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When Ashley dared me to a dance battle, I almost laughed. I am not being overconfident, but she knew that I could dance well when she saw me dancing for the audition. Still, she chose to challenge me to a dance battle. There was a large crowd of students that had gathered and they were all clapping and cheering. I hadn't realized when they had all crowded here to see us dance.
Nevertheless, the cheering was a clear give away who had won. Ashley's red face just confirmed my victory. A little smirk made it's way on my face from all the small victorious feeling that came on me. I felt like flipping my hair, just to add to Ashley's irritation. She had thought I could just do contemporary and clearly it is not a style you do in parties. Well, I had proved her wrong and also Mr. Grey eyes. Because he was looking at me like I was a whole different human being. I guess I proved myself. Just like Via said.
"Show 'em what you got baby!"
But soon all the attention got to me and I started scurrying away from the crowd of people. Via understood this and took my hand, going back to seat in our place.
After another hour of playing, the game had finally ended.
Now, we knew that Dylan had no or less pubic hair because of his Google search on how to grow them. Cole thought that Via had the nicest ass which he was not going to get a piece of, according to Via. Ashley was sitting all wet, because she had to gulp down two shots of whiskey on the rocks and had ended up spluttering it all out onto herself. Finally, Nathan was on a high because he had to smell people's armpits. Eww!
When he had come to me for completing his dare, I had felt so awkward. Seriously, why would you want anyone to smell your armpit, and that too a person you barely know. He had put his hands on my arms, bending down to my height. Keeping his hands on my waist, he had climbed his way up my waist, sniffing all the way from my waist, my arms to my neck. Doing it in such a way, that no one found anything unusual. The feel of his hands on the exposed skin of my back had sent pleasurable shivers up my spine. His breath warming my skin all the way to my neck, so much that my cheeks had turned red. My body was tingling from his touch and the way he had said in my ear, "You smell divine." It did everything to make my heart beat faster.
Right now we were all sitting in the seating area beside the pool, enjoying the various drinks and food. For once, Ashley and her Bitch Clan had left us alone and we were all sitting in peace. Dylan and Cole sat on the opposite sofa while I was sitting between Via and Nathan. Conversation seemed to flow freely and it felt like we had known each other for a long time. Dylan's carefree attitude and Cole's corny jokes made us laugh, while Via's snarky comments were just the cherry on top.
"You've got some amazing moves, Avy. Totally beat Ashley's ass there." Cole said suddenly. I didn't miss how he gave me a nickname, but I didn't say anything.
"Yeah. She literally beat Ashley's ass over there." Nathan said agreeing with Cole; glancing at me with a smirk on hus lips.
Everyone started laughing which confused me. But when I understood the meaning of Nathan's sentence, it brought a tint of redness on my cheeks. Seeing my reaction, Nathan chuckled and even Via was snickering.
She stopped as soon as I glared at her. Coughing in her hand and straightening up, she put on her ever present smug expression.
"Yeah. Just like they say. Be a badass with a good ass."
Via's statement caused me and Nathan to laugh, Cole's lips formed into a smirk and Dylan coughed up his drink. I didn't fail to notice the fiery look that Via gave Cole.
Nevertheless, the conversation moved on.
After several moments, Via convinced us all to get up and dance. The music was playing on the speakers fixed in walls and there were many people dancing on the poolside. So we all got up and begun dancing with the beat.
Via and I danced like this was the last time we were dancing, enjoying to the fullest.
After dancing for a while Via said that she was going to refill our cups. I nodded and watched as Via disappeared in the sea of bodies and into the house.
Her absence didn't stop me from dancing. I was too far gone to think of anything but enjoying myself. I think the spirit of the party was finally getting to me. My body moved to the beat of the song that was playing and I was having the most fun in a long time.

The way her body moved so sexily with the music, it made me feel things.
Naughty things.
Before also, she had won that battle moving that toned body of hers in a way that caught the eye of almost every boy in the room. Goddddd was I becoming a fan of her.
