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I was feeling somewhat betrayed.
I don't know if it is okay to feel this way, but still. I didn't think that Nathan would do something. At least not in the party, not when we were all having so much fun together. I was finally enjoying myself and then he decides to do that.
I know that Via and I were the first ones to prank them but this had gone too far. I understand if he wanted payback, but his way was just not right.
The whole way home, Via was cursing and muttering. She even scared some people away. Seriously, with how she was driving I am shocked that she didn't get a ticket.
"Bloody gormless person. Doesn't even know how to park his car!" Via muttered as we entered my house.
She was angry at someone who had parked his car in a compact space in the nearby mall. It didn't even affect her but she is still angry with him, and the poor guy doesn't even know that. This Via's habit. When she is angry, she snaps at even the smallest of things.
After what had happened it was clear that we will not be going to Via's house because we didn't want to face the storm that is Kelly Gibson. It is nothing new since Via always slept over when Dad was not home, or I used to go over to Via's home.
Good thing Dad was not home, or we'd have to deal with the protective bear that is Roland Hunter. In all, we are camping here tonight, because we don't want anyone to know about our, 'wet situation'.
After some washing and drying, we were both in our night clothes, lying down on my bed.
"I should not have persuaded you to go to the party. I knew those baboons had something up their sleeve." Via said for the hundredth time.
"God Via! I told you that it is not your fault. You were not even there when it happened!"
"Right! I wasn't there to protect you! What kind of friend am I that I couldn't even protect you from some boys."
"You are my friend. A normal seventeen year old girl. Not superwoman who will go and protect anyone who is in danger."
"Whatever. I am gonna teach that Nathan-guy a lesson that he'll never forget."
"No Via. He wanted to get payback for what we did to him and Dildo guy. He got it and now we're even. End of story."
"I said no more Via. Now go to sleep."
After muttering some more about how I let them off so easy, Via finally turned on her side and fell asleep. I was awake for a few moments thinking about the whole incident, but soon my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep.

After Aaviana and her friend left, I was sitting in a lounge chair listening to Cole lecture me.
"You are an idiot. Why did you have to push her into the pool like that? You could've just let her enjoy this party but no. 'I am Nathan, aka Satan, and I will take my revenge.' On top of that you leave her to drown even when she calls for help. What. An. Asshole."
"Will you stop now. I know that what I did was wrong and I am sorry for it. You have been telling me this for the past hour and I know I am an idiot."
"And an asshole." Cole interjected.
"Yes. I can't do anything now. This isn't a matter that can be solved by a texted apology, so I will apologize to her tomorrow at school."
"You will or I will tattoo 'Idiot' on your forehead."
"Okay. Now I am going home." I said standing up from the chair. Cole accompanied me to my car and just as I started the engine, I heard him saying.
"Be careful of your Dad. Don't stress too much about today."
I chuckled. Cole could pretend to be a beast all he wanted, but he was a softy for the people he cared about, and I was one of those. It seemed to me that even Angel had joined the list, because Cole had all but lectured me like a protective older brother.
Reaching home, I parked my car in the garage and entered the mansion as stealthily as possible.
I didn't want to be reprimanded by another overpowering male yet again.
My relationship with my father was strained. I don't know why he is always acting like a dictator all the time. All the time he expects me to be all disciplined and all. He is never satisfied with what I do and honestly, I have given up on pleasing him. Now I do whatever I want.
I quietly climb the stairs leading up to my bedroom. After taking a short shower, I put on my pajamas and lie down on my bed.
Instantly, my mind is flooded with the thoughts of Aaviana. The few seconds that she was unconscious, my heart had stopped beating. She was looking so frail, like a dainty little flower.
I am feeling really very sorry for what happened. Maybe I should send her a text saying that I was sorry. I know it wouldn't do much, but it will surely help me sleep at tonight.
I quickly open the messenger and start typing.
To Angel: I am really sorry for what I did to you today. But please understand that my actions were purely for fun, I meant no harm to you. I hope you are okay. Once again, I'm sorry.
I tapped the send button and kept staring at the screen for five minutes. I knew I was most probably not going to get a response, but still.
Blowing out a deeated sigh, I slip under the covers.
Some minutes later, I was half asleep; the door to my room opened and the pattering of little feet sounded. Soon the thin fleece blanket was lifted up and my little sister, Charlotte; laid her head on my arm.
"Did you have a nightmare, Dumpling?" I asked her while wrapping her up properly.
"Yes." My babygirl replied while clutching her Olaf teddy bear tightly.
This was nothing new. Every night, Charlotte would get up and come to my room when Mom and Dad were asleep. Granted she had nightmares sometimes, but most of the time it was just because she wanted to cuddle with her big brother. My baby sister loves when her Big Bear cuddles her.
The day my babygirl had come home wrapped in a white towel; looking like the cutest dumpling ever, I was enamoured by her. I promised myself that I will be the best big brother to her.
"Don't worry baby girl, big brother's got you. Sleep tight."
"Good night, Bear." She said while placing a kiss on my cheek.
"Good night sweetheart." I replied and kissed her forehead and just like that I fell asleep with my little dumpling in my arms.

