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Lisa is a smart young New Yorker who needs cash fast. Her sister needs an urgent opperation and Lisa needs to find $70,000 to do it. Google told Lisa being an escort was the quiest and fastest way to earn the money she needs. Lisa had just finished her application when the boss gave her, her first job. He explained they had a client who was not abiding by their rules and she was going to help bring him to a location. He explained it would be a difficult job but the pay was $100000. How could Lisa say no.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Lisa took another sip of her double Vodka and ice and let her eyes scan the bar. Blonde hair flopping over his green piercing eyes, diamond Rolex, Gucci suit, yes that’s him she confirmed. He caught her gaze and smiled. Dam that smile that was worth half a billion dollars, and it was Lisa’s job to get it. She swirled the contents of her glass and drank the last bit of courage she needed. Lisa had read all about him, she knew his tastes and today she hoped she didn’t disappoint.

She left the glass on the counter and slowly walked past him, careful to linger just slightly as she neared him. She had bought what she was informed was his favourite scent and she hoped he could catch it from her. The correct scents were such aphrodisiacs and this one was hard to source. Why do men like him always like ridiculous things? She had reached the bathroom door and turned once more to confirm to herself he was staring after her. His green irises greeted her back, making her cheeks flare. She rushed into the bathroom embarrassed by her own reaction. She had trained for this, why was she blushing like a schoolgirl.

She took some deep breaths and starred in the mirror till she was composed. Redoing her red lipstick and applying some more perfume she left the bathroom. Once again her eyes scanned the bar as her handsome stranger was not where she had left him. Panic began to flood her, had she missed her opportunity? He was only ever in New York every couple of months, and she needed this payout.

She took her place at the bar and ordered the same, hoping in her heart he would return. Patrick Maddox was the heir to a very prosperous company and Lisa’s mission had been simple, seduce him and lead him to either the apartment or the pre-arranged hotel room. The men who hired her had disclosed no further information, but she assumed he was going to be held for ransom. She had received her initial payment of $50,000 and would receive the second $50,000 upon delivery.

Lisa was thinking what to do, she couldn’t give up, it was then a deep husky voice stopped her thoughts. She slowly turned to face him, Patrick Maddox. His eyes were even more beautiful in person and she instantly froze and just gawked at his beauty. He was tall and she could see his muscles behind his suit. He smelled devine, it was a vanilla wood scent that was mixed with something else and it lingered in her nose.

“Two double vodkas on ice, please”, he said leaving her gaze and ordering to the bartender. Lisa could feel the bar’s eyes on her now. Patrick was known to not have many lovers and had never been pictured or even gossiped about being with any woman. He was a private man and Lisa had found it difficult to find information on him. He turned back to her and flashed his perfect smile. Lisa felt a tremble inside,no one’s presence had ever had this effect on her. He handed her a drink and clinked the glasses, drinking it all down in one go. Lisa took a sip staring down the gold flecked counter. “Follow me” he whispered. Her legs were moving before her mind had even registered what she was doing. He held such authority Lisa didn’t think anyone could ever say no to him. As she stepped into the car waiting outside she knew she was making a mistake.

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