Her angelic face and devilish body. She was a combo of innocence and sexiness and damn was I liking it. She was a Sinful Angel, an aphrodisiac and I wanted a taste.
The way she had trembled slightly when I had went to her to sniff her armpit. God! I hated that horrendous dare that her best friend; Vivian, gave me. But, I did it just because I was getting a chance to get closer to Angel, and damn was it worth it.
I loved the way she had shivered from my touch. I had touched her as innocently as possible. Taking my time, bending down while keeping my hands on her waist. That spotless back of her exposed to me. I could see the small hairs at the back of her neck standing up from my unintentional caress. I had relished every moment that I got. Skimmimg from her back, to her arms and then her slender neck, inhaling deeply and enjoying her little reactions.
Then there was the way her face had heated up, when I had commented on how she had literally beat Ashley's ass in that battle. The scrunching up her eyebrows when she didn't understand what I meant had been another hint at her purity.
Now also, she was dancing in such a carefree way, unaware of the appreciative glances she was getting from the boys around her.
I decided to maneuver my way to her, so that I could see how synchronized our bodies were together. I moved behind her and begun dancing.
She turned to me and smiled, shocking me somewhat. I thought she would say something or totally stop dancing but she didn't. I think the little shot of tequila that I had mixed with a fruity drink was showing it's effect on her. So we danced. Moving together to the beat of the music, our bodues in perfect rhythm with the song and each other.
I noticed how we were very close to the pool, only about a foot and a half away. A plan begun forming in my brain. One, that would add to the enjoyment and I could also get my revenge for the muddy bath that she had had given me and Cole along with her best friend.
Also, her friend was not near, so it was the perfect opportunity.
Moving slightly behind her, I pretended to keep dancing. When I was sure of her not suspecting anything, I put my hands on her shoulder and pushed her into the pool.
She was caught off guard and screamed, landing into the pool with a splash.
"Now you know what it feels like to be wet." I shouted after her.
I started laughing and everyone dancing there also did the same. She was flapping her hands around in the water like a caged bird wanting me to believe that she didn't know how to swim. But I didn't get fooled. I enjoyed her little act and kept laughing.
"Aaviana!!" Suddenly someone yelled from the house and I turned to see that it was Vivian. She snatched her heels off her feet and ran towards the pool, jumping into it.
Everyone had stopped laughing and now I understood the truth.
Angel really didn't know how to swim.
Cursing aloud, I jumped into the water and swum towards Angel. Her friend reached her just before she was going to drown completely but was having difficulty in pulling her up, all by herself. I wrapped one arm around Angel's waist and swum with the other to get her out of the water as soon as possible. Cole helped pull Angel out of the water and onto the cemented ground.
Getting out if the water fast, Vivian began patting Angel's cheeks to keep her awake. I cane out of the water and to her side.
"Press her chest to pump out any water in her lungs." I quickly told Vivian.
Sitting beside Angel's head, I begun giving her mouth to mouth. After several seconds, she coughed and blinked slightly, spluttering the water out of her mouth.
She was okay.
"Aaviana! I was so scared. Oh my God." Vivian pulled her head on her lap. She kisses her forehead and holds her close.
Then she turned to me.
"You did this right! Have you lost your fucking mind you cheapskate? Do you not even care for someone's life? Are you so blind as to forget every sane thought just for some fun? You brainless cunt. I'll kill you." She said, with fire in her eyes.
I listened to it all without any complaint. This was all my fault. I shouldn't have pushed her into the pool and I should've believed her when she was flailing her arms around for help.
"I have to get her home. I shouldn't have convinced her to come only. Fucking wandoughts." Vivian muttered while attempting to pick up Angel.
I went to help her but she pushed my hand away, glaring at me.
"Don't even think of touching her."
Cole came forward and helped her with lifting Angel up while I stood back and watched.
I was such a fool, such a fucking bastard. I knew I had committed a huge mistake that I didn't mean to commit. I didn't want to harm Angel, but I did.
Now, I could do nothing but stand here and watch her leave the party.
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