The contract

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Penthouse Suite

The car pulled up to a tall expensive building on 5th avenue and all Lisa could do was stare at him in silence. She was an idiot, she had ruined the plan and now what would the men do. She needed the money to pay for her sister’s surgery. Would the men take the first $50,000 off her now. She had already used it to pay for half the surgery. She began feeling dizzy from her thoughts when a gentle touch jolted her back to reality. A gentle hand helped her out of the car and led her inside the building. A young beautiful woman was sitting behind the desk, she smiled at Patrick as he walked through the reception, but that smile was quickly dropped once she saw Lisa trailing behind. Lisa followed him into the lift and he took out a card and swiped it. As the lift began to ascend Lisa didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what was going to happen but it was not the plan she had been paid to do. She could feel her heart ascending with the lift.

The doors dinged opened onto the view of New York. Tears began to blur Lisa’s view. It was all too much for her, standing in this opulent room seeing her city lit up in this way, knowing that this will probably be the first and last time she will see a view like this. He placed his hand on the smalls of her back and guided her into the room towards the ivory couch. Lisa took a seat and looked down at her shoes, fearing to meet those eyes again.

“I assume you know why we have brought you here Miss” he said softly. Lisa kept her eyes fixed on the ground, twisting her fingers. The vibrations coming from her bag jolted her back to reality, she quickly excused herself and ran into the bathroom. There was a single text on her phone from the men, the must have been watching she thought. The text read, ’New plan. Get close to him, we will contact you with a new location in the coming days. Your fee will be tripled if you complete this.’ A wave of relief flooded Lisa’s body and now she knew she could do this. She had already made it to his apartment, hold out for a few more days and then she would get $150,000.

As Lisa walked back into the room Patricks eyes scanned her. He was hesitating with his plan now. She had seemed perfect in the bar but now he wasn’t so sure, she looked more fragile and innocent in this light. He had viewed her profile on the website and she did match the photos but the description seemed off. She sat down on the couch again and this time her eyes met Patricks. She smiled nervously and began speaking, “My name is Lisa. I would like to further discuss our arrangement. I know you had requested special services, we can discuss this in private and then move onto business.” Lisa tried to calm her voice and sound confident. She needed to turn this from a one night job to multiple.

Patrick nodded and stood up, gesturing for Lisa to follow him into the room to the left of the sitting room. As Lisa walked in she allowed herself one quick glance of the room. Floor to ceiling windows showing all of new york surrounded the room.In it’s center stood a bed with satin sheets and immaculately placed pillows. Patrick strolled over to the armchair and sat down showing for Lisa to join him in the other chair. As Lisa sat down he began speaking, “My name is Patrick Maddox. You may or may not be aware but I work in business and thus my schedule is very busy. It does not leave me much time to meet women. I have used these services and have a list of needs. Before we discuss them I will have to get you to sign a NDA.” He handed Lisa a stack of papers and she quickly began scanning the pages. Patrick was her first client from the agency, she had no idea if this type of thing was normal, but she took the pen from the table and signed.

Patrick took the pages from her hands and placed them under his chair and began speaking again. “Lisa thank you for signing, this makes everything a lot easier knowing that nothing will be disclosed outside this room. As I was saying I am a busy man and I will require you to stay here for the next few days. You must during this time act as my wife, and I expect all my wims and needs met. You will cook meals and entertain me while I am home, when I am away at the office you are free to do as you please in this apartment. I understand my booking was for a single night, but I prefer to make this arrangement with you directly than going through an agency. I will pay you $10000 per night you do spend here. I will give you some time to think about this, please follow me back into the main room when you have decided.”

Patrick left the room and Lisa just sat on the chair staring into the night sky. How did all her plans work out, how did she get so lucky that both her known and unknown employers wanted her to spend the next few days with Patrick. She had no choice but to accept and quickly walked into the main room to be greeted by Patricks pearly smile. He quickly explained that he had to leave for a few hours as he had a meeting but the room to the right was for Lisa. He explained he had picked up a few essentials for her hoping everything is ok. Lisa was still processing all the information when she felt his lips brush against hers. She had forgotten about the ‘Wife’ clause he had asked for. She instantly met his gaze and returned his gentle kiss. The kiss began to wake the butterflies in her stomach, light the fire in her loins. His smooth hands held her face and traced her lips as he stood up and left.

Lisa walked into her room and looked at the neat piles of clothes sitting on the dresser. There was four of everything like tops, pajamas, jeans, underwear all except a dress. The dress was hanging by the mirror, zipped safety away. Lisa slowly opened the bag and sat down on the wooden floor to calm herself. This dress was the most beautiful item she had ever seen. It was a black floor length gown. The top was covered in crystals that cascaded down the slit on the side. Lisa knew this dress probably cost more than she would ever make working in the coffee shop. After zipping the dress back up she lay on the bed and let her dreams take her away to a distant land.

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