The next morning I was making waffles while Via was freshening up. I poured the batter into the waffle maker for the last batch and went to check my phone.
I had forgotten to call Dad yesterday so I had sent him a text. When I opened the messenger to see if he had replied, I saw a text from Nathan. At first I didn't want to open the conversation, but then I clicked it just because I was curious about what he had sent.
Mr.Grey Eyes: I am really sorry for what I did to you today. But please understand that my actions were purely for fun. I meant no harm to you. I hope you are okay. Once again, I'm sorry.
Well. Sorry, he should be. But I am not going to talk to him or keep any sort of contact with him anymore. He did what he wanted and I am done.
"Do I smell waffles?" Via's voice brought me out of my thoughts and I turned to proceed with breakfast. Taking out the waffles from the waffle iron, I poured some chocolate syrup on them. Just as I turned to place it on the breakfast table, I found Via standing behind me.
"Thank you." She said while taking both the plates from me and then proceeded to sit down.
"Hey! That was my plate."
"Sorry dear. But a girl needs her carbs and in plenty." Via shrugged while practically inhaling the waffles one after the other.
I just chuckled.
This girl eats like a banshee sometimes.
Via killed the engine off and turned to look at me with a serious look on her face.
We were currently parked in our school's parking lot.
"You don't have to worry about anything today. I will be with you all the time. Let the asshole come within ten metres of you and he's not gonna make it through school today on his legs."
"God Via. Thank you so much and I know you will kick anybody's ass for me, but you don't need to guard me. I can take care of myself. Moreover, what will you do when we have different classes?"
"I'll figure something out. But you're not going to get out of my sight today."
"Okay. I give up."
After that we headed towards the school entrance where I was ambushed by Matthew.
"I go away for one day and you have already got yourself in so much shit. Are you okay?" He exclaims.
Matthew's cousin was not well, so he had gone to visit him. That's why he didn't come to school yesterday.
"Relax. I'm fine. No need to panic and what shit are you talking about?" I ask while steadying him by keeping my hands on his shoulders.
"I heard what happened after school and at the party. You've messed with the wrong people Avi." He said while we walked to our lockers.
"No Matt. They messed with the wrong people. But you are right they are shit." Via said.
"You don't know Ashley and her group. They are a very nasty bunch." Matthew said while raising his brows.
"Nasty they are. After all shit is nasty too." Via commented just as we reached our lockers.
"It's okay Matthew. You don't need to worry about me. I am capable of handling people like them, perfectly."
"You are but as your friend it is my duty to protect you and warn you of the danger."
"And now I have two chaperones guarding me. I almost feel like a movie star." I say while laughing. Just then I hear a deep voice.
"Aaviana. I see you are okay. I'm sorry for what happened."
I turn to see Grey eyes standing there with his hands folded across his chest.
"Yes. She is fine and not available for talking to assholes." Via said stepping in front of me.
"I just wanted to say sorry."
"Well you did, but it didn't change a thing about yesterday. Did it? So you can get lost now."
"I will not go till I have spoken to Aaviana."
I stepped forward and addressed him directly then.
"What huh? You wanted revenge and you got it. So now leave me alone."
"I just wanted to apologize for my mistake." He said with furrowed eyebrows.
"Well you did. Now you're free to go."
With that I tugged Via and Matthew along with me and we went to our separate classes, Matthew going with me.

I had to talk to her and that seemed possible only if her irritating friend was not with her. The way she had reacted to my apology was not good and I just wanted her to forgive me. I didn't want her to be upset with me. For some reason, her being upset with me left a bad feeling in my heart.
Exhaling a defeated sigh, I trudged down the hallway towards my class.
It was now the fifth period, English; and I was tired of trying and failing.
I have literally been chasing her around to apologize.
Every time I went up close to apologize to Aaviana, either her friend would chase me off, or she herself will find a way to get away.
I had come to class extra early, in hopes of catching her alone. But this effort had also gone in vain because the bell was about to ring and she was nowhere to be found. Just as the bell rang, she entered the class along with her bodyguard, Matthew.
I saw that there were only two seats that were vacant. One was next to me and the other was next to some girl in the front desk.
Angel eyes were searching for a seat when her eyes met mine. I stared at her with all the sincerity that I could manage and pleaded that she come and sit down with me. But no. She went to seat on the front desk whereas Matthew made his way to sit beside me.
"Matthew. Stop and come sit beside here. Aaviana you can seat in the back." Mr. Holland ordered.
Go Mr. Holland. I was grinning like an idiot.
Angel had no choice but to abide by Mr. Holland's decision.
She came to sit beside me, sitting as far as she could. Her long dark hair fell like a curtain between us, depriving me of seeing her beautiful face.
"I am really sorry for my actions Aaviana. I never meant any harm." I said sincerely.
She ignored me but eventually turned to glare at me when I kept staring at her.
"What do you want? You want me to forgive you. Okay. I forgive you. Happy?"
"But you are not saying this from your heart."
"God!! You are annoying."
I just grinned at her. She turned to face me fully.
"I, Aaviana Hunter, forgive you Mr. Nathan Amherst from my heart."
"Good enough for you?" She asked.
"Yes!" I gave her a cheeky smile.

Seeing him smile like that it made me also smile.
I guess this was enough so I put him out of his misery. He really was sorry or he wouldn't have chased me around like that, just to say sorry.
Mr. Holland was saying something now so I turned my attention to him.
"So I have an assignment for all of you and you will be doing it in pairs. All of you have to come together and write poems on a topic that you will pick out from this glass bowl here." He pointed to a glass bowl filled with small white peices of paper.
"Your poem should be authentic. Any plagiarized work will be rejected and the pair will have to face consequences. Delve deep into the topic and there are two people so you've got two different viewpoints. There is no limit of creativity do let your imagination spring free." He explained further.
"You will come and read your work in front of the class and I will judge you. The best poets will surely get some reward. Your partnerwillbe the person sitting next to you."
I turned to look at Nathan and he was smirking.
God! I don't want to talk to him but still fate finds a way to bring us together.
This is gonna be one hell of a project.
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