me the fifth time. Why is she so clingy?

The look on Angel's face tells me that she is in a mood to play. She proves me right by uttering, "Dare".

Turning to see Ashley, she has a smug expression on her face. Folding her arms, she says,"I challenge you to a dance battle."

Woah! Angel is in a problem, because Ashley is a very good dancer. The best of the girls in our club.

I see a confident look take place on Angel's face and she nods her head. Both the girls get up and Angel's friend says something in her ear which makes her laugh.

The space is cleared and it is first Ashley's turn.

Mi gente by J Balvin starts blaring through the woofers and Ashley starts dancing with a swift split.

Damn. The girl's sexy.

Her body moves with the music and more and more people gather to watch the dance battle. Gosh! She moves like a snake, a sexy one at that.

Oooo. When she twerks, every boy whistles. She is an amazing dancer.

She ends with a wavy move and split. The crowd that has gathered is cheering and clapping.

The noise made by them is going to be the decision of who wins.

Now, it is Angel's turn.

I am surprised when Taki Taki by DJ Snake comes on. I thought she was going to dance on some slow song, seeing as she did in the audition, but no.

Today, she is in the mood of something fast and upbeat. Well lets see.

She starts facing away from us. As the first beat strikes, she bends to the side holding her knee as her other leg moves.

Moving to touch the floor with her hands, she slides into a smooth split. Turning to face this way, she raises up one leg and rises from the floor in such a sensual manner that my heart has started beating fast.

Even her expression is sultry, with those green eyes narrowed and those plump lips slightly parted.

She rises, sticks her hips out and twerks, throwing a brief glance Ashley's way as if taunting her. More and more people are coming to see this sexy siren dance.

Her twerks are making the nether regions of my body jerk. God damn!!

Again, she parts her legs bending at her knees and does some wacking movements with her hands. Bending low do that her hands and feet touch the floor while her body is in the air, she does a wave. The movement shows off her killer figure.

Some more enchanting movements later, every boy and some girls are hooting and cheering for her.

Damn this girl is Fire.

One thing is clear. No one can stop her when she is in her element, and dance is definitely her element.

She is a GODDESS. A dancing one at that.








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