The contract

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Chapter Three

Chapter three

The city was beginning to start it’s day when Lisa rose from her deep slumber. She hadn’t realized how tired all this pretending had made her. She lay on the comfy bed and then froze, she felt the blood drain from her body, an instant chill. Patrick was sitting in her room watching her. He seemed engrossed by Lisa sleeping, he was sitting on the edge of his seat, hands supporting his face, eyes wide open taking in every detail of her. Lisa suddenly shot up, feeling exposed in her sheer nightgown, aware of Patricks eyes inspecting every drop of her. She gave her best attempt of a smile and walked into the en-suit to shower and catch her breath.

Patrick got up from his chair and walked into the kitchen to turn the coffee machine on. He was intrigued by Lisa, something about her drew him in. Patrick had hired a handful of women, usually having one in each city but none had made him feel like this. She felt familiar and he didn’t know why. Patrick’s parents had died in a tragic car accident when he was a boy and he had no family, so he couldn’t understand why she felt like family. Lisa left the shower and was relieved to see Patrick was gone. She put on the black jeans and tight white t-shirt that was left on the dresser and walked into the kitchen. As Lisa sat down at the island Patrick passed her a cup, Lisa took a sip and her eyes widened. She worked in a coffee shop and thought of herself as an amature coffee expert, she had tasted many different types of coffee from around the world but this cup was beyond divine. Lisa silently continued sipping the liquid gold watching Patrick cook breakfast.

It was when Patrick plated the food did Lisa remember the contract she had signed the previous night. Damit she was meant to cook all meals for him when he was home, it hadn’t even been 24hrs and she was already failing. “Mr Maddox, my apologies about not preparing breakfast, I will ensure this will not happen again”, Lisa said, trying to sound sincere and confident. Patrick simply nodded and continued eating the eggs and bacon he had cooked. Lisa continued talking, sensing he didn’t seem too annoyed by her actions. “Mr Maddox, the dress that is in my room, where will I be wearing it to? It’s the most beautiful item of clothing I have ever seen” she asked. This time Patrick took his eyes off his plate and met Lisa’s curiosity. “There is a charity fundraiser tomorrow night and I would like you to accompany me” he stated continuing with his breakfast. Lisa nodded and began hers.

It had been hours since breakfast and Lisa wasn’t sure what she was to do. Patrick had gone into his office 4 hours ago locking the door with no instructions for Lisa. Lisa had lived a difficult life, she never knew her dad, he left after her sister was born. Her mom was an amazing woman, she worked 3 jobs and raised them. Sadly Lisa’s mother developed an aggressive form of breast cancer and she was soon living with the rest of her family in the skies. Lisa and her sister had lived in a few group homes before Lisa turned 18 and took legal responsibility for her sister and moved them out into the real world. Lisa sat staring at the skyscrapers dotted around the city, standing above everyone, she felt their judging eyes on her.

Lisa decided to make lunch, something to impress Patrick she thought. She had decent cooking skills and his fridge and pantry contained everything a chef would ever need. She began preparing the vegetables for soup when the door of the office opened. Patrick inspected the kitchen counter and quickly announced they are going out for lunch. He hated soup, so Fabio’s it was. Lisa arrived at the restaurant and was surprised when there was a table in a quiet corner waiting with two wine glasses and plates with something that made her taste buds bounce. The first bite of the salmon was divine and the wine was a perfect match. They both sat silently eating watching the world around them speed by.